I had a weekday off so caught up on the personal maintenance stuff: nails, toes, hair color, Tulea got her grooming, then I took her to the Champ de Mars. Four years ago when I was in Paris for 10 days to promote my memoirs, I used to take to there because there are these huge long stretches of grass and she would run—when she is in the sand or on a big lawn, she runs really—I mean REALLY—fast, in wide circles, emitting a sort of low guttural sound. I figured she’d want to do it again today. The weather is gorgeous, finally. But no, she just stood there. Maybe it’s cause she was too warm. Maybe there were too many people. It was winter time last time. I hope it’s not because she’s too old—at 5 years. I doubt it, because in St Tropez she ran around in the sand.

She did have a good snooze at the Hotel Lancaster, though. In the nice, bright green, soft, cool, clover-like ground cover, while I had some delicious vin rose. I’ve quite taken to vin rose as I don’t drink red wine (and mostly not white either) because it gets to my stomach in the middle of the night and feels me with regrets. Ah, age!! Vodka works, though. Love the Polish kind with the Bison on the label and some stick of herb in it. And this isn’t just out of loyalty to Ted Turner (he owns the largest Bison herd in the world). It’s easier on the stomach. Of course, I could give up drinking altogether. Did once…for 3 years. But, as Ted used to say, you wake up and it’s downhill from there! Just kidding.

See you next time.

Tulea sleeping in the soft, cool moss at Hotel Lancaster

View down the Champ de Mars from one side

View up the other side which ends with the Tour Eiffel.

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  1. You are so right! Polish Potato Vodka is the best! Nothing better than a neat, shaken Vodka martini with just a whisper of Vermouth around the rim…and 3 Giant Olives!


  3. Beautiful pictures. I don’t blame your dog for wanting to run all around Paris. 🙂
    And love the quote from Ted. Vodka is my drink too. 🙂

  4. My friend’s dog used to be quite tired after she had a grooming. Maybe that’s why Tulea didn’t want to run. I have same issue w/wine. Acid reflux really gets to me. I wake in the middle of the night with it. The acid in tea and wine do me in.

  5. Hello Jane, sounds like you did have a nice day off. Maybe Tulea just took some time off from being like a dog or acting like one and was just enjoying being with you. The rosé wine, been keep up with wine Following and having Followers of francis ford coppola winery on twitter. A nice thing @Coppola_Wine the other day they had a blend made back in March at @Coppola_Wine 80% Cab. 15% Syrah 5% Zin! Wow really good my comment was that the Zin was gold. I was just reading that someone drank a beautiful bottle of Sofia Coppola rose tonight. Nice that the Coppola use of Sofia’s name keep the best in the family. Being from Long Beach CA and having meet the Coppola’s both Nic and father August also brothers at times and found them very good people. August Coppola, a former literature professor who was the father of actor Nicolas Cage and brother of filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, I met at University at times , was a very nice guy . People don’t know that He created the Exploratorium’s Tactile Dome. August Coppola brought visual arts to the blind.The former dean of the College of Creative Arts died Oct.27 2009 was a very nice person, we had something special, and Nic was lucky to have a father like him, a special person.Francis always said that August was smarter, and that his creative drive was to rival him, that is saying alot from a great film maker ( and wine maker)like Francis Ford Coppola. So maybe you would like to try a beautiful bottle of Sofia Coppola rose tonight, Jane?

  6. I think Tulea being 5 years old is still pretty young for a dog! Maybe she didn’t run around because there were to many people there, or it was to warm like you said…who knows?….she’s a female…. and probaly just didn’t feel like running then!:)

    The pictures of Tulea are so sweet. I love the way she is nestled in the clover-like ground cover. She looks so pretty after being groomed! So glad you were able to relax… with a little vin rose on your day off! You were in a beautiful spot! Great pictures! Sometimes people have an allergic reaction to some wines usually with some stomach discomfort. It’s not necessarily an “age” thing, I don’t think, although I have heard sometimes people develop allergies for various things as they get older.

    Thank you for your input about that Polish Vodka you like. I’ll have to look for that Vodka with the bison on it! I don’t drink much, but sometimes in the evening, or on a special occasion, it can be very soothing and refreshing!:)

  7. My male Lhasa Apso is always tired after he has been groomed.

    The pictures you post are wonderful and I enjoy them so much.


