It seems to have gone well. More applause than I expected after the numbers–richly deserved, I think. My cold is affecting me quite a bit and it showed once in my throat and I came in too early on one cue when I didn’t expect the applause but, what the heck. Everyone’s having a good time and liking the show. Christine Ebersole has the audience’s heart. I can feel it. She’s just that way. I tried to see Richard out there. He’s supposed to be sitting with Catherine Keener. I hope she made it. She was flying in tonight from california. Could see Annette and Joe Allen but that’s all amongst the dozen or more friends out there. I don’t want it to show that I’m looking out into the audience. Don’t think the narrator would do that but, then, I’ve never had this role before. I forgot to ask the director if the narrator has to remain neutral or can enjoy what’s happening but since this feels a little like a family history evening I’m throwing caution to the wind and enjoying it. More later. Xx

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  1. sounds like an amazing eve! wow grapes of wrath the opera! any chance it’ll be online at some point?



  2. Oh, I wish I had been there. I bet you were wonderful.

  3. Jane — My wife is a member of the Chorale and last night at Carneigie Hall was thrilling in all respects. I got a great kick out of your participation. I suspect for you this was a singular opportunity. A chance to revel in a great work of art, now in different mode, and share one of your father’s(many)great roles. I’ve been a fan of yours for years and it was a real pleasure to see you in action. Great stuff all-round.

    From one of your other blog entries, do I gather correctly that you’ve had knee and hip replacements? Go get ’em!

    Thanks for a fine contribution to last night’s great and powerful American saga: the Grapes of Wrath.

    Best to you, Henry Mueller

  4. What a breathtaking and inspiring night it was. You narrated so beautifully. I don’t think there was a dry eye in my section when you read the part about Rosasharn’s baby. The music combined with the story was overwhelming and gorgeous. I also hope this gets a New York production either at the Met or City Opera.

  5. Grapes of Wrath Opera, that must be great ,that is a family history. John Steinbeck would have liked that idea. There seem to be a Tom Joad in every city, truly a American view. Sometimes music is the way to tell a story or re-tell on.

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