World Fitness Day – May 1 – Watch the Live Broadcast Online

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  1. Good luck with your World Fitness Day! Tell us more about your knee replacement. You’ve covered it well…but do not forget it is important for an increasing number of people to hear of your experiences. You should take your fitness programme into nursing homes.

  2. Been in some hospital testing this week , blood and EKG , for my eye operation coming up next week.
    Fitness is on my mind , but he stress stangness of my life is not just about fitness. I up ny 5 am everyday and on the weekends up at4am , and I do not get any rest until after 1 am or later sometimes. That is a real workout , the metal stress is sometime alot to do , I work most day and night on my projects writing and some Art, in a University library. I would not be alive, if not for some fitness and mental powers learned over the years. The blinded and working homeless in the world need to lean , about body and the real concern is the day to day stress I see in other people . have a good event Jane,
    Been doning some good work on writing with you in mind , was a funny Dialogue day. I see you and Betty White in a conversation , very funny

  3. Ahhh! So exciting. I wish you all the best of luck. Wish I could watch, but will be taking my SAT’s. You’re having way more fun! …People who are dying are having more fun than me tomorrow. Ha!
    I’ll be thinking about you all though. Have fun!!! 🙂

  4. Jane, World Fitness Day was a BLAST!!!!! What a great event! Thanks for hosting.

  5. Totally fun!! Thanks for streaming World Fitness Day for those of us who couldn’t make it to Atlanta. Your Work Out videos are still an inspiration, and offer solid health/safety advice that I find useful.

  6. Glad you’re doing this – Wash Post did a piece today about obesity being a national security issue. Yikes!

  7. What a fabulous concept and Jane Fonda is such a fantastic role model for not only Baby Boomers like me, but everyone world wide.
    Let’s keep moving!!


  8. someone sent me a face book message to join a club because live dogs are being used for shark bait. Is this something movie stars can help stop?

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