  8. A day off in Paris.
    With your dog.

  9. I gave up all alcohol when I was very young and went to New York for graduate school, because I noticed that it was hard enough already without that brain drain…alcohol prevents higher levels of consciousness/thought and disturbs long as well as short term memory and learning. There is nothing like having a clear stress-free mind.

    As I know and have observed, many people with anxiety conditions self-medicate with alcohol, which only makes their condition worse of course. One of my friends, an older gent, who gave it up 40 years ago said that he only felt anxiety while he was drinking. He is an AA alcoholic, as he says that once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic, whether or not you drink, and it is better not to of course. So he became an author instead and that is where he directs his excess energy, along with music etc.

    I also note that many celebs need rehab of one kind or another and perhaps this is because of the stress of acting/singing on stage etc. and that the kind of personality that promotes success as a celeb is not a somber or placid one but more on the anxious excited side side.

    I think that anything can become a psychological foil or preoccupation, so that one tends to run around in a maze and repeat the same cycle over and over. This is the greatest danger with substances, that it takes over a person’s life. To be free of this, it is necessary to be very disciplined and strong willed and to contemplate of giving up those crutches that make you feel comfortable, whether it is bad or too much food, grinding teeth, being angry, bad language, drink, smoking, promiscuity etc.

    It is necessary to release such habitual tensions as we tend to form over and over, even if it is only sitting in one particular way. It is only by being able to let go these anxiety palliatives that one can start to take control of the self and start to feel good, which is the real path away from any kind of addiction. Meditative activities can help.

    Creativity and high art requires the best of our mind and emotions…otherwise we are left with mediocrity or even self-delusion.

    • Wow Preacher Tom. Nice Sermon. No judgement there.

    • Tom,

      Earned two bachelor’s degrees tankin’up on Pabst Blue Ribbon.

      • and Jim Morrison wrote beautiful poetry too but it might have been better had he not exited so quickly les “doors of perception”–see the film “When You’re Strange”

  10. Jane~ ~ where’s your beau richard!!??!?! Xox m&lb

  11. OMG, Tom. Please shut up already…enough!

  12. Tom, well said. It’s comforting to find some comments reflecting knowledge and analysis on this blog, beside the usual flattering compliments and laudatory encomiums from which we learn nothing.
    Your remarks about the need for keeping a healthy mind without alcohol or drugs are most valuable, indeed, even in the artistic world.
    It remains a fact that the art market, avid for novelty, has often welcome the productions of artists fueled by alcohol or drugs. It is common knowledge in the field of music, but happens also among painters. And, in writing, a whole school of writers has developed around the abuse of alcohol, from F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Henry Miller, etc…The power of alcohol is that it transmutes small incidents and insignificant events into dramatic catastrophes that lend themselves to the writing of riveting lines.
    Many playwrights have also used this power of alcohol to paint grim relationships of sad characters, Tennessee Williams, Eugene O’Neill, etc..

  13. Hi Jane,
    Would you please tell me how Tulea is pronounced:
    Curious minds want to know!
    I have replied to your blog mailout with this question once before with this question but perhaps it never reached you. I will try (I am terrible at this) to check back to this page of comments in case you straighten it out here.
    I’m glad you keep your little friend with you. Even with all the beautiful people you’ve been spending time with (and always do, from what I can tell), our furry little friends are the ones who make us sit still and do nothing once in a while — and this is as good for us as it is for them.

  14. Jane-
    I’m with Ted!! Jane, go ahead and have your wine or vodka. There’s something about your posts from Paris that seem different. There’s an ease or relaxed quality coming through. It’s quite lovely…Enjoy!!

    xo Bill

  15. Hooray for days off in Paris. I imagine it has been quite a while since Tulea did her run around. Dogs do mature and change. Sadly. Our huge dog used to leap straight up like a goat. I missed it when she matured. I love Grey Goose but have never tried that brand. I used to drink that horrible dark red burgundy because my doctor said it was the most heart healthy. But it makes your mouth pucker. Ew.
    Thank you for the lovely photo tour. I also love the Champs-Elysees at night. <3

  16. nice sweety Tulea! at last we’ve had a very warm weather in Paris! my dog Ulrike is seven years and he doesn’t run too ,by the heat but he loves walking a lot, a litle bit panting afterwards and drowsily enjoying life! by the way i never tasted the californian champagne, americans said it’s not allowed any more to call it champane, a label’s right,anyway must be good! today nostalgia, one year already since Michael Jackson left us, but artist lives on forever!

