Actually, the retirement home we filmed in is very nice, beautiful, in fact. Great parks and gardens. Half the residents don’t pay anything and the rest pay a little. The escape with our friend, Claude, in his wheelchair, reminded me a little of the hospital escape scene with me, Lily and Dolly in “9 to 5”.

The oldest resident turned 109 the day before and we visited her. She was quite lucid. When I congratulated her on turning 109, she said she wasn’t happy at all with the numbers. I’d have loved to really interview here but we were called back to the set for a shot.

Today I will receive a medal from the city of Paris at a Paris Film Festival press conference. Rushing out for that right now.

making our getting away--helping Claude escape

Claude hangs on to his photos of his naked friend.

with some staff and clients

Between shots, Geraldine and I visiting a woman who just turned 109!!

camera getting ready to film us walking toward it

waiting to shoot, protected from rain

arriving in the rain to visit our friend in the retirement home

Lovely gardens of the retirement home

Till next time

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  1. Following your shoot has been fascinating. Thanks for sharing the experience!

  2. J’espère que vous n’allez pas prendre votre retraite !!
    bon courage pour la suite de ce tournage entre les gouttes !

  3. Hi, Jane!

    Congrats on your Paris Cinema award! I read about it on ABCnews.com today. Also, thanks for the pics from France. They’re beautiful and you look marvelous, as usual!

    We miss you here in Atlanta, but I know you’re having a blast in France. I don’t blame you!

  4. The city of Paris , Paris Film Festival.
    I like that alot Jane.
    The City of Lights shines some on Jane Fonda. Than it was Richard Schickel, film critic, documentary film maker and movie historian, said:“A movie star is not an artist, he is an art object”. It that is true , what better place to be a objet d’art , than is Paris. Marcel Duchamp critiqued the idea that the objet d’art should be a unique product of an artist’s labour, representational of their technical skill and/or artistic caprice. I think you have had a few Artistic Caprices in you life, more than one I would be sure. Art and love is a sudden desire,at times other times in is a time tested understanding of experience, that accumulation of knowledge. Your accumulation or body of work shines out Jane., good to take time out ,from time to time and recall or touch the past, makes ever more the present real to us. I like what Robert Duvall said: “Being a star is an agent’s dream, not an actor’s.”
    ( I have put a few wonderful, if I do say so myself, lines on my script, redue some scene headings ,added Dialogue and Sluglines don’t want to make the script so there is nothing for the dirctor to do than learn how to read. My problem as a Educational medial specialist is not to try to make everything so easy for everyone, that is my job , looking at every view.Everything seems, in my script working very well. A good story to tell, that all there is.)

  5. I couldn’t begin to imagine, the actual knowledge of history this lady has,lived and experienced.The
    garden photo with the flowers and coloured trees is lovely.

    Congratulations,on your medal award,that must have really made your day.

  6. il y a de plus en plus de personnes qui vivent jusqu’à 100 ans et plus !! c’est formidable de votre part, ainsi que Géraldine Chaplin, d’avoir fait une visite à cette femme de 109 ans. Ici dans ma région près de Toulouse il y a des personnes qui vivent au-delà de 100 ans. On dit que c’est le foie gras de canard et l’armagnac !!!… Je ne suis pas originaire d’ici, je suis née à Versailles. Si vous avez l’occasion d’y aller, c’est superbe !
    Je vous félicite aussi pour cette médaille remise aujourd’hui.

  7. I love Paris. Saw it first at age seventeen. Studied French at the Alliance France. I lived there a year with my aunt and uncle who were corporate with IBM. I loved at night when the Arch de Triomphe and car headlights make it look like Christmas.

  8. I always love the 100 year old + folks who say the secret to their longevitiy was a shot of whiskey every morning or a good cigar each night. The ones who say they never drank anything stronger than water or ate anything but raw vegetables, well, it just seems like that must have been one long, long century.

  9. Your photos are just gorgeous, just beautiful. I have a deep soft spot for the elderly, so I loved reading about — and seeing the photo of — your 109-year old friend in the nursing home.

    How wonderful that you guys took time to visit with her and chat. I plan to devote about a third of my career doing pro bono work for the elderly, so I just love reading about other people who are kind and good to them.

    Your shots of Paris are so neat. I’ve never been, but the photos motivate me to want to go sooner, rather than later. It seems as though you’ve been shooting during a lot of rainy days, huh? Is this a rainy season, or is the city a rainy city?

    Well, one more thing: CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR MEDAL!!! I’m not surprised a bit that the French are honoring you ’cause you’ve had an outstanding career.

    Til next time,

    P.S. Loved the reference to the hospital scene in 9 to 5. That movie was such a hoot. I’ll never forget the laughs!

  10. The film shoot itself is an uphill task and when the subject too is difficult to handle but the team of the film doing their best with Jane in it to do justice to the film.Jane as usual in her charismatic frame of mind and easily make friends with the people and crew.Her rapport with the inamates of the retirement home is lively.Nice to know that some people in the retirement home crosses age of 100.This shows that retirement home is perfect home for the people who need it.

  11. Retirement facilities….Jane thank you so much for taking the time to educate people on the senior facilties. I am an instructor at Palomar College in North County of San Diego. I “instruct seniors in exercise at facilities as well as community centers. It is such a joy to see them smile and move, our county is very distant from this population, it makes me happy to share the love and wisdom they can give us.
    I also wanted to let you know, we dance together in Los Angeles at a studio in 1980?? gee not certain of the year. You look wonderful and you have always beeb my inspiration when I teach a class.
    Thanks for taking the time out of your extremely busy schedule to write.

  12. Great pictures. I love talking with our Seniors . So much wisdom in so few words.

  13. Hello, Jane. I came to your birthday party in 1966, in Malibu. I was with Jerry Chamales. His dad wrote, Never So Few, and since Steve McQueen was there-he let us in. I was next to you dancing. Your face was full of joy and excitment. I’m an inpressionest, who loves doing your dad, Jack Benny, John Wayne, and ten other, perfect. But since they are no longer alive, I’ve chose not to learn the new ones. I’m working on a best seller, so when I saw what your doing it touched my heart. I share the same love for the shut its. God Bless you Jane. Mark Nolind.

  14. You look fabulous, Jane!

  15. Congrats for your honors from the French! Your blog is mostly very enjoyable and informative. Tres bien. Today I am off to Dad’s 95th birthday party. Do you want to interview him for your book? What about his live in friend who is over 80? We are here in Michigan, alma mater of Richard Perry and stomping grounds of Mr. Hayden, SDS organizer.

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