Last night we celebrated Guy Bedos’s birthday and Daniel Bruhl’s as well although his was earlier last week. We gathered in Guy and Jo’s apartment, a stone’s throw from were I am staying on Ile St Louis—the cast, director, producer and Guy’s family and friends.

What a fun time we had as the wine and vodka flowed!!! You’ve got to understand, 3 of our male stars—Claude, Guy and Pierre—are comedians, and not for nothing. They are seriously funny and we laughed till we cried…at least I did. How therapeutic laughter is!! Pierre told me there is a “Laughter Clinic” in Paris to help cure ill people.

It was especially nice to meet and get to know the wives of our co-stars—Jo Bedos, Ceyla Richard, and Catherine Rich.

Enjoy the photos.

Today, Sunday I have stayed in all day to write…actually, early this morning, I went out to walk Tulea and ran into Jo who was walking her puppy. She had on a down parka. I didn’t stay out long because I have no warm clothes. I hope this cold spell will pass before Richard gets here.

Stephane, our director, Guy Bedos, Christophe, our producer, Guy's PR rep, Claude Rich's wife, actor Catherine Rich

We also celebrated Daniel Bruhl's birthday with a cake

Jo Bedos, with the new puppy she gave Guy for his birthday.

Pierre and his wife, Ceyla, with the puppy.

presenting Guy with his cake

Claude being his usual dramatic self. Actually, I think he was singing a raunchy song that he sings in the movie, only not leaving out the final and most raunchy verse.

Geraldine and her husband, the Chilean cinematographer, Patricio.

Geraldine with actor Catherine Frot. Geraldine was so overcome when Frot arrived (she thinks she's one of the greatest actor's)

Pierre and Ceyla--she is Brazilian and fabulous!

Guy with his daughter, Victoria

Daniel came with several friends who came from Berlin and Spain to celebrate with him

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  1. I see you have the style of jean’s with the holes in the righ places. I did read that actor Guy Bedos is also a stand-up comedian,must be a fun person to work with. I just like the look of the cast , interesting faces , one could say well understood faces,striking in fact. The total years and experience is very impressive, when you think of it. The cast is oriented in a certain direction, nice that you all found each other, or a very good casting director.Some people say that casting is the most important part of a film. That is oneway to view it.

  2. Hi Jane,

    Was away in the country for the weekend and just spent the first few hours on Monday morning back in the city reading emails, online newspapers and OF COURSE your blog.

    Great photos and I can’t wait to see this film when it comes out. I’ve been learning French for years. I hope I understand it all and won’t have to rely on subtitles. Doubt it though. How did you learn French? Did you just pick it up when you first lived in France or did you go to a language school. French, for me, gets more difficult and intricate the more you learn. Anyway, I love languages, that’s why I’m off to Sicily in two weeks to start learning Italian. Ha!

    Catherine Frot. I’ve only seen her in one thing and that was Odette Toulemonde, which was a kind of Amelie type film. BTW did you ever see Amelie?? Great film.

    Take care

    • Learned academic french in schools–a good foundation but learned “real”–speaking French in bed with Vadim. Falling in love is the best teacher.

      • Ha ha! Love that, but I think that only works for the ‘Romantic’ languages like French and Italian. But for German!! Believe me you can’t learn German in bed 😉 I can’t even imagine it. Too messy !!

  3. Wonderful photos Jane! I hope a splendid time was had by all 🙂

  4. I feel 1960 was the best period of Jane so far as her career and films are concerned.Hollywood was most creative it seems during this period and filmic art was growing by leaps and bounds.I would like that Jane responds to this comment and say something about it.

  5. It looks like a great birthday party! These are great photos! It’s always such fun to be with friends and have a good time laughing! You were lucky to have some real comedians in the group!:) Love seeing some pics of Geraldine! I’ve always thought she is a great actress! The puppy is darling! It looks like it’s ready for a lot of love and attention! I really like that hat you are wearing! I’ve noticed it in some of your other photos. It makes you look very French! I’m surprised it’s so cold over there! Continue having lots of fun in Paris!!

  6. Ripped jeans with net tights underneath = how cool are you!
    Loving Geraldine.
    And the black & white kimono w/fuscia lining.
    We’ve had the warmest spring on record here in NYC.

  7. Hello Jane
    j’ai eu à des cours de yoga des séances avec le rire. C’est très communicatif et on ne s’arrête pas de rire !!. C’est très positif et très important pour le moral et aussi pour la santé. Peut-être avez-vous çà aux USA ?

  8. Wanted to ask about the pool for the film. Are they really putting in a pool and if so is this part of the homeowners bonus for allowing you to film there? Thanks for sharing your life with is. Paris looks fabulous!

    • Not sure but I think so. I leave the film/France before the actual pool swimming scenes are filned

  9. as Timothy Dougherty said, the more ,you learn a language, for him french, for me english, the more you learn, the more words , you’ve to get, so it seems, we never stop learning, and you’re right, Jane, being in love, is a way to learn a foreign language, for my part, i get to know german fluently , being in love, normally, you get to speak very quickly, hum, depends on people, but if you don’t keep practising, it fades away , at speedy pace, english is apparently easy, grammatically speaking, but ,it’s very, very rich on the vocubulary field, by the way i learn a lot, on FB, with the american people, they love chatting and joking , and when , i don’t understand something, they’re kind enough to explain a joke, sending e-mail, ect.., american are much more witty than french, as i saw, well i stop there, because, i’m too much talkative, so keep on having great time in France, Jane!

  10. I have been nothing but complimentary. Why are my comments deleted and other people’s comments show up on the blog? Very nice.

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