On a beautiful 25 acre campus in Brooklyn, Poly Prep is impressive in many ways. It has been a prestigious high school for over 100 years. It was boys only, now co-ed and very diverse.

I went there because it was Richard’s 50th class reunion…Class of 1960. It was fun hearing all the reminiscences, the joking, the catching up. Here are photos of the day and night-long celebration.

Kenny, Richard Perry, Richard Berg, Richard Rosenberg

Richard standing in front of the Richard Perry Theatre

Students rehearsing "Pirates of Penzance" in the Richard Perry Theatre

Luncheon with the class of 1960 and wives/girlfriends

Author Byron Katie and '60 alum, John Magliocco

'60 alum Nick Schenck and date, Cassandra Denver

'60 alum, author, translator, zen practitioner, Stephen Mitchell (married to Byron Katie).

Poly Prep campus--25 acres in the middle of Brooklyn.

Richard, Richard Rosenberg, Cassandra Denver, Nick Schenck, Richard Berg

cameraman trying to get the '60 alum ready for their class picture

Wives taking pictures of the class photo

1960 alumnae class photo

left to right: George Khouri as he traditionally presented The Legends, a doo wop singing group at Poly Prep made up of Richard Berg, Richard Rosenberg and Richard Perry

The house in Brooklyn where Richard grew up

Kenny Vance and the Planotones performing for the class party at the Manhattan restaurant (excellent food, by the way) Girosole.

Kenny Vance and the Planotones

Kenny called the Legends (Richard Perru, Richard Berg, Richard Rosenberg) up to harmonize together

Richard Perry singing bass with Kenny Vance. They have been friends since childhood and it has become a tradition for Kenny to perform at the 1960 class reunions

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  1. That looks like it was so much fun! You and Richard are SO cute together! 🙂

  2. Im from Brooklyn Erasmus Hall HS – I remember Brooklyn Prep – where is it? Thank you for the photos

  3. Wow, you could feel the fun!

  4. Hello Ms. Fonda… I was a bit surprised to see this picture of my students and me in rehearsal for “The Pirates of Penzance” on your blog. I am the Middle School Drama Teacher and Director at Poly Prep and was there rehearsing all day on Saturday when you were there. At one point in the rehearsal, a couple of kids pointed and whispered, “Ms. Bolstridge! Jane Fonda is here!! Jane Fonda is watching our rehearsal!!” Because I am so used to their silly antics, I dismissed them quickly, saying, “Alright you guys, can we focus please? We open in two weeks, I have no time for practical jokes!” Imagine my surprise to see this a couple of days later!! They were telling the truth – you WERE there! So disappointed that I didn’t get to say hello… or at least let the kids have a chance to meet you. Do come back soon! “Pirates” opens on May 7th!

    All the Best,

    Jill Bolstridge
    MS Drama
    Poly Prep CDS

  5. The Planotones performed in the Richard Perry Theatre at an alumni show about ten years ago. They were wonderful! We’ve got to get them back again before too much more time goes by.

  6. What wonderful pictures! I think it’s a great thing for Richard to have a theater named after him at the school where he attended. I’m sure the school appreciates his support over the years. I know you are really proud of him!

  7. Great pics…love the house Richard grew up in and what a beautiful HS campus. Fun!

  8. Kenny looks good with his new hairpiece!

  9. Jane . . .so many thanx for posting these photos of a most marvelous weekend with so many great friends, old and new!! And I also truly enjoyed seeing you and Richard P on the Oprah Show last week . . . warmed up my already over-heated heart.

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