  17. Thanks for the newsy update, even on your relaxing day off!! The pictures are wonderful, and Tulea looks happy and comfortable with her new haircut.

    I appreciate you sharing so much of your life and thoughts with us. You’re the best, and we love reading about your adventures.

    Have a wonderful weekend! Please give Tulea a squeeze from all of us here at THE DOG HOUSE.


  18. Jane, I am looking for a hotel in Paris for Sept. Would you stay at the Hotel Lancaster? Tulea liked it so I probably would!

  19. Looks blissful!

    I hate to rain on that parade but Jane you are the first person I thought of.

    Your heart is immense, you are intelligent and well read and the furthest from ignorance of anyone I know of.

    The situation in the Gulf is critical. I do not need to tell you that.

    But Jane, new information from mediums tell us the reserve is vast and deep. If not contained all of Earth’s oceans will be contaminated. BP’s latest and only hope begins in August.AUGUST. And that may be too late.

    Methane gas levels are 100x normal currently in the Gulf and pose another vast danger up to 20 miles inland. Contaminates could enter Mississippi and then the Great Lakes.

    We have to intend/pray for the spill to be contained. Please Tweet, facebook and speak up for all of Earth’s creatures to do this Jane. We can turn the tide up to the 11th hour but are reaching a critical stage. And once again we need your courageous Light!

    Tom Kenyon received message from Hathors this week about the 3 timelines and what we can do to stop the most devastating ones. The ones where even humankind is threatened by this catalysmic event of man made corruption and greed.


    Dr. Emoto’s Ho’oponopono prayer is a powerful one- Please share this or any other wisdom you have to your vast amount of people and fans. I put it to video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U56ngpGDG_4&feature=player_embedded

    I thank you. Is good to have heros. Along with my Mother, you have always been one of mine.


  20. Another strong warning in Message from the Dolphins and Whales:


    In joy, love ….thank you.

  21. Jane,take us there where she is by writing aptly and taking photos beautifully.You use every moment creatively that is great.You carry with you entire crew when you are engaged in shooting of a film.Paris is enchanting.What Tom wrote is worth taking note of so far alcohol consumption is concerned.Why Red wine Jane you are not drinking? It is umpteen times appeared in newspapers and magazines that Red wine is good for heart.Whether these newspaper reports are cooked up and publish at the behest of the producers of wines to enhance their business.What is the most advisable thing is to take everything in modest way not in excess.

  22. What a great life!

  23. Re alcohol, I’ve had a terrible hangover all day. I hate hangovers. But the wine last night was too good. Was celebrating with friends the fact that I’ve ‘bought’ an allotment (I think you call them community gardens in the States – they started during the war and used to be called Victory gardens) which is 1500 square feet with three apple trees, two plum trees, mirabelle plum trees, red currants, black currants, every kind of berry there is etc etc. It is fabulous and just had to be celebrated! Ha, just think of all the wine I could make out of all those berries or soak them in vodka …!

    All the best from the victory garden.

  24. Great photos. I love your post because it’s so real, so ordinary, so much how we all think and what we do. Tulea is so cute.

  25. What a wonderful day in Paris with Tulea. You made me want to taste vin rose again.

  26. Dear dear Jane, How I have always loved you. When I was training to be a dancer, your books for aerobics were translated also in my language wich is Dutch and used them and your video’s.Later, when I was pregnant with my first baby ( now 24 alraid and a beautiful woman)I used your pregnancybook. While browsing this website I found a post with pictures from the cover of the book…What memories, what inpact…you were so great and liberated so many women in connecting to their bodies and their health, wow !
    Your “My life till now”is also translated in dutch but I read it in english offcourse…I was so moved to get to know you a little better. I think it is great that you are filming again; you see: you cannot be missed. That you have come from Barbarella to the Dollmaker to working with Jennifer Lopez…among so many more intense roles ( running up and down the stairs with Redford I can watch you now on video at home…that’s fun..) and to find here in your post you are in Paris ( not nearly a four hour drive from my home ) ….I am very pleased.
    So…can I put you on my Dutch weblog, using a picture from your blog ? Please…please…
    You can first visit me on : http://www.ariadone.blogspot.com/
    see who I am and what I’m up to…
    Please take care of your health so live pleasantly….I learned that you are moving and I saw pictures of your house that you will leave now…so lovely…
    Again, I love you.
    Lieve groeten
    Godeliva van Ariadone

  27. Perhaps you’ve been indulging Tulea with some tasty Parisian food? Or she’s becoming accustomed to a more relaxed pace. Or maybe she snuck a few sips of the vin rose when you weren’t looking.
    She’s a sweet little beauty all the time, relaxing or running.

