Last night we went to the last Paul McCartney concert at the Hollywood Bowl and it was everything I hoped for. I have never seen Paul perform live. His band is extraordinary. The production as well, with enormous pictures, and graphics filling the entire stage behind him and changing with each song—sometimes old footage from the Beatles’ films, sometimes still photos of them. He dedicated “Something” to George (who wrote it) and played the first part of it on a ukulele because George loved to play that instrument.  Behind him, there were wonderful pictures of George over the years. Paul also sang a song about missing John and while he sang, an enormous globe of the moon descended behind him, lit in an ethereal light. Then a globe of the earth descended. It was very moving. I wasn’t the only one to be crying. I was impressed with the quality of Paul’s voice. Richard, who knows about these things, said most singers have to lower their songs by an octave or more as they age, but not Paul!! I was also impressed by the diversity in the sold out audience…children singing every word, and oldsters doing the same. Much racial diversity as well. On one side of our seats was Samuel Jackson and Charlize Theron was on the other. When I wasn’t looking at the jumbo screens with camera close ups of the musicians, I was staring at Charlize’s stupendous profile. How gorgeous is that woman!!!!

I was also impressed with how gracious Paul was at the small after party—gracious and funny and real and kind. What a night! I feel so lucky…but forgot my camera. Can you believe that!!!

See you next time.

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  1. lucky you Jane- it sounds wonderful…
    I saw you on Good Morning America the other day- you looked amazing and are still doing so much good….

  2. I saw Paul in Piedmont Park here in Atlanta last August (my 3rd McCartney concert). Fantastic show!!

  3. bohzo (Hello)

    That must be so cool to be able to hear Paul McCarney in concert. You are right in the description of his voice. It is so crystal clear.

    I loved the Beatles. They are one of my favorites.

    Cherlize Theron is soo pretty. You are defiantly in her league if not better. Have a great day and I enjoyed reading your blog.


  4. You forgot your camera?!?!?! How could you? I’d give a lot to have been at that after party 😀

    MaccaFan since ’64,

  5. Jane–thank you for sharing this event.

  6. I saw Paul in Phoenix on Sunday night and it was a great birthday celebration for me! I love the Beatles and have since I was 10 years old, so it’s great to see Paul broadening the horizons of that music and legacy.
    But, I’m so sorry that you forgot your camera! My phone had to serve as mine, but I’m happy with my long distance pictures.
    “The music is alive”

  7. Hey Lady Jane!
    I saw the pictures that you tried to post on Twitter from thirty yards away. You should have borrowed the same camera and taken one good photo at the party! …
    I am glad I sent you the revised schedule I got from Paul. I knew you kids would have a GREAT time! Thanks for the photos that you did send anyway! I am glad SOMEBODY is having some fun SOMEWHERE! hahaha!
    and MORE LATER!
    Ps… I agree with you about Charlize Theron too… I might be slightly older, but, well, …
    You know…!

  8. I just love you Jane Fonda. You are my idol in every way. 🙂

  9. What a good show , so interesting a person. Other than is great music , people don’t know is real love and intest in the visual arts , like painting. Paul now owns Magritte’s easel and spectacles,used Magritte’s painting of an apple for the Apple Records logo.McCartney took up painting in 1983, I ahve a long interest in Actors who are painters , but have not spent much studies on interview with Music people.McCartney had previously believed that “only people that had been to art school were allowed to paint”—as Lennon had. very interesting , as an artist, Paul McCartney designed a series of six postage stamps issued by the Isle of Man Post on 1 July 2002.McCartney seems to be the first major rock star in the world who is also known as a stamp designer. Must have been alot of fun , Jane

  10. I have loved Paul McCartney since I was 9 years old and the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show. It is so nice to hear that Paul is a down-to-earth, kind person.

    A few years ago he gave a concert in my area but I thought the tickets were too expensive and I didn’t go. (I thought I had to have the top-of-the-line tickets.) I regret it! I hope that he returns here. I always wonder how much longer he’ll continue to tour.

