My daughter, Vanessa, my grandchildren Malcolm and Viva and my ex-husband’s boy, Liam, all spent the day at the Universal Theme Park. It’s been a beautiful day in L.A. Not too hot and crowded but not intolerably so. We had fun. And I’m wiped!! But it was worth it!

Viva about to enter the Simpson's ride.

The Jurassic big splash

Smiling after surviving the Jurassic Park waterfall ride

Malcolm and Viva fighting for balls. They get along great

Malcolm hurt Viva who is crying to mama. A second later she was back at it, throwing balls like nothing'd happened. Malcolm feels badly.

Liam doing the same.

Malcolm preparing to shoot one at me from the balcony

In the Curious George smurf ball-throwing room. Viva preparing to lob one at Malcolm

Frankenstein coming after Viva.

The actor playing Frankenstein was inspired--very funny guy who kept everyone riveted with his dead pan humor.

Guess who's having the most fun. Their mother made them pose and they are not happy about it.

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  1. God I would love to go out with Jane Fonda Shes hot even all this time later.

    I bet shes a great kisser lol
    Bobbyjo. C

  2. Ha! Love that last one. The kids look thrilled. At first I thought you were at the Universal here in Orlando. I would have been way more excited! Too bad we don’t have a ball-throwing room at ours, though. Looks like a blast!

  3. I’ve always had a soft spot for Jane Fonda. She looked great in her work out tights. To bad I broke my back Id go work out with her. Shes Beeewwwww Teeeeee fulllllll! heheh\
    Ciao Bella Jane

  4. So funny! This is what we all do now!

  5. I think that UNIVERSAL and the Fonda’s do have some good thing for each , you did give them “On Golden Pond”and Henry Fonda did do “The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine ” for Universal. So the Fonda earned some funtime, from Universal. The weather was very nice today. I met Kirk Douglas today , for a hour with his speech-language patholigist Betty McMieken , who happens to be a Asst. Professor at CSU,Long Beach. Betty Mcieken works for the Communications Disorders dept .I got a good insight in too the his speech problem ,doing good for a man of 93, good man I liked him. Talked about ” My Stork OF Luck” book and his wife Anne , and the Anne Douglas Center for Women. Give me soom real inspiratinal feelings for my project.

  6. Sorry, Jane, but which ex-husband are you referring to? I am NOT being judgmental, just curious (my license plate reads LAST YF…last wife…I’m not the first but definitely the last!) Looks like you had a great time…can’t wait for grandkids!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing. You are so generous! Universal theme park is one of my favorite places to visit. So much fun and excitement. Your grand children are adorable. They look so healthy and normal, meaning not Hollywood, like average kids. Especially when their mother made them pose and they weren’t to happy about it. Typical kids LOL.

  8. Hi Jane,
    The ‘guess who’s having the most fun’ photo is my favourite. Really have to laugh at that. I have so many photographs from my childhood where my parents are really the jolly ones and I’m NOT having fun even though they’re doing it for my sake.

    Losing things, forgetting things etc. I do that all the time. Really frightening e.g. I sit down to turn the computer on and it’s on already! And I’m only 40. I have no idea what the future holds if I’m like this now. (That’s why I’m soo looking forward to your book. I want to know what’s in store! 😉 The Times in the UK (timesonline.co.uk) had an article about it yesterday and it’s called Adult ADHD. But that’s proposterous. Everyone gets forgetful. Doesn’t have to be labelled, in my opinion.

    I wish I could come to the May 1st event. Even though I live in Germany I would have come but I have to work. I’ve never been to Atlanta even though my airline flies there. Maybe next year.

    Jane, I have a question: why was your autobiography never translated and published in Germany? You are soooo famous over here. There’s obviously a market for it. Always wondered about that.

    Anyway, off on a long bike trip now along the river. Weather is gorgeous in beautiful Hamburg.
    Enjoy your day.
    Best wishes
    Jason x

  9. It looks like you had a great day – between referree-ing, the rides, and even Frankenstein!

    Great pictures, Jane! Thanks for sharing.


  10. Jane,

    Thank you for sharing these pictures! It looks like all of you had a fantastic time together! 🙂

  11. ADORABLE FAMILY! I’m Not surprised They Adventurous like Grandmother JANE! Love it! XO AnnaMaria

  12. Jane, you are so much fun 🙂 and such an inspiration !!!

  13. enjoy following you on twitter an enjoyed the theme park pic’s

  14. I saw you on Larry King and my jaw dropped. You should be on a poster for the virtues of great plastic surgery. YOU LOOK AMAZING! In an age when most plastic surgeries ruin celebrities faces what ever you had done was not obvious and enhanced your already gorgeous face. I totally aggree with you about the lines and wrinkles, leave them, you’ve earned them! The jowls and fat under the chin should be cleaned up and leave it at that. You’ve never looked better!

  15. Thanks for sharing your fun time! I enjoyed the photos!

  16. Jane:
    You are so cute. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  17. Great going Jane! Act just like a kid ’cause when we are we are dissuaded from being so. I would love to visit again…haven’t been since my kids were small…many moons ago. Thanks!

  18. Do you have a stylist? Wondering how you always manage to look great with the busy schedule you keep.

    Enjoy your blog. A 67-year-old, who let herself go, would love to get to Georgia.

  19. nice shoots!!for youngs childs, it’like a fairy-tale excursion, isn’t it? everyone seems happy there! you’re also an acomplished grand-mother, that’s fine! frederique dhenein

  20. Jane, you were my platonic love when I was a teen and you were Barbarella and Bree Daniels in Klute.

    And I think this love is forever. Good to see you in the shape you are.

    Kisses from Rio de Janeiro. Brazil.

  21. You look like you are having so much fun! …I was feeling very happy and much at peace this morning too until I read of the tragic Polish plane crash…and have been feeling really sad all day…

  22. I am enjoying your blog! Thank you for taking the time to share your life and thoughts with all of us.

    Janet Hinton
    way down in South Alabama!

  23. Ms. Fonda, your youthfulness and vitality are an inspiration. So you’re shooting a new exercise DVD. Can’t wait to see it. Your grandkids are so cute. Don’t have any myself, YET, but will one day, I imagine. Thanks for the link to Alex Shoumatoff’s site. I’ve been reading through it. Incredible! Thank you for sharing a little slice of your life with us. Thank you for sharing a little slice of your life with us. Isn’t social media amazing? All the best!

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