I have arrived in Paris to begin work on a French film called “…Et Si On Vivait Tous Ensemble?” (“And If We All Lived Together?”) Geraldine Chaplin (Charlie’s daughter) is the other woman and the men are all iconic French actors, beloved here. Guy Bedos, Claude Rich, Pierre Richard. I love how the French are loyal to their stars even when they are no longer young.  The young German actor, Daniel Brühl, who was in Tarantino’s “Inglorious Bastards” is also in it. He and I have some lovely scenes together. He plays a graduate student studying the lives of seniors in France and how the population relates to them.

It has been 50 years since I made a film in French. Fortunately I have remained fluent though on the days when I have several scenes with a lot of dialogue I will be tested, for sure.

I am staying in the beautiful, sunlit apartment of a dear friend, Eve Ensler, on an island in the middle of the scene. I took Tulea walking awhile ago and took these photos of Notre Dame Cathedral which is on an adjacent island.

See You Next Time.

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  1. fabulous photos

    Enjoy Paree

  2. Just watched you in La Ronde a Roger Vadim film.
    I haven’t seen this movie since I was a teenager.

  3. This movie sounds very exciting. I’m french and I grew up watching and enjoying those now classic french comedies with Pierre Richard, and Guy Bedos and Claude Rich are such iconic french personalities. I can only imagine how much fun you’ll have with this incredible cast.
    I’m also glad that a movie will show how much more adventure and richness there is to life after 50 or even 60. I find that french cinema is very respectful of actors, of all ages, genders and races.
    Hopefully this movie will be on US screens some day, living in the US now, I sometimes miss the diversity of french cinema.
    Thank you for sharing your experience, good luck and good fun!

  4. Ile Saint-Louis–my favorite spot in all of Paris! Enjoy!

  5. You are staying at Île Saint-Louis? That’s IT, that is truly lovely, i’m happy for you, I hope the weather stays clear.
    When is your new Workout video going to be released?
    I can’t wait , literally.
    Have a great time while you work on the movie! Paris is great on the Spring, right!

  6. wonderful for you to use your French in your worthy work –and stay in a light-filled space in your off hours–photos make me want to get to Paris soon–thanks for the inspiration!
    stay well!

  7. Have a spectacular time in Paris, Ms. Fonda. I was only there once — on my birthday — in 2005. I loved every moment of it. Thanks for sharing the photos of your walk… beautiful. Do you think Tulea knows she’s in Paris? Lucky dog.

  8. C’est si bon! So glad you’re working in France.

  9. It makes me happy that Eve Ensler is surrounded by beauty and has someplace wonderful to retreat to after she deals with so much heartache. So…while you’re there….talk her into blogging daily like you!

  10. Miss Fonda….greetings from New Zealand! Such a lovely place you are at! Looking forward to your new Movie. Id love to see you in a film with Barbra Streisand! you two would be great together. The last two Big Icons of the Cinema….no one else comes close. Stay safe!

  11. Paris!! What a beautiful, incredible city. Break a leg with the film. You did The Game is Over, in French, in 1966, and Tout Va Bien, in 1973 (shot mostly in French, I think) so it hasn’t been exactly 50 years since you shot a film in French. (Or am I wrong?)

    Anyway, it’s very exciting to hear that you are shooting another film and in Paris, yet!! Can’t wait to see it. I know it will be a great film.
    I wish you all the best.

  12. Jane, back in a french movie…wow, a mythic actress with iconic actors…
    Vous êtes même capable de faire des jeux de mots en français (mai oui)….quelle élégance !
    Je vous souhaite beaucoup de plaisir dans la capitale (fous rires avec les partenaires, bons repas et belles rencontres)
    Christian from Brussels

  13. Jane, bonne chance! I just uncovered your memoires from 2005 and am re-reading the parts where you were in France for 6 years. I don’t know how you kept all the names, dates and anecdotes straight for all those years. You must have been taking notes along the way!

  14. EVE ENSLER, performer, and activist ,sounds like you do have a lot in like interest. Been about a year from the last time I was in France. “French are loyal to their stars even when they are no longer young” I have the feeling , that you have some feeling about that subject. Do you feel that you may have lost some interest by your absents from the film medium?
    I do hope Jane that you did get to view my script outline from CAA, the whole script is about 60 pages , and your the important charistic character in the storyline. I feel the features and traits are part of your past films,even a narrative of dramatic works. The sharactoer has ,I feel a you Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, and Caring. I would like to try to get that project of the ground. I see no other person that I would want for that script, the Character is you, in my eyes. There needs to be greater roles for mature women characters. The attractive older women. …mature women of integrity and depth of character and spirit.
    I do feel my script and story sets new ground and is topical dealing with important social issues, of today. I your interested I would love to send you the whole script.
    Have a good shoot Jane

  15. eager to read more! you’ve got a nice sunshine in Paris today! Tullea is courageous!my dog is panting and reluctant to walk! so have a good stay! my , you’re very nearby hum.. if you need help ffor the french dialogues, i could give help, well i was naturally politeltly kidding, of course/: welcome in your second country!

  16. bonne chance…acheter des souvenirs

  17. Jane – I still have a small painting I bought when I was 17 and traveling for my first time in Europe on on youth tour, escorted by nuns. I remember every detail of those days 40 years later and even though I have been back to Paris many times, it was my first visit that remains so special. Can’t wait for the movie. I watch every film you make. My grandparents worked at MGM during the Hearst/Marion Davies days and the stories they would tell.!

  18. The soulful Seine River here in your photos makes the city_scape look like a Frank Gehry land_scape.

    Bravo, mai oui, Bravo M. Fonda.

  19. Ile Saint-Louis in the Rive SEINE. C’est magnifique!

  20. I’m SO excited that you are getting ready to do this French movie! It sounds different and interesting! Hopefully it will be on DVD before to long so we can see it! I think it’ll be such fun to hear you speaking in French in this movie! Have fun, Jane! Each new experience in life is thrilling!

  21. Hi, I am a frequent reader of your blog. I am glad you are getting back into films, and an international career would be particularly exciting at this point. You could give Charlotte Rampling a run for her money, perhaps? Just one thing: it may seem like 50 years, but you made Tout Va Bien in the early 70s, not even 40 years ago.

  22. So glad that you are filming again, and in Paris…tough gig!!! Have fun.

  23. Enjoying your Paris blogging. If you’re on Ile St. Louis, you’re near BHV, the department store on rue de Rivoli near Hotel de Ville. It’s worth it to go into their basement, which is a marvelous, city block long French hardware store — a sight to see.

    Meilleurs voeux, -Amy Alkon

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