  11. My camera just died – I know the feeling. A camera is a great companion that you always need.

    That must have been a great concert. I am in my 30s and as I’ve gotten older I’ve begun appreciating the Beatles and their music more and more; it really holds up.

    I am reading your biography; it is terrific. Eager to hear how Act 3 turns out 😉

    Hope the manuscript is going well!

  12. nice text, very moving! thanks, wish i’vecould have been there!frederique dhenein

  13. … most singers have to lower their songs by an octave or more as they age …

    A couple steps I’d understand, but an octave or more? That sounds astronomical. I’ve never heard of a tenor turning into a bass-bariton with age.

    Perhaps there are bands who can’t play well enough to transpose their songs a few steps lower to accomodate their singer’s loss of range, so the singer simply sings everything an octave lower. But then he or she would sound like singing out of a tunnel.

    Forgot the camera? Not good. Next time there will be a fine for that 😉

    • Well, maybe I misunderstood Richard. maybe it wasn’t “an octave or two.” I am not very musical so might have got it wrong but the principle stays…his voice has remained unusually strong. xx jane

      • Not very musical? I keep confusing you with Ann-Margret.

        Just kidding.

        Yes, he probably meant a step or two. For instance, when Pavarotti sang Nessun Dorma at the opening of the 2006 Olympics, he sang it (actually lipsynched it, for it was too cold to sing) one half-step lower “consistent with age,” as they say.

        Lowering by an octave would turn a female voice into a male voice, and a male voice into that of some subsonic sea creature.

        Paul rocks, but he’s still a baby.

        Here’s a clip of a 106-year old tenor. He probably needs your exercise video, but he also demonstrates that while people may age, their voices don’t have to:

  14. Hi Jane …

    My name is Kadu … i’m a Brasilian Musician and writer…

    Paul is amazing … he’s a big inspiration to me!
    He plays many instruments, has a greatest voice and is a big writer… Perfect !

    One day i hope to saw him in a perform live like you did it…
    It’s my dream… I live in Brazil so … it’s a little bit hard … but i’m gonna do it someday…

    Today i saw a movie with your niece Bridget
    ” It Could Happen to You ” and i remember of you and Peter .
    I love “easy rider” …
    You have a extraordinary family …

    My mother is a plastic artist and my brother is an actor … so we love art too !
    I think that we have same ideas like you … about many things …

    so … have a nice a week !!!

    so long !!!

    Obs : My english isn’t good …

  15. Sounds great, one of my musical heroes. Going to my ultimate musical hero night tomorrow night in Sydney….James Taylor and Carole King…can’t wait. Hope that you are having a great Easter.

  16. Hi Jane,

    Congrats for your blog. I’m a big fan of you from Spain. I think you look beautiful (you always have) but I have to be honest I’m not so sure very short hair is what most suits you. I think it looks more flattering slightly longer like you had it before. You should let it grow. just my 2 cents.

    big kiss from Spain

  17. I have always thought you were great Jane:)
    Was also at the concert you were at, came all the way down from Canada just for the show.
    Paul is amazing, maybe a little yoga, pot and meditation IS the answer. I would love to hear more about that after party.

  18. Jane, I wonder if you watch (watched) American Idol? They did an evening of Lennon/McCartney songs. It was pretty good.

  19. Hi Jane,

    Here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada out front of the famous Maple Leaf Gardens on Carlton Street (downtown) I slept outside on the street for two days to see the Beatles. It was their first show in Toronto. I dragged along my girlfriend. We were first in line. No one was around. I could not figure out why no one else was lining up for Beatles tickets. We were 13! Our mothers visited us to watch over the situation. But the first night just before dark a group of rough kids sat down in front of us and that was it. My idea of being first in line was moot. But we ended up about 40th ’cause even more kids sat in front of those kids. Got great seat in the end. But it was my idea to camp outside Maple Leaf Gardens! Thanks Jane

  20. Well Jane, you would have done better to have not gone to the concert of a man who took millions
    of shekels to play the Zionist Apartheid of Israel.
    The man is a whore and has always been one.

  21. Has Richard ever thought about working with Paul?

    I think it be perfect match! Two icons doing great things together.

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