He got the class, about 107 of them to wave hello to me. I will definitely go and take the class one of these days. Isn’t he something. Still at it!!! What a sweetheart

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  1. Jane-
    I finally figured out what I miss on your blog….it’s that Jane Fonda voice. I saw your interview on the blog…Wow! You look great and that voice…..I could listen to you talk about anything, but I’m so glad you use it for what needs to be said.


  2. He is a sweetheart. I’ve seen him leaving a trail of converts as he walked thought the Delta Terminal at JFK. It was a sight to behold. His energy, friendliness and charisma uplifted the mood of everyone he passed.
    In all my years there, coming in contact with every possible celebrity, nobody had the uplifting effect of Richard Simmons!

  3. Looks like a HAPPY group! Richard has tried to do so much good for people over the years!

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