Kelly Cutrone

Tonight was the season finale of Kell on Earth and Kelly Cutrone came over to Richard’s with a bunch of friends so we could all watch together and toast her success. It was about her doing a guerilla ad campaign for DKNY and was amazing in its inventiveness. What people don’t know is that she wrote some fantastic songs that Richard produced in the late 90s which is how he knows her and how I met her. She’s a fierce character–been through a lot and done more than survive…she has kept growing and learning and daring.

Tulea with her pompom hairdo

Richard's rescue pekinise, Winston, who is the boyfriend of Tulea.

Kelly on her Kell on Earth TV --the season finale

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  1. I LOVE KELLY! She is such an amazing strong woman. She makes me fall in love with living in NYC every week. It’s not surprising that you two would be pals!

    Alison 🙂

  2. We like the Kelly Cutrone brand.And Kelly Cutrone the person.

  3. Kelly is definitely a leader and a pioneer. She demonstrated exactly what fashion companies are going to need to survive in this post-credit-crunch era. Fashion needs to rethink and reprogram itself, and taking advantage of the accessibility and undeniable popularity of new media and viral media is the best way to make it happen today.

  4. Way to go Kelly!r u her mentor?
    You’ve been my No. 1 fitness guru 4 20yrs and am sooo grateful/at 62 am stillin great shape and still use ur DVDs AND ur book!
    U r an amazing lady Jane-will be watching for next one.
    Was a hose trainer now paint them.

  5. Interesting use of words Jane, “fierce character”
    Sounds like your meeting a some new people out there. I understand she is known for her no-nonsense approach to the industry, and her brutal straight-talking.Word are like sausages and sometimes I feel just that, it’s fun to make them but the process of putting it all together is very often a messy business .If you make something interesting the vision will always be good, I feel.
    Like what Marilyn Monroe said about Hollywood ” Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents” The fifty cents comes in handy sometimes. nice post Jane

  6. I’ve watched Kelly Cutrone with fascination ever since her first appearance on The Hills when she gave a young Lauren Conrad a dressing down during fashion week, and I find her as intruiging to this day as I did back then. The woman is a total enigma, and I mean that in a positive way, we see her business-like side, which at time can be described as ruthless and unforgiving but can always be described as fair. Then we saw her in The City, where we witnessed a much softer side to her personality, through her mentoring of Whitney Port, and now you’re throwing us this curve-ball, Kelly Cutrone, snuggled up with a lap dog! In the first picture she looks ALMOST vulnerable!

    All I can say is, she just keeps on surprising me!

  7. Hi Jane. I love Richard’s Winston! I lost my peke of 14 years a few months back and looking at Winston made me want to get another one. Pekes are so playful and Tulea is lucky to have such a handsome beau…. Maybe she is following in her owners footsteps…..Lol

  8. No idea who she is

  9. I have a framed picture of Kelly and Katherine Bigelow on my desk at home for inspiration while I work. Thanks Kelly for all that you do – loved your book as well.

  10. Love the pictures of Tulea! YEA! She looks so pretty with her short “hair cut”! Winston looks absolutely adorable and lovable too! It’s nice to know he’s a rescue dog!

    Haven’t seen Kell on Earth nor am I familiar with Kelly Cutrone! She sounds interesting! I’ll have to learn more about her!

  11. The thought of Jane Fonda and Kelly Cutrone in the same room makes me melt with joy 🙂

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