Jake's testing to see if I'm as strong as I was when he trained me...30-some years ago.

Jake came by the studio where we were filming my DVDs to do a shout-out for World Fitness Day and chat with me about the changes in fitness since we first met 30-some years ago. We used to work out in my driveway, using a broom handle, as I recall. He told me yesterday something I had not known: Ted Turner called him up one day and asked him to do a TV exercise show on TBS. “Ted gave me my big break,” Jake said. We had fun together, Jake and I, as these photos show.

We are exploring way to work together. He is a good business man and a really nice guy.

The whole crew celebrating after 3 full, fun days of taping my DVDs. I'm attempting to assume the iconic first Jane Fonda Workout legs-in-the-air pose (click photo to enlarge)

Even Tulea got into the act

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  1. Don’t you look absolutely fabulous. And of course there is that famous smile of yours that lights up the room. And who wouldn’t be happy looking as healthy as you yourself do. And how fab is that…meeting up with Jake after 30 years! Hey, tell us what you and Jake ate for breakfast this morning! Come on, Jane. TELL!

  2. You look great for your age & I admire your energy.
    Best of success with the World Fitness Day.
    Ann Baldwin

  3. Jane, how dare you get repeated plastic surgery operations yet front a line of L’Oreal cosmetic products.

    Don’t you think you are setting an unrealistic expectation? Don’t you think you are manipulating your fans?

    It’s not the foundation or blush that is making you look younger and beautiful — it’s Dr. So and So.

    • Plastic surgery is about structure. The L’Oreal products that I have promoted and continue to use have to do with quality of skin. Both things go into making one look better. Plastic surgery doesn’t negate the value of good looking skin.

  4. Hi
    This blog made my day. So positive and upbeat. Great.

    I always wondered how you managed to talk while doing the workout. I’m always gasping for air and you’re as cool, calm and collected as if you were just pruning roses let alone doing jumping-jacks!!

    Take care from Germany

  5. Surprised to see how many people are needed to produce your exercise dvd! They all look so happy too! Thanks for a behind-the-scenes glimpse!

  6. Nice to see that you for real , are having fun and enjoying things. I see that Hugh Hefner has just turned 84 and was saying that he is having more fun now being Hugh Hefner , than anyother time in his life. I do think Hugh Hafner has had a lot of fun in his life, now even more. It looks likewise, that this maybe you best of time and even more to come. Nice photo, good times, es bons moments

  7. Jane,
    Why won’t you let your hair grow longer (like it looked in the first act of “33 Variations”.)

    Seriously, you would be STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Love you Jane. And exercise is so good for the skin because of the blood circulation. Sitting is the way down. Every elderly person I know that has lived healthily into their 80’s and 90’s never sit much. I would not hesitate to get the the bags(under eyes) or
    jowls removed or tightened. I think you look fantastic.

  9. You don’t just look good for your age, you look good period! Actually, you look fabulous! You are a fitness inspiration to us boomers. At 66, I’ve gotten back into exercising for 6 months now and can’t believe how much better I feel. Twenty pounds gone and muscles are coming back to life. It IS possible to get back into shape. I’m looking forward to getting the DVD and giving it a go. But please – no more “go for the burn”! Something might break 🙂

  10. I dont check in as often as I use to, but still love your blog.

    You are always surrounded by friends/people who love you.

    I came across an old Art Magazine this weekend that featured your Dad’s art. 1979 issue.

    If you would like to have it, I’d be more than happy to send it to you.

  11. Hey Jane!

    Enjoyed your interview with Matt L. on Today Show. You did a great job w his questions and you look wonderful.

    Here’s a question for you re your DVD that I’m going to buy.
    How can I build my strength back when I’m still battling recovery from serious compromised nerves in my hip & groin? Doc doesn’t want me walking (I love to walk) or bicycling.

    Also my muscles have been shrinking badly from not wanting to eat (this med issue caused pain & no appetite).

    You know I was so fit in my 40’s…defined muscles, etc. Now I feel like the shrinking woman. Any advice?



    • Barbara, I think you can start by doing my Prime Time Trim, Tone and Flex DVD.

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