I’m headed to Atlanta this week for an amazing World Fitness Day weekend. It’s not too late to join us onfield for the World Fitness Day Workout on May 1st in Atlanta. It’s also not too late to buy a ticket and attend our star-studded Cheers to Champions! party (this year’s Patron Party) on Friday night, April 30.

G-CAPP’s fundraisers and the annual Patron Party are always exciting and fun – films have premiered, my friends and family have come together, I’ve even been roasted – and this year’s events are no exception!

Some of the auction items are incredibly unique and impressive, and available in advance if you are willing to contribute the “Win It Now” price (contact [email protected] )

Movie screening to Eclipse all others
Up to twenty-five (25) Twi-hard fans in Atlanta will be treated to an exclusive advanced screening of the eagerly anticipated Eclipse. The third installment in The Twilight Saga, Eclipse is expected to be this summer’s biggest film with an official release date on June 30, 2010. Whether you are a member of Team Edward or Team Jacob, you’ll die for this chance to see the film before anyone else. The lucky winner and friends will view Eclipse on the evening of June 28 at Cinevision Screening Room in Atlanta, with dinner, drinks and dessert provided. Private event, by invitation only.
Win It Now: $2,500

One-of-a-kind Fonda Furniture Creation
Inspired by my career, this designer bedroom includes vintage and custom created pieces – a collaboration spearheaded by interior designer and Décor Demon founder, Brian Patrick Flynn. This package includes a tall brown mohair upholstered platform bed, pair of leather club chairs and custom bedding fabricated by Miguel Moreno Custom Slipcover & Upholstery, mattress from IKEA, pop art by Mark Boomershine and a pair of grey bedside chests from Wisteria in Atlanta.
Themed aspects:
· Pillows made of sweatbands and spandex and dumbbell bookends – Jane Fonda Workout
· Space age lamps and furry pillows – Barbarella
· Pillows with academy award silhouettes – Klute, Coming Home
· Disco ball art photography – They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?
· 80’s reading glasses – 9 to 5
Win It Now: $15,000
Credit: Sarah Dorio Photography

Say “au revoir” to those at home – start packing for Paris now!
Join Me for French Film Festivities
Fly Delta first class to Paris, France, over the July 4th holiday. There, I will be filming Et Si On Vivais Tous Ensemble? (And If We All Live Together) with iconic French actors Guy Bedos, Pierre Richard, Claude Rich and Geraldine Chaplin. You’ll have the unique opportunity to visit me on the set and share fine French cuisine and wine over dinner together at a 4 star restaurant TBD. You will also attend a Paris Film Festival at which I am being honored with a retrospective. Your itinerary will leave ample time to enjoy the art, architecture and romance of the City of Lights. Luxury accommodations will also be provided TBD.
Win It Now: $25,000

All for a good cause, helping G-CAPP create brighter, healthier futures for young people.

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  1. JANE! Oye, 9to5 glasses??? Amazing! My favorite movie. I just saw Lily on the 16th and laughed so hard I was crying and my stomach hurt. She puts on such an amazing show!!! I remember seeing Dolly last year and though…WOW, so amazing! I love all of you.

    May 1st! That’s Saturday. Oh my Lord…that’s the day of my SATs. Hmmm. Would rather be there at World Fitness Day! Can’t wait for the pictures 🙂

  2. Jane, I hope your World Fitness Day is a fabulous success and that you raise lots of money for your cause. Everyday you are the change you wish to see in the world. We’re inspired!

  3. Well Ms. Fonda… where do I begin. My grandfather is probably turning over in his grave knowing the contents of what I’m about to disclose. Never in a million years would I have thought to obtain inspiration from you, Jane Fonda, a woman whose name could not be mentioned in my home without being followed by “the communist.” I am a 50 year old Cuban-American female that grew up in a very Republican household. Not sure how much you know about Cubans, but most of them, particularly the ones that came over in the early 60’s as we did, can’t stand you. That being said, while I consider myself more moderate, I do not have any personal reason to reach out to you. I certainly do not consider you my role model, nor am I the type to write about how much I enjoyed your role in Monster-In-Law, or in Golden Pond, etc. You’re a good actor and you do your job well. That’s it as far as ever giving you a second thought.

    It’s funny how things happen, and I for one do not believe in coincidences. Yesterday I was googling the name of an escrow agent in Switzerland. How the heck I ended up on your blog has no logical explanation. I clicked on the lady’s name and ended up at your site. As I searched for the name of the person I was researching, (whom I never found), I found myself reading your daily blogs, in random order, and I have to confess that you captivated me! I finally gave in and read each one of your blogs in order from April 2009 to present day.

