Windows thrown open onto the river. Tulea sleeping peacefully on the Moroccan rug, the sunlight streaming in. There are lines around the block at 6 or 7 locations on the island where Berthillon ice cream is sold. I never realized how the French love their glaces! And for good reason…it is superb.

Tulea relaxing after a long walk

I worked for 3 hours today with the French dialogue coach. I memorize easily but have to repeat the French sentences over and over until the muscles of my tongue become accustomed to it. It’s fun. I am enjoying it a lot. I play an American who has lived here and taught at the Sorbonne so I have to speak very well. I will succeed!! I meet with the coach almost everyday and she will be on the set with me as well.

Then the hair and makeup people came over with Stéphane Robelin, the director, to discuss how I should look in preparation for tests tomorrow in the studio. Everyone I’ve met with the production is terribly nice which is important. At my age, I’ve come to feel that the process is just about as important as the product…it needs to be fun and humane.

All for now. See you next time.

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  1. J’adore Paris! I’m sure it will be fun for you if you make it so! You’ll be speaking fluently in no time.

  2. I’ll be reading your blogs from Paris with anticipation. I was lucky enough to go there about 15 years ago. Oh oh oh! I fell in love with it – probably doesn’t hurt that I’m of French descent. Still dream about the food….

  3. Hello Jane
    Je vous ai vu à l’émission de Michel Drucker un dimanche à la TV il y a pas très longtemps, vous parlez très bien le français, avec un petit accent américain… j’adore ! Dommage je suis près de Toulouse dans le sud, j’aurai peut-être eu la chance de vous rencontrer ! Combien de temps vous êtes à Paris ? Bon courage pour apprendre votre texte.

  4. Love these little updates. So much fun to peek in. And it sounds like you’re in for fun times with your collaborators. I agree as well. As someone once said, having a shitty time doesn’t guarantee a good film so one might as well have a grand time! Take care.

  5. Biénvenue chére Jane!
    Its been fabulously sunny since you arived yesterday.It wasn’t all that great here last week.Love the view from the appartment window.Looks like Isle St.Louis.We love you in France and we’re looking forward to the new film.Maybe it’ll be ready for next year’s Cannes Film Festival where your presence will undoubtedly Wow the red carpet…?
    All the best to you & your film project.
    P.S – Berthillon really is irresistable!


  6. I know reading about your work on this new film will be as entertaining and enlightening as your Broadway diary.

    Thank you for sharing this with all of us. And I know you will be amazing, as always.

  7. Jane, Bonne Chance! I am sure you have what it takes to WOW the French!

  8. French dialogue coach, sounds like it would be fun. I spent almost four years, after graduate school taking French courses, I was taking the classes for fun. My teaching knowing that I had a masters in Education and credental in communications seemed to be on eveyword a let out.
    She seemed the think that my speech was in some way Patronizingly superior behavior or attitude. Hell, I did not even know it ,guttural rhotic could not help myself ,uvular trill was just to much fun, the best sex I had in years. To bad that the trill is gone, if you don’t use it you loss it. O’Jane just found a copy of your book form 1984. Women Coming of Age you were about 41 than, was at a church book sale and there it was.

  9. Madame Fonda, bonjour!

    quelle chance vous avez de pouvoir travailler et flâner dans Paris, je vous envie parce que cette année, financièrement, je ne peux pas y aller. Je vous souhaite de bien progresser dans la langue de Molière.
    Montréal, Québec

  10. I love your experiences … ♥ .. Jane is the BEST!

  11. Are you sure you don’t need someone to come and dog sit while you are shooting? I’m available et je parle un peu de francais…

  12. Can’t wait for this movie. French doesn’t work with my southern accent, but when you speak French in those older movies you sound like you were born there. Your voice in any language you speak is thrillingly unique and what makes you you. You’re like your old bud on the set Katharine Hepburn that way.

  13. How wonderful that you are in beautiful Paris with Tulea. Are there regulations and restrictions regarding transporting a dog to another country and back to the USA?

    • Some countries have restrictions–Australia doesn’t let animals in. UK didn’t used to but they relaxed their quarantines. Whew!

  14. Am so glad you are making a movie in Paris in French as this is my favorite genre to watch on netflix instant view both to improve my French and because they are usually much more interesting than American flics…the French speak so fast though, faster than the Germans…

  15. how fascinating to read bits of the acting process – thanks for sharing 🙂

  16. Ahhh, Paris! Looks like you have lovely views from your apartment window! Looks like Tulea is right at home on that Moroccan rug! She looks like she has a summer clip! Loved seeing this picture of her! Will be thinking of you as you are working on this movie! I know you’ll be enjoying every moment there! I think you’re right when you said that the process is as important as the product in making a movie! It’s all inter connected I would think. If it’s fun and humane for everyone during the filming, I would think you’d get better performances from all the actors…and a good movie after you’ve finished filming!

  17. Great to hear of your recent move to LA; and digs in Paris for your new film. Would love to hear your take on the BP oil spill. What is Paris saying? Thaks, Jane.

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