My Appearance on “Good Morning America” Discussing “World Fitness Day” May 1

for more information on “World Fitness Day” click here

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  1. Great interview Jane,
    So true I like the idea or theme ” Keep Moving”
    for . I found that is what I said durnig the 9 months I had walking pneumonia in 2006 I never missed a day of work, even when I thought that it would be my last night on earth, not for everyone. People who were under doctors care for the same thing were not doing as well, and one person even died a young man of 26. I used the idea of keep moving on ,and some healh herbs ,(Myrrh Gum – Commiphora myrrha – has been used for improved throat and bronchial health, and to support the bodys natural defense system.) I still here, even with some other problem ,but my body is strong . Keep moving , good words . great interview Jane

  2. Jane – You have always been someone I have admired. Especially after one of my teachers told me NOT to admire you when I was in high school. I love that you have always managed to stay on top of issues, as well as technology. I appreciate all the efforts you have made to make positive change in this world. I try to follow your example and also mentor young women to keep the torch going.

    Thank you!
    Elizabeth B.

  3. Hi Jane,
    Fantastic idea. And I hope it will be a huge success. Maybe we can pick it up on the internet over here in Europe.
    I always wondered about those TV live link-ups. Do the cameras come to your place or do you get driven to a hotel or something? And can you see the presenter when you’re talking to her?
    Just wondering.
    Take care

  4. Wow – so proud of you! I only wish I could be there in Atlanta.
    I’ll tell my gym here in the UK. Maybe they’ll do something…

  5. p.s. By the way, I know this sounds strange and I don’t really know how to say it right (because it just occurred to me), but I think I never would have worked out or exercised in general in my life if you hadn’t been advocating it. If there hadn’t had been Jane Fonda telling everyone how good it is, I don’t think I ever would have tried. So, um, thanks!

  6. Bravo!!! Jane Fonda, Had no idea about your knee and hip and what motivation to give to folks! I suffer from arthritis and as a garden lover, I put all my physical strengh when im feeling well into landscaping…now with spring here I’ll be busy workin in the yard πŸ™‚ I hope to learn some new excerises that Im able to do daily on May 1st, on UStream… Best To All On That Day πŸ™‚
    Ms. M.E.M.

  7. Would love to be there, as Atlanta is my hometown and it’s NEVER hard to talk me into going back home! You are invincible and very admired for your zest to continue encouraging people to keep fit. You have remained focused for many years. Good on ya. Tenacity of committment is a virtue.

  8. Great appearance on GMA, Jane. I was glad that you talked about walking and the fact that exercise for us baby boomers doesn’t have to be impactful.

  9. I wish you the best of success in making World Fitness Day a rousing success!

    I think it is going to be one heck of a great year for health and fitness. It looks like you’re finally even going to start getting some help from Washington on many levels to help with your quest to improve our quality of life. Just imagine, there is even legislation tucked away in the new Health Care Reform bill that is going to force over 200,000 fast food and retail restaurants across the country to prominently display the calorie count of each item right next to it on the menu πŸ˜€ . Just like in your interview, simple choices can go a long way.

    If we could only figure out a way to harness and export all the fat that I think will be flowing this year, it would put one huge dent in the deficit. πŸ˜‰

  10. Bravo! Your message to “keep moving” is a treasure for anyone of any age to hear. World Fitness Day is a super motivational cue to one another to put the message in play. Gifts from Jane, once again. Many thanks!

  11. I was home sick today and got the chance to see you on GMA……… looked great and i love your first world fitness day idea!!
    Are you going to do a play again soon??

    • Yes, looks like we will reprise “## Variations” in L.A. next year

  12. How great it was to see you on GMA this morning, Jane. You look great and congrats on the BIG fitness event you’re planning in Atlanta. I enjoy reading your blog but have never commented.
    I’ll be 70 in October & I’d love to have your energy! I’ve also had a hip replacement…YEA!

    You share my sainted mother’s birthday of Dec. 21! God bless you for all the GOOD that you do. You are an inspiration, and I’ve always been a fan of your dad, brother & you. The Grapes of Wrath concert must have been such a special evening for everyone. My husband and I have almost all your films & we’d be hard-pressed to choose a “best” one, but Barefoot in the Park makes us laugh very hard…it must have been fun to make!

    Best wishes, Beverly WG (Hartwell, GA)

  13. Awesome Jane, this is the direction I was expecting you to go along with the acting career move & the rest…great stuff, I am all for health, fitness, & longevity! By the way you look so beautiful, please get Variations on film, how about HBO? love Sammy.