    What an interesting person you are! I love the way you write, because you come across as if you’re having a one on one conversation. All the time I’m reading each blog, I kept telling myself “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” A couple of times throughout the day my husband asked me what I was doing, to which I responded by lying and answering “researching.” He’s another one that would disown me if he knew I was so intensely fixated reading your blog. Although, to be entirely honest, I had a conversation with him about you this morning and I fessed up that I spent the entire day reading your blog. After the initial dissertation on why you’re the evil antichrist due to your political views, he listened to all I had to say and he’s not as distraught as I thought he would be. I’m pretty sure you don’t give a rat’s butt about what people think of your beliefs. I wasn’t trying to convince him, but I wanted him to hear what I had learned about you. The truth of the matter is that there is so much more to you than your political views – you are so likeable, so interesting, so charismatic… for me personally, you have served as the catalyst, the segue to a very important goal I am supposed to achieve. Of all the friggin’ people to provide inspiration, you were the most unlikely.

    I know like I know like I know that I am supposed to do something with writing. I keep having recurring thoughts on this subject, I’m just not sure how to go about it. I’ve thought about writing a book, and I even have the title. Yesterday as I read your blog, I got the inspiration that I need to start with a blog. Again, not sure how to start but I will figure it out. You have a good team behind you that worked out all the technical issues and I will somehow find the resources to accomplish my mission.

    You see Ms. Fonda, I’m not about to pour out my life story here, but it is so clear to me that I have a story to tell. The first part of my life was turmoil, followed by a 15 year reprieve where I was totally happy and in a good place, but the last 3 years I would not wish on my worst enemy. I’ve gone through the “why me,” I’ve had my pity parties, I’ve gotten angry, I’ve cried, I’ve done soul-searching. Funny how when things are going well one does not have any reason to look “up.” When one is down, one is forced to look “up” and ask for help. I’m not talking about the physical type of help either.

    I am characteristically a very strong person – that’s how my friends would describe me. But I’m telling you… in the last 3 years I feel like I’ve lost my identity, forgot who I am, and as one of the results I’ve gained 50 pounds if not due to anxiety then as a result of self-wallowing. In all this turmoil, I’ve learned many more lessons. I’ve become more spiritual – not religious – more spiritual. At the risk of repeating myself, the one thing that I am certain of is that I have to tell my story. My story isn’t over because I haven’t reached my destination. I want a happy “ending” which will be the new beginning. Somewhere in here is a book, or perhaps a blog.

    I was intrigued with your charity. Last year I did some consulting work for a non-profit group in Florida called Women of Tomorrow (WOT). I loved their 10 year vision – social change as a result of the WOT impact. They are taking at risk teenage girls and matching them up with highly accomplished women and providing them with opportunities not normally available to them. Therefore when I read your charity deals with preventing teenage pregnancy, I was “pulled” – I know there is something I have to do with kids, older kids specifically. Again, not totally clear here, I just know that I have something to complete in this arena.

    I am not 100% clear on why I needed to write you all this except for the fact that since yesterday I have not been able to stop thinking that I need to get going with the writing.

    In summary, if you ever wonder again whether your blog is massaging your ego, the answer is no (well maybe a little but that’s not the only purpose.) There’s a reason beyond what you could think or imagine. I for one am totally inspired and excited at the confirmation that you have unknowingly provided me. I still can’t believe and am tickled pink that Jane Fonda is the one that became the catalyst for me. One of these days you’ll see your name associated with my story.

    Thank you.

  4. Wow , a lot on your plate, fitness and France, I have not been back to France ,was last June 6, when Obmas was there. Seem like I used to do things before becoming broke and homeless. One-of-a-kind Fonda Furniture Creation, you can’t buy anything more high-end as that. A Jane Fonda retrospective at “a Paris Film Festival” wonder what that could be? You body of work both and film and your body is a work of Art at this stage of your life. Lot of fun , Jane stay well , I would like to take that trip Paris,sounds fun.

  5. Hi Jane, I read about your World Fitness Day, very cool! (I adore Denise Austin). I saw you in person in New Orleans at V-day 2 yrs ago(with my 2 daughters Lindsey & Jamie) You are truly inspirational! You may not be aware, but, PLEEAASE DO NOT WEAR ANY NIKE APPAREL to World Fitness Day.
    Nike has stood by several male athletes that have had very bad behavior: Kobe Bryant: accused of rape; Michael Vick: dog fighting; Tiger Woods: 15 mistresses; NFL Ben Roethlisberger:accused of sexual assault in bar bathroom-covered up by police & bar owner. Please refernce yesterday’s
    article by Christine Brennan in USA Today sports section. Please tell your friends-No NIKE.
    Debbie Hirzel

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