I have done so much in the last 4 days and haven’t had time to blog and, except for this photo with Diane Warren, I didn’t take any photos. Darn!

Richard and I gave a party for uber music man, Clive Davis. Lots of friends and family…about 70-80 in all. IT was a lot of fun.

Right before the party, I introduced Diane Warren in a taped PBS Special honoring her that will air soon. Diane is one of, if not THE most successful songwriters in music history. Her songs have sold more than Elvis, the Beatles and Elton combined. Richard produced her first hit with her–”Rhythm of the Night” –sung by DeBarge.

Yesterday I rehearsed the 4 DVD exercise programs I will tape next week—for 7 hours!!! I am sore, let me tell you.

Today I took my daughter, soon-to-be-son-in-law, grandkids, Rod and Penny Stewart and their son, Daphna and Harvey Keitel and their son, all to brunch and magic shows at the Magic Castle where I have long been a member. I LOVE magic and they have the best magicians. In a private show for our group, magician Andrew Goldenhersh, let two of the men strap him into a straight jacket with his hands bound. He held two raw eggs inside the jacket. He managed to get himself out of the straight jacket and, in place of the eggs, he pulled two while chickens out!!! His butterfly tattoo turned into a real butterfly an flew away! And so much more. Why oh why didn’t I have my camera!!

I will soon go to bed cause I am up at 6am to get ready for taping.

See you next time.

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  1. nice to speak of magic! like it too, just one pic but a fine one with miss Tullea on honor! what will i say ? thanks for sharing, wishing you still lot of nice events!have nice time dear Jane !

  2. Lucky you to be able to go to Magic Mountain. I went there once with my sister and her son and was very impressed! Glad you had such a nice time with your daughter and her family over Spring Break. Love your bubble bath photo!

  3. Thanks for the Diane Warren introduction!!! Heard her music and words but not her name…ever! How can ‘one’ person have so much talent?! She is a true treasure who continues to contribute pleasure for us all. Thanks! xx

  4. That is something that seems not to come to mind ,Jane Fonda and Magic. One thinks of film and is often said as the Magic of Film and so you would think that Magic would not be of interest to people in film or film makers, than there was Orson Welles and his magic career. I must confess a interest in Magic and have spent long hours on the problems.Orson Welles does magic, assisted by Marlene Dietrich

    nice post,Jane

  5. Hey Jane, love Di’s music, her songs are so warm and wonderful. She doesn’t get the exposure or credit that she deserves. When are we going to see you act again Jane, going through withdrawals!

    • Thanks. Don’t know when you’ll SEE me act, but I am doing a FRench film in June and another in july-August. IT’ll be fun.

      • Thanks Jane, look forward to it.

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