World Fitness Day

May 1st

I am sooooo happy it’s over and sooo happy with how it went. Let me quote what my young student friend at Arizona State University just wrote me…this is the sort of response that makes me know we need to keep doing this every year:

It’s 8:48 phoenix time and World Fitness Day just wrapped. Maaaaan, that was DOPE!! I loved it. I got up at 6 am to catch it live from the beginning. The chat was great. People from all over the world was online, UK, Russia, everywhere. Dr. Sanjay got on and was talking to us. Debbie Allen had me sweatin’ up a storm, so did Billy Blanks. The Pointer Sisters came on then LUDACRIS!!!! Damn, he’s fine! I wish I was there. The Pointer Sisters were singing “Jump” and I got a knock on my door (i’m at the dorms) they said that I was disturbing the people down stairs and for me to knock it off. I told this to the people in the chat room and someone asked me, “Did you invite them in?” I didn’t. They were pissed at me and I at them for interrupting my groove! I feel so energized and excited right now! I feel alert and pumped up. I tell you one thing, I’m gonna work out every day. World Fitness Day has inspired me to work out. Last Spring I joined the basketball team and boxing club. I felt good about myself and did well. Something happened, had a set back and stopped working out all-together. I noticed I get depressed and agitated easily since I stopped working out. It’s been 5 months. I’m gonna get back into it. No doubt.

There were 12 year olds and some over eighty…all working out together with Denise Austin, Debbie Allen, Billy Blanks, Richard Simmons and me. This celeb fitness team went above and beyond the call of duty, showing up, giving it their all, being nice and generous with everyone, signing autographs, taking pictures, giving me confidence. These are truly good people who are deeply committed to helping people get fit and healthy. It comes from deep in them. Everyone I spoke to said they had a blast, that they found it all very fun and doable, and want to come back next year.

The Pointer Sisters were incredible…they were the sound so many of us worked out to in the eighties (my boyfriend, Richard, produced their music!!) Their voices are still so strong and their dance moves…wow, still hot and amazing. Ludacris rocked everyone. It was so cool that he came from his busy tour schedule promoting his new album to perform for us in the Georgia Dome. It made a huge difference and it was a fun bonus to have the mini concert after the workout.

I will be putting a lot more photos up over the next few days but, in the meantime, here are some shots from the patron part last night at the headquarters of the Arthur and Stephanie Blank Foundation. The Blanks together with Ginny and Charles Brewer were the co-chairs of today’s World Fitness Day.

The jumbotron at the Georgia Dome on Friday when we had a walk-through

Billy Blanks (dressed for the patron party). Benji who filmed the event for Darren Capik, producer, Denise Austin, and Sue Anne Morgan, our totally am

The stand in the mddle of the field from which the filming/live streaming took place.

Billy. What an amazing face.

Denise Austin with Sue Anne Morgan who was in charge of all the considerable technical aspects and who is totally amazing and unflappable. If I have been able to sleep these last months it was due to her abilities.

Billy practicing to see if his mike worked properly

some of our sponsor banners

Will Hobbs, tuckered out and not feeling great. Will is my agent at CAA for health and fitness-related activities. He represents most of the best known fitness people.

The step-and-repeat board still lying on the ground. This is what we were all photographed in front of as we came in today

All for N0ne refers to G-CAPP's committed to giving our all to eliminate teen pregnancy in Georgia.

With Denise Austin at the Blank Foundation Headquarters where the patron party was held last night.

And guess who joined us in what he called his Pepto-Bismol jacket?

Billy, Denise, Richard and me

Looking down on the live auction at the party

With the Pointer Sisters--Anita, Ruth and Sedoka

Richard helping Pam Yarborough with the raffle. Pam has worked with G-CAPP at our big annual events since our inception.

It was a good crowd

Richard just announced that Kathy Stayton won the raffle. That REverand Bill Stayton standing in a gray suit applauding

That's Rev Gerald Durley in the white suit. I asked him to give an opening prayer. I wanted our L.A. friends to know how it is in Georgia!

Many thanks to our sponsors who made it all possible: Delta, Coca Cola, Kaiser Permanente, Lionsgate, Health Compare, Exercise TV, Jeanette Jenkins, the Hollywood Trainer, The Atlanta Falcons Youth Foundation, A Legendary Event, Grey Goose and Barefoot Wines and Bubbly.

See you next time…I’m going to take a nap. Tonight I am taking the winning team to dinner. Jason Sellards of the Scissor Sisters said he’s joining us. Truly nice guy.

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  1. What a great event you have created!!! Wish I could have been there – great music and great energy – WOW – inspirational to young and old – BRAVO Jane

  2. From what I could view and get the event was very well done. A good job across the board, for this type of special event, so happy for you. You need not to be a social media specialist , to see the Social Fresh about the concept.To be focused purely the new terrain of social media and how networks have emerged, taking this concept to a new level. As a Artist and communication media specialist of over thrity years, pertaining to your current events, this has allowed people the ability to share. Events like this has amplified human potential and has changed the world we live in today. Good Job , Jane.
    We have come a long way from video podcast on social media marketing to nonprofit event with Facebook’s new Live Stream plugin and new “social TV” Widgets. For me I look at the creative future.

  3. Jane,

    I was not familiar with UStream and stuff like that. I had to wake up at 5:30AM yesterday morning (I live in Jacksonville, FL) and took a crash course on it and learned as much as I could before I could watch you guys live. The chat room was incredible and people from all over the world were friendly. One of them even sent me congrats on my quitting smoking. The only one thing negative about UStream is no captions. I am deaf. I did watched the World Fit and excerised with you guys. I really enjoyed the whole UStream experience very much because it was very new to me.

    I am going to order your DVDs online as soon as possible and start excerising again.

    I just wanted to thank you, James Andrews and others for sharing it with me and others.

    You all ROCK!!


  4. Dear Jane,

    What a wonderful event. Many of the Atlanta Rollergirls were in attendance and we absolutely loved the work out, as well as the concert. You’ve done so much to get people motivated to live a healthy lifestyle and many of us empowered women owe it all to you. You and your team did a great job organizing this event and we are definitely looking forward to participating in the second annual World Fitness Day!

    Hugs and bruises,
    Trudy Stoddert, aka Hurtie Gertie
    Atlanta Rollergirls

  5. WOW!!! Amazing. Congratulations to all on such success!!

  6. Jane,
    I’m a long time fan of your workouts! I was introduced to your Aerobic workout by an instructor in 1986.
    I’m sad because I missed this World Fitness Day. 🙁
    I live in West GA and I didn’t see any advertisements. I just picked up a free copy of “Bestself Magazine” at my gym in Buckhead and I saw the Official Guide to World Fitness Day. I kept looking for the date of when this wonderful event would occur and I didn’t see it. So, I Google World Fitness Day and saw that I missed it. Dang! This would have been an excellent event for me and my 13 year old son.
    My son, Malique is struggling with fitness and I’m trying to get him motivated. He can’t even run a mile in less than 15 minutes.
    I will be on the lookout for this event next year for sure and I’m going to keep motivating Malique with roller skating, bike riding, running, and hopefully one of the middle school sporting activities.

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