  28. ohdeargod….you are just stunning. Thank you for sharing portions of your life with us. You have always been one of my favorite actors…and when I read your blog, it seems like I’m catching up with a friend.

  29. GREAT to see you online, Ms. Fonda. Thanks so much for sharing your life and those gorgeous photos with us. I love keeping up with you, and I look forward to seeing more pics.

    QUESTION: is there any way to send you a photo (with a SASE) so that I can get your autograph, please? Thanks very much.

  30. Lausanne, le 1er juillet 2010

    Objet : album biographique consacré à Harvey Keitel et intitulé, “Harvey Keitel,
    un goût de paradis”


    Suite à des recherches effectuées sur Harvey Keitel j’ai découvert, à ma grande surprise, que vous aviez créé un site sur lequel vous démontrer entretenir des relations amicales avec l’homme et sa famille. Des liens privilégiés qui m’ont donc conduit à vous écrire.
    En effet, essayant de contacter Monsieur Keitel (sans succès) depuis maintenant plus de 8 mois, je me suis alors dit que par votre intermédiaire je pourrais enfin parvenir à lui remettre une copie du manuscrit original en français ainsi qu’un exemplaire d’une version traduite en anglais (texte uniquement) afin qu’il puisse en prendre connaissance et me dire, suite à cette lecture, si il accepterai de collaborer à la réalisation de cet ouvrage en en corrigeant les erreurs puis en m’accordant la permission de choisir avec lui un lot de photos tirées de ses albums personnels (comme il l’avait fait pour “Welcome to L.A”) pour ensuite me donner son consentement en vue de sa publication.
    Au final, ce travail donnera naissance à un beau livre, richement illustré, honnête, sincère, et dont l’intégralité des droits d’auteur sera versée à “La Voix De l’Enfant”, à Paris, dont la porte parole est Madame Carole BOUQUET.

    Afin de pouvoir répondre à toutes les questions préalables que ce courrier suscitera, je vous communique toutes mes coordonnées. N’hésitez-pas, merci.

    Avec mes respectueuses et cordiales salutations,

    Monsieur Wittwer.

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    Une autre copie (en français et en anglais) ce trouve sur la page blog que vous avez postée le 18 avril.

  31. God she is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen!!! Love her!

  32. Just wanted to add that I agree with Diane when she suggested Tulea might have been tired after being groomed. Maybe that’s why Tulea wanted to take a nap rather than run around at the park! I’ve noticed my dog is tired after she’s been to the groomer…she usually naps for a long time after being there!

  33. Hi Jane! I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hullo; I’m a huge fan (I almost feel like I’ve called in on a radio show “Long time listener, first time caller”).

    I just wanted to comment on the Bison vodka. My parents are Polish and I grew up around that brand. My father often told us about the herb inside. He told us that it was a blade of grass that the bison had peed on. The shepherds would immediately cultivate that grass and put it in the bottles, which explains why the vodka has a slight yellowish tint. Of course, this is the same man that told me vacuums sucked up dirt and bad children.

  34. Sounds like a wonderful day!

  35. Just saw you on Oprah’s show and heard you talk about Tulea. My best friend is Coton breeder, Hailey Parker and a long time ago you spoke with her about this breed. It was great seeing Tulea’s picture. We have so much fun with the six Hailey has now. She is still breeding and I get to help. Of course, can’t forget the alpacas we breed.

    Stop by if you are in No Calif.

  36. I heard your dogs name and knew she was a coton, my coton is named Toolie, a male, he has never
    encountered another coton even at the dog parks in boca Raton. I’m sure he would fall in love
    with Tulea.
    Also, you and I are the same age and have had
    the same amount of work done. I’m not looking too bad but you are fabulous.
    Life is great enjoy!

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