  14. Ok, this was a great interview! Not only do you “look” great, you said something that I think will make this event and this movement a success. You said “inclusive,” clarifying that you are putting out the call to All ages and ALL levels of “movement” or “exercise.” Why is this important? Because the people who need the MOST motivation almost never feel included, invited or important. This event, this long-term movement, will, I think, bring the Boomers (and Beyond) into the “let’s get some movement” movement! It really is obligatory, so thanks a lot, Jane, for taking the fear and the fear of failure out of the equation. Also, your notion that simple, low impact movement is an OK place to begin will give a lot of people the idea that they can start at a place where they can succeed. Who knows where that can lead? Great interview…I’m going to tweet about it now!

  15. How inspiring you are! I am really looking forward to your dvd and hope to stream the event. And thank you for sharing the events of your life this way–so much in the vein of your incredible autobiography–honest, authentic, and always inspiring. God bless your many efforts and thank you so very much.

  16. Just saw your vid for “World Fitness Day” and you are brilliant! Your so energetic and focused. You look great and you sound the same and you are still out there trying to make life better and more physical for so many people. I’ve always loved and admire you, from your movies to your work out vids because you are always in some way helping others. Robin kept saying how early you woke up to do the show. But honestly you just looked so great, confident and relaxed. I enjoyed the segment and I know you make me want to move around more. I do have a psyical job and now I really appreciate it. You are so right, the more you move around the better you feel. Thank you Jane for being the kind of person you are and for always questioning and helping those who can’t always help themselves. And for always, always being so informative!

  17. The most beautiful woman that ever lived,and is still living life to the fullest.

  18. You do a fantastic interview, Jane, and you look amazing. Thanks again for representing us: The Boomers.

  19. Great advise !!Exercice !! always!
    Its good for your body and soul.
    God bless you!

  20. You go girl! Great interview for a great cause. That’s our Jane.

  21. Yea! You’ve done it again! Your enthusiasm and joy for your cause came through even though 5:30 AM and recuperating from an ‘ill’, your voice was strong! Yes, get those 50’s and 60’s up off the couch so they can make it to our 70’s!!! Thanks!xx

  22. Saw you on GMA. I can’t wait for your new fitness DVD for boomers. I wish it were coming out sooner. I am a 57 year old female and very out of shape and overweight and want to try to work out at home because gyms are way too intimidating for someone like me…thank you for doing this for my age group. You look amazing, by the way!

    • Thanks, Karen and all of you who like the idea of the new dvds I will do. They will be out in early 2011.

  23. Your continued involvement in the people and places that surround you, giving so much of yourself to help others the way you do, is my idea of what one citizen can do with persisitence and never giving up. (and I gotta tell ya Jane, that smile of yours these days does more for anti-aging than any kind of procedure. You seem truly happy, beaming from the inside. Enjoy it…!

  24. Hi Jane — you look mah-velous, dahling! I’m SO glad you’re addressing the needs of women our age – at last! I’ve slowly let some of my standby magazines lapse because they appear to stop publishing good articles for anyone after 50. Sometimes I’ve found something for 60 year olds. But I’m 70 now, want real exercise, want fashion I can afford that doesn’t look dowdy, want to stay healthy and young for as long as possible. You’re doing it with all you’re involved in, passionate about, keeping your mind active and “now”, and doing a play! Love the new look and especially the new hair! Thanks for all you’re doing! Wish I could be in Atlanta…

  25. Hi Jane,
    Robin is right! You look absolutely terrific for 72!
    I’m one of the boomers who need to start moving some more for sure.
    Will be watching for the event in the Georgiadome for inspiration on 1 May.

    Thanks so much for sharing what you do and allowing us a peek at your interesting life.
    Love your tweets too!
    Keep it coming…:)

  26. BRAVO!!!! May 1st, you will have a whole lot of people with you on this one. National Fitness Day is long overdue, and very much needed. This is a great blog, and one that will be shared. Thank you for your effort on this topic, and wishing you much success.

  27. fine idea this fitness day! thanks for sharing! stay as you are fit , happy, and always focusing on new projects, new fights, life involved for the best! frederique dhenein

  28. Jane, you were my inspiration in the early 80’s to get fit. I continue to be fit. So great to see you on GMA and looking foward to World Fitness Day. I am Canadain but will be in Florida on May 1st so will celebrate with you.

  29. you are the funkiest older woman known to feminism πŸ™‚

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