Too many people I love are very sick right now. People much younger than I. My body aches for them. It also aches because I have worked out all day yesterday and today, making my new DVDs. By the way, thanks to my blogging community’s comments. They (fairly unanimously) suggested I not go retro with leg warmers, etc. Instead I’m wearing yoga pants and tight tops as per their comments. I have one more day of it to go. I am pretty happy how my new knee and old/new hip are holding up. I talk about them as I’m working out, just to show folks that life goes on after replacements…just like an old jalopy keeps going with new fenders and hubcaps.

One fun thing, I came home from work to hear Rod Stewart laying down some new tracks in Richard’s recording room which is known as “the Pub.” Ah, if those walls could talk!

See you next time. (That’s still how I sign off on my exercise programs. Some things never change.)

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  1. Hi Jane 🙂

    I’m wondering if you’re wondering why at your young age that your body would require a new knee, new hip. I just don’t think our bodies were meant to wear out that quickly. You’re a fitness guru, you’ve been working out and otherwise taking care of your body all these years — so why would these parts of your body be falling apart? It just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m wondering if Jack Lalanne (in his 90’s) has had any such replacements.

    I do know that this new theory, that running shoes are actually the culprit or at least a strong factor in messing up our joints, makes a lot of sense to me. I stopped running a few years ago because I was worried about my knees, one of them did start to bother me. But how “weird” is this, when I recently started running in place BAREFOOT, no knee issues–I think we’re onto something here 🙂

    I think our bodies were meant to exercise in a natural way; that is, as if we were out hunting, gardening and gathering… I’m discovering that when we work with nature, our bodies are much happier and healthier, less breakable 🙂 We weren’t born with zillion-dollar sneakers on our feet 😉 I dunno, just makes sense to me. Our feet are phenomenal, just the way they are 🙂


  2. Nice , sorry to hear about sick people , I now road well. I walk about carring a 40 pound rock sack all day, better than doing nothing. Walls do talk ,sometimes “Many people hear voices when no-one is there. Some of them are called mad and are shut up on rooms where they stare at the walls all day. Others are called writers and they do pretty much the same thing.” just read this -“I am an excitable person who only understands life lyrically, musically, in whom feelings are much stronger as reason. I am so thirsty for the marvelous that only the marvelous has power over me. Anything I can not transform into something marvelous, I let go. Reality doesn’t impress me. I only believe in intoxication, in ecstasy, and when ordinary life shackles me, I escape, one way or another. No more walls.”
    a Anais Nin quotes
    She was a interesting person
    Anais Nin -Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age.

  3. So you sign off the same way – well all I can say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

    Happy the new equipment is working out…

    love and light…Palestar in Santa Fe, NM

  4. Last set – you heard that before! x

  5. Enjoyed reading this very much. Thank you. Your whole life is very interesting. Good luck with the new DVD. I still use the old ones, and will definitely want the new one, too. Also enjoyed your cook book. Love reading your posts! Thank you very, very much.

  6. But think what strong bones you are building. I need to get back to lifting weights and exercising. I lost 58 pounds during radiation and have only now gained back up to 125 pounds. I need to build muscle mass.

  7. life makes heart bleeding, when the ones we care are sick or gone,but you work everything out,aren’t you tough Jane! you’re a lucky one to have Rod Stewart in Richard’s recording room! would have liked to be a little mouse with big ears up there! take care and enjoy life! frederique dhenein

  8. Hi Jane,

    I’m glad that your DVD taping is going well.

    Here’s something to think about adding to your busy schedule. How about doing Dancing with the Stars? I’m serious! I remember you once said that Richard loves the show and you would be such an inspiration. So many of the “older” contestants haven’t been able to really move, but you would be fantastic.

    I know that you will be doing your French film this summer, but maybe you could go on DWTS next fall — if your film is finished. Think about it!

  9. Hi Jane,

    I had total knee replacement Sept. 23, 2009. Just this past week I finally reached a milestone, complete revolution on the stationary bike! I can ride the bike! Still painful, but success on full extention! I have had several TIA’s that unfortunately have interrupted therapy along the way, so I am not where I would like to be. I just turned 61 in Feb, and truly do feel it IS the new 40!

