Amidst all the commotion of these last day in L.A. before heading to New York and then Atlanta for the World Fitness Day extravaganza, Ted Turner came to town and we spent the day with Richard, going for a walk, talking, a getting-to-know-you for he and Richard and for me, a lot of catching up. It was great seeing him away from crowds and tonight we went to dinner with Troy and Simone and Richard’s friends Abe and Annica Summers. Tulea recognized Ted and made it clear she, too, was happy to see him. And, having said goodbye to Ted, Richard is in his recording studio laying down a final track with Rod Stewart. It’s going to be a late night and we leave the house at 5:30 am tomorrow in order to arrive in NY in time to get ready for the first of several high school reunion parties…Brooklyn’s Poly Prep where Richard went to High School.

See You Next Time

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  1. I think it’s remarkable how you still have a wonderful relationship with Ted. Bringing him to chat with Richard is something everybody should do. Then maybe there wouldn’t be so many problems.

  2. Been reading your blog for a while. I like the fact that you have apparently worked hard to create/maintain good relations with your ex-husbands. It’s gotta make having a blended family a heck of a lot easier.

  3. Thank you for allowing me to have some of your happiness even if it is vicarious! I will be wont to call you King Richard and Lady Jane forthwith!

    Thank you for the bright spot in my dark day.
    My sister, Deborah Tappy, died last night in New York. She spent the last year on her deathbed while her son was serving in Iraqistan. Why did that have to happen to her too? I have ambivalent feelings about it all now that will last a long time. Perhaps I would feel better if I could afford to go to her funeral. This is the second and last sister I have lost in just a few years. I was not able to go to the first one either. I have to think about my sons, who have not seen me for five years now.

    I want to go and spend my last years near to them before I fall to the family curse. It seems my Mother’s children are all destined to die young. I would like to teach my sons more about music and many other things. Their Mother is still in a bellicose mood. I do not understand it, really. I broke my back trying to keep my family together. I mean it. I really did break my back. My ex left me for a cretin who did not want to be a father to my sons. Hence, they have had none and do not know me very well.
    I have a son named Rory who was named for Rory Gallagher, an Irish rocker from the 70’s. He has become a guitar playing singer and songwriter like me in spite of his mother’s attempts to keep us apart.
    I wish my ex could watch a real Lady and see how it is supposed to be done. I applaude your ability to ameliorate the relationship between your ex and your new King. I just hope my ex will allow me to be a Dad and a friend if my kids want me to be. I want to spend my last days with them. I know I do not have a lot left.
    I have been denied any contact for a long time and my sons are all grown men now. I had to sacrifice their childhoods and so did they.
    Anyway, I am sorry to lay my sorrow at your feet, Lady Jane.
    I really do want to thank you for your message!!
    I send love to you and to all you love!
    Lawrence Mark

    • Dear Larry, I am so sorry. It is her and their loss. xx Jane

  4. I do send a few e-books to you on twitter that are new concerning the areas of the civil-war . I put down that it is for TED IN HOPE THAT THEY WOULD BE SENT TO Ted Turner. they are free .

  5. Your eyes lit up last month when you spoke of Ted. You are a gracious woman. How some women manage to keep husbands as friends reveals a lot. I’ve never been divorced as I am a widow but men and women have it difficult enough without fighting after the split as well as before the split.

  6. What a great time it seems like! I can only imagine the conversation!

  7. It is sad, the situation lawrencemark is in. As you said, Jane Fonda, it is her and their loss; he sounds like an honest person who tried hard to make his marriage work.
    I wish you all the best in your new home in LA and with Richard. I too respect and appreciate you for how you maintain good relations with your ex-husbands.
    Anytime I want to be uplifted, I know I can come to this website and read something from you that will be positive and upbeat. Thank you, Jane Fonda.

  8. Jane, This is a belief I have always stood by. I
    am with the only husband I have ever had but if for some reason we parted I would not hate him.. I can not except spouses who become evil. When you lay down and give your heart and body and then turn evil you are also saying you hate yourself. When you marry you become one “one” person that does not change. So to say I hate you is to say I hate meyself. The other thing is children do not deserve the hurt that comes from this hate and turmoil. I applaud you for your strength and love in your actions. As you God blesses us when we are treu and real.

  9. jane do you remember having dinner with me in jacksonboro sc with ted?

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