I became with French actor, Stephanie Bataille, when we were together performing in the Vagina Monologues 2 years ago in the Super Dome in New Orleans to benefit the victims of Katrina and celebrate the women who had been in that Superdome, so many of who were raped there.

Last night, Stephanie took me to a party at the home of Elizabeth Tavernier whom I know because she did my costumes for several of the L’Oréal commercials I did. We were bidding au revoir to her home where she has lived for 25 years and from which she is about to move because the building is being sold.

It was a fun party with a wide assortment of people, many from theatre and film.

This is French actor, Micky Sebastian

Micky with French actor, Jean Rochefort

Jean Rochefort's colorful shoes!

Antonine Catzeflis on left and, my friend, Stephanie Bataille on right

That's Swiss/German actor, Marthe Keller on the right. I didn't catch the other woman's name.

Today we filmed—all of us—and it was, finally, hot…actually hot…too hot for the clothes we had on—I had a double layer of cashmere and roasted! The pool has been dug and it was fun.

Enjoy the photos.

The hole is dug for the swimming pool

Geraldine and I waiting between takes

and the others waiting in the shade of the (real) quince tree.

Getting ready to shoot a scene where we play a very French ball game called Pétanque. Pierre is good at it.

3 more days till Richard gets here. A friend just sent me the following email: ”Absence doesn’t make the heart grow fonder but it makes lust more robust!” Unh huh.

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  1. Wow, haven’t seen Marthe Keller for a long time. She was good in quite a few films especially Marathon Man!

  2. Fascinating faces here! Want to visit Paris and shop for those shoes!!!…Love them!!…and they look comfortable!! Glad it has warmed up for Richard’s visit!

  3. Jane:

    Are you writing about lust in women over 70 in your book?

  4. It has be about one year ,just about from my last visit to France. Summers could be very hard on some people in Paris. The elderly people who die during a heat wave ,many of the old buidlings in Paris do not have lifts , if that could help. 1000 people died in Paris alone during the heat wave of 2003. I hope the weather is good for you and Richard ,during this summer time. The weather in Southern California has been strange, I have never seen the weather change so fast from day to day. I’m in LA and commited to this project , to the end, not my death but the end of the project.
    ( I was wondering on my script, Maybe Richard would like to do music soundtrack for this film. I would be sure havig you in the picture would make it all the more fun.)

  5. The Superdome was a FEMA exercise. It exposes the complete state of lawlessness this nation is in. In this country now, you are terrorist until proven innocent.

  6. The vanue for the shooting discloses what is happening behind the scenes while filming is going on and how the participants eagerly wait and watch for their act.Film making is equally hardwoIrk as doing work in farms or any other place.Product depends on hardwork.I hope all goes well.The photos were good.

  7. Dear jane~how many more days of shooting do you have? When richard arrives to paris, will you be able to take some travel thru europe together? Enjoying our “vacation” with you on set as each day is such an adventure. Happy first day of summer~i believe it’s also longest day of year. Xox m&lb

  8. Re Richard coming to Paris. The Germans have a great saying which is: Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude (anticipatory joy is the greatest joy.) or something to that effect. Works better in German, but hope you get my drift.

  9. Enjoy your visit with Richard. Show the rest of us how to get the “spark” back!

  10. happy movie ‘s family! nice shots thanks! fine to see Marthe Keller and Jean Rocheford!

  11. Will they actually build a real pool for the film?

  12. Wonderful pics, as always! Great to see Marthe Keller again! I think she is a great actress! Love the photo of you and Geraldine in the swing! You both look relaxed and enjoying yourselves!:) I’m glad it’s gotten warmer there! I imagine filming on a hot day can be very wearing on everyone!

  13. Such a beautiful place!

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