    My real problem, is I have arthritis in both knees, the new one it is gone, but do to 18 years of off and on of the DEVIL drug prednisone, my bones just, well, are in horrific shape, damaged by the prednisone. When I am immobile,almost no pain, but rising from a sitting position, as we Irish say, ” me Lord, take me now,for surely this pain will!”:-) Humor, have to have it! Still painful when walking also, or getting in and out of cars, seats, etc. It loosens up on the treadmill, and the leg press machine, and how I love my “steamy affair” with the hotub/whirlpool after working out! Do you have any of these problems, I have watched you since your knee surgery, and you seemed to have bounced back with no problem at all.You truly are amazing!

  10. Good to know your new working parts are working. Encouraging. I’m running into a lot of people recovering from back surgery lately.

  11. Jane, We share a friend in common, SR, who is struggling right now with his health. I am sending him lots of good karma. Let’s just hope he can make it past this latest round.

    All best,

  12. Leg warmers are great. They acquired a negative image when intense ones were worn with street clothes. Their purpose is to keep muscles warm and limber when exercising. I wear them under sweat pants while power walking (remember your walking tape, Jane?)in Shape-Ups. They are a help in conditioning, especially when in some drafty or cool setting. I’ve even got some I bought at a thrift shop-originally from the Vermont mail order book-and I live in Florida. They are thin, though warm, and fit nicely under some of my pants. Can’t wait for new, age appropriate exercise DVD. I’m soon to turn 60 and am so inspired by all of the great things that you do. Keep a goin’

  13. Walls do absorb soundwaves. Perhaps they store them forever, and physicists just haven’t figured out yet how to convert that information back into audible sound.

    So maybe walls can talk. Someone just needs to invent a device to make them heard.

    Then we could listen to the Philadelphia Convention, for example. Or to Elvis vocalizing in his kitchen.

    Because after a soundwave hits a wall, where does it go? Nothing in this universe simply disappears.

    Legwarmers. I never understood what they were for. Exercising itself keeps the legs warm. We may need warmers when we’re NOT exercising.

    • I studied ballet for a long time and ballet dancers always wore/wear leg warmers, I think, to keep their legs warm before or between performances. I thought they were cool so used them for the workouts.

  14. Hi Jane,

    We share a friend in common, SR, who is going through his latest battle. I am sending him a lot of good karma and I know he’s in your thoughts. Let’s hope that he makes it through this new threat.

    All best,


  15. ps

    my husband who is a surgeon suggest that both your implants are on the same limb, is he right? t

    • By “implants” do you mean my hip and knee replacements? They are Right hip, left knee. xx

      • have you retained your level of fitness post op? if so what am I doing wrong? my life used to be full of activity and it is so slow now, granted I am no spring chicken, sixty five years is an age. But the genral quality of my life is about 50% of what it was, I excercise daily in the pool, but walking can be reasonable some days and bad and painful some days. Any thing you say will be so much appreciated and helpful. I still take painkillers daily over 18 months later. thanks yaffa

        • I am sorry to hear it, Yaffa. It is hard for me to make any comments or suggestions because I am not a doctor and I’d be scared of recommending something that might cause more harm. It’s good that you swim. Sounds like swimming is better for you than walking. But I don’t know your other medical issues. I assume you see a doc and have been examined for osteoarthritis (for the pain, etc.) It isn’t right that you have to take pain pills 18 months later. I’d get it lookd at by a doc, x-rayed or MRI. xx jane

  16. Hi Mrs Fonda (Hi Jane !),

    All I can say is that you always inspired me and you still do ! I’m 56 now and I look at you just hoping I will be as dynamic as you are at your age.

    Love you !

    Carol Butler

  17. You look startlingly fantastic in the picture on your Blog page!

    I am looking forward to seeing the mugshot replaced on Twitter!

    That was a long time ago, anyway, and … maybe we’ve all moved on …

    Get a massage. You’ll feel better!

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