I’m a partner to a new social game called hiSTRIVE which is being tested right now on Facebook. It’s coming out this summer and I’m excited about the ways in which the game can be used to help people feel better. The founder, by the way, is the former CEO of DailyCandy. There’s already a lot of buzz on FB right now, friends challenging one another to take the time and take care of themselves. I’m excited about the potential. Anything that gets an attorney to do kegels while in court in front of a judge gets my vote! That’s right, a woman lawyer, wrote into hiSTRIVE to say she was doing her kegel exercises (for tightening the vagina and the bladder muscles) while in court. See www.hiSTRIVE.com and send them your contact info if you want to be on the Beta list and get in the game as soon as hiSTRIVE launches this summer.

Onward! jane

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  1. Those are Wood Ducks

  2. Seems very interesting. I’m curious to see more about this.

  3. Friends of mine , the X wife of a famous psychiatrist, had duck in the pool , and they came back each year and had ducklings. The did cause a mess in the pool , was nice to see. The question is are you going to keep them? you well be gone anyways to France.

  4. It’s a great concept, but I if I ever have to go to court, I hope my lawyer is focused on the case at hand and not on exercising in court!

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