I’ll keep posting photos of WFD when they come in but, right now, I’m back at my ranch chilling and writing. That means I am very very happy cause this is where I so love to be. The weather has been perfect. Sunny and not too warm. Brisk is the word. I went riding for the first time in more than 2 years. Wasn’t able to before because my body hurt too much before and then right after all my surgeries—knee replacement, back etc I couldn’t risk it But I’m Baaaaack. It was so great. You have a different perspective on the land from horse back.

I’m about to go for a long walk with Tulea, my little dog. Then hunker down to write. I’ve fallen way behind in the writing department what with the World Fitness Day and the move to Los Angeles. I love people’s comments about my loft photos. I wasn’t sure the vibe of the place would translate but I guess it has. It is a most unusual place. I have been so happy there. It’s the kind of space where I could be happy all alone but could also entertain 70 or more people comfortably…and often did. Lofts are often so cold and angular and I really sought to do the opposite with mine—make it warm, curves and feminine. I had a golden retriever at the time and so the floors were her color and I’ve always been fond of soft pinks. The truth is, I was rehearsing to perform in Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” at Madison Square Garden in 2000 when I came up with the concept for the womb-like entry. So there!

See you next time.

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  1. You continue to inspire me Miss Fonda — thank you for your pithy posts.

  2. hello Jane , nice to know that your doing so well.
    When riding a horse we leave our fear, troubles, and sadness behind on the ground , I feel.
    Have not been riding in years,then history of mankind is carried on the back of a horse it is said.
    I did find your photos of your Loft , very wonderful, the use of space is what carries feeling.

    Like the Loft your signature is on it,or like your writing , more to the point.
    I been writing , and now find that it is more a part of me than many other Art projects I’ve been into.

    My script has you in mind, as the main character , the story development changed after my meeting with Kirk Douglas.
    It is a good story, and your would be great in this part , I have created.
    Characters personified entities, like real life has emotional progress to them.
    In your life, and by reading your book, we all have that character of emotional progress and the physical one as well. Our Physical property, that aspect of an object or substance that can be measured or perceived without changing its identity.

    A old Actor told me that 50% is a Act , it is a part. A act is also a manifestation of insincerity.
    I can still see , with one eye to type, and there has been some great one eye directors , the camera is a one eye view.

  3. So good to think of you at the ranch! You seem to be your happiest when you’re there! How great that you can finally ride your horse again! That must have been uplifting for you! Enjoy! Hug your sweet dog for all of us!:)

  4. Hi Jane,

    I know I comment way too much here (I probably get on your nerves!) but I love the way you are so open with us, your blog friends. And so appreciative.

    I’m so happy you are back on your ranch feeling happy about being there. You are such a lucky person. You are happy, you are loved, you are still working, you are still helping others, still changing lives, still interesting and interested. What more could one want? Good to see someone making full use of their life.

    You motivate me every day.

    Take care

    p.s. that bike ride from Redondo to Venice has now become so much more special knowing YOU’VE done it too 🙂 xx

  5. PLEASE let me know the release date for the new “Older Women” workout video? I did the advanced for so many years, that I did it with the sound off.

    Thank you, Mary

  6. The birthing canal entrance is really something else. Great idea!! I love it.

  7. Jane we are going to MISS YOU in Atlanta! It’s not going to be the same without you. I always drove down Freedom Blvd and was so proud to point out where you lived to all my friends and family that came to town. You’re an Atlanta girl, no matter where you are….

  8. Of course the loft is so special to you as you designed it in an artistic and intellectual way. I am sure a lot of people would want to live in your house, and it is such a good location, so you won’t a have problem renting it out.

    I like California much better than Georgia, particularly the Bay Area. I feel naturally at home in Googletown. No smoking, healthy food, and nice bike trails.

    I think internet technology is a much better legacy than alcohol and drugs, which are ubiquitous in US society. What destroyed the brief hippie movement? Drugs and exploitation. Even today, there is the dichotomy between consciousness and consciousness. True consciousness comes from meditation and programming, and reading widely too, including a little Jane Fonda.

  9. Hi Jane,

    Recently I met a 90-year old woman in Birmingham, AL, who looks and acts like she is still in her 60’s.

    One of her secrets is that she has a GREAT sense of humor. Her voice is strong, she still drives and travels. She has few health problems, and is one of those rare women with good genes.

    She said both of her parents had a very large sense of humor and there was a lot of laughter and good fun in her family of origin – which she passed along to her own children.

    One of her best friends, who she “runs” with, is 85-years old and has had several different bouts of cancer. This lady was a former organist and pianist for several local private clubs in Bham, and is still going strong.

    My 90-year old friend said she still dresses up when she goes anywhere, and takes a lot of pride in her appearance. She said that when she went to her grandson’s wedding that she had three marriage proposals. She said she had never had so much fun.

    She is getting ready to travel to New Orleans for another grandson’s wedding who is marrying the daughter of the manager of Pat Obrien’s and who is planning to stage a large Cajun parade as part of the wedding. She said that she would be an honored guest at the wedding, andt would ride in a car during the parade.

    I thought you would enjoy hearing about these women.


  10. I have a nephew, who lives in Orange County.
    Everytime, he and his wife visit, I drive by to show them where you live……………….so, now I can send them this site, so they can see the inside……………they, like me love everything you’ve ever done. I never met you, but I am sick that you are leaving Atlanta, but you have to do what you have to do.
    Bob T.

  11. Bonjour Jane,

    good luck Jane…. je vous embrasse très fort

  12. i haven’t commented in a while–even though i read all of your posts–so just wanted to say hello and to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. your loft is absolutely stunning…someone’s going to get a remarkable living space. glad to hear WFD was such a success. you must be very happy to be riding again. wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.

  13. Paul said, “the life that I live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God who loved me (Jane) and gave Himself for me (Jane)” Gal 2:20

    “by grace are we saved through faith and that is not of ourselves it is the gift of God and not of works lest any should boast”

    “we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ”

  14. Well, Jane, I am so thrilled that you’re hunkering down and writing but very happy that you’re in a fertile, creative space–as a realtor, producer (I can understand why you don’t produce anymore, it’s like watching paint dry for 10 years) and director, I know all too well that your living space is the “womb” to creativity so I got your stunning entry way immediately!

    I just watched “Klute” again and am still knocked out by your performance: the late, great Pauline was right: it’s one of the greatest roles/performances in cinema history. Gordon Willis’ stunning visual landscape rivals the Godfather movies. One of my favorite shots that is so very haunting is when Cable is in a boardroom listening to the tape recorded conversation of an encounter with Bree. Is that the World Trade Center being built out the window??

    Have a great summer and keep the faith, you’re headed for the next chapter!


  15. Hi Jane,

    Let me know if you need any help with your move, or just want someone to hang out with in LA. I have a fair amount of free time on my hands.

    Chuck McCarthy

  16. Hi Jane!
    My mom and I used to work out with you and Jeannie and Laurel when I was in my early 20’s. I’m almost 40 now. I loved it! I recently started using the Firm “Wave” work outs and I love them! The instructors are funny and encouraging and the work outs remind me of yours. Were any of the Firm girls at the World Fitness Day celebration?
    Thanks so much for your inspiration and for this blog!

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