The week before the Academy Awards is chock-a-block full of parties. And I have been to a few. Last night it was at the Chateau Marmont—again. Not my kind of party—too crowded, too smoky, too many people I didn’t know. But a few I did: My son Troy and my daughter-in-law Simone (no pix of them, though), Laura Bickford, Peggy Siegal, Bob Shaye, John Rubin. Here are a few photos.

Film producer, Laura Bickford and Peggy Siegal. Oh yes, I dyed my hair brown yesterday, Whaddaya think, huh?

With Loree Rodkin, We're showing off our rings which, coincidently, we both like to wear on our middle fingers. She designed her own and they are amazing.

Peggy Siegal, me, Richard and photographer, Patrick McMullan

See you next time.

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  1. Like you better with the frosted look. Saw you at “The Grapes of Wrath” performance at Carnegie. You looked and were fantastic.

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