Kathy Baley and Lea Journo getting me ready...note the time. I've been there since 3:45am

It takes a village...

In the chair waiting to go on for Good Morning America. That's Tulea in my lap. Waaay too early for her!

This what I saw from my seat while waiting to go on--the moving Good Morning American billboard banner on Times Square on the TV during a commercial

You see me on the monitor taking a photo of what I am looking at. The cameraman behind is taking a picture of me at the same time.

It was a looooong day! Up at 3am and finished with an interview for Extra at 6p.

In between the key players from my Jane Fonda Workout studio and videos came together in a studio to be filmed talking about the good ol’ days. We had some funny stories—and some not so fun memories. All of it was filmed for a documentary being made about the workout –then and now. We were close friends and it was so much fun spending a little time with them. All still in great shape.

Julie Lafond who ran my Workout business. We were the LaFonda partnership.

Jeanne Ernst, who was a great teacher and also part of management. She blazed the way on TV after Jack LaLanne began it with her husband, Bernie and Laurel Sparks, one of our top (and hottest!) Teachers at the workout

That's Jay Blahnik in blue. He came on in the late eighties to do choreography. We were all close friends and had so many fun times together.

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  1. some great photos, makes me feel good about what I have done with my workouts. Would love to see you get The View cast doing your workout, and see What Woppee Goldburg would do with it. History repeats or maybe just learns and gets better.

  2. Thank-you Jane,
    For that Agent information CAA , that is some building. I will do you good, thanks again sounds interesting.

  3. Jane,

    Thank you for sharing these pictures! You always look so classy! 🙂

  4. Wow. Fantastic. This blog has made my day. Great to see you all looking so fantastic. Plus you answered my question from yesterday about how they film a link up.

  5. love you jane from saudi arabia

  6. So fascinating getting a behind the scenes look – thanks. The room you were sitting in for the interview looked so luxurious on GMA, when in fact it was really quite ordinary. BTW did you popularise leg-warmers? I remember wearing leg warmers, but I didn’t know you started the trend? Happy life is so good for you! There is no doubt World Fitness Day will be a sensation!

    • Ballet dancers wear/wore leg warmers and I studied ballet for a long time so when I got into the workout I brought the keg warmers along.

  7. You were wonderful on GMA. I used to watch Jeanne’s TV show years ago! Oh, my, you gals look awesome, and I’m so-so. I’m excited for your DVD coming out!

  8. You looked and sounded fabulous on GMA. Good luck with World Fitness Day! Hugs to Tulea.

  9. …and you were coherent even at that early hour!!
    Great interview!

  10. You all still look fabulous!! I just may have to pull out Lean Routine today:)

  11. LOVE these behind-the-scenes photos! Also your blogger’s idea of going on The View with your exercises for the ladies to perform is great for many reasons plus the variety of ages from EH to BW fits. How about including an appearance on SNL too???

  12. Jane,

    I had a dream about a giant seminar about yoga and working out and you were there and Hillary Clinton was there and Tulea, too.
    It was such a great dream. Then two days later I see your post about World Fitness Day!!! I’m going to do my best to be there!

  13. Yes, you were very coherent given the early hour! Since I’d be half asleep and half anxious, was wondering if you get nervous just before you go on air. I realize you’ve been doing this sorta thing for a long time, but you are always so composed and articulate, so was wondering what you state of mind is just before you go “live”.

  14. I missed GMA when you were on, so I am very happy to see the pictures here. I have several of your earlier Workout tapes/DVDS Jane. My daughter who is 21 with autism knows you and your team and she will be delighted to see these photos as well. I have never found any other workout videos that can compare to yours, so if you are bringing out another DVD I will definitely be watching for it! You look great! Thank you for still being there for everyone of us!

  15. I love your work-out routine so much that I wrote about it a few months ago. I really prefer it to a lot of the new routines that I’ve seen out there.

  16. What does “Your comment is awaiting moderation” mean?

    • Don’t understand the question. I don’t recall saying this, Millie.

  17. 25 yrs ago I was trapped in an elevator in office building in NYC for 1-1/2 hrs with young woman who said she was working on one of your exercise videos. She had to get back to her desk by a precise time to call Calif. re: the video. Of course she missed the cut-off time and was sure she was fired. I hope she wasn’t; she seemed very dedicated.

  18. @Millie, “waiting moderation” means that a comment has to be made “live”.
    Right after is being posted, the poster is the only one that sees the post on the thread. Once the blog moderator reads it, and verifies that is not offensive ( doesn’t contain profanity or something such) then it’s “released” for general viewing.
    This is common practice for comments posted in every blog.

  19. Great pictures, Jane! It’s always fun to see “behind the scenes” pictures! These women did a wonderful job with your make up! You look lovely! So glad to see your friends from your video days! They look like a great group!:)

  20. Thanks for the ‘awaiting moderation’ for comments explanation sil.

  21. Jane, I am watching you on Larry King Live…You look awesome!! Whatever surgery you did, doesn”t matter, you look great, doesn’t even look like a surgery was done. I live in south Georgia and I have friends that know you in Atlanta. You are a great inspiration to me and to many women. Keep being yourself, I love you!

  22. Hey I say you on Larry King Live whats wrong with your eyes and eyes brows? Brows were not even eyes were shut. You did look younger but not happy. Back in the day I did your fitness viodoes and watch your movies

  23. Jane,
    Actually started doing your videos in the mid-90’s when I was a teenager and immediately became hooked. I have to echo the sentiment of others whom have stated that no other videos can compare to yours/still can’t find ones that match the caliber of your routines; I agree whole heartedly.
    **Reason for posting**: SOO, SO elated that you had pics of Laurel and Jeanne on your blog. I am/was (?) a huge fan of both and have been near death from curiosity over their whereabouts (after life as one of your instructors). I had been doing searches for them on the ‘net trying to find out, so thanks for the little update. Keep us posted on the release date of the workout documentary you mentioned.

    • I, too, was excited to see these photos of the old gang back together. I love your workouts – and still do them on a regular basis. I am looking forward to the new releases. So nice to see Jeanne and Laurel again! I just e-mailed Jay Blahnik a couple days ago to see if he had any new workouts planned.

  24. I felt a little nostalgic today and decided to do one of your low impact workouts from the late eighties. It was so much fun working out with you, Jeanne, and Laurel; back then and today. Your videos really stand the test of time.

    Thank you for posting these photos. You all look fantastic!

    • My dog, Tulea, has abort hair to minimize the hair balls. I brush her head, legs and tail every other day. My hairstylist taught me to use the end of a tail comb to untangle her knots when she has them.

  25. My mother did one of your work out videos every day the summer before she married my Dad. When I came home from college for Christmas break, we found some of her fitness videos and did the exercises together in our living room! The older I get, the more I appreciate physical fitness, and it was so nice for my mom and I to connect together through our fitness and her memories of getting ready for their wedding. Thank you so much for giving us that experience!

    P. S. Laurel still looks amazing! When I came back to college and started the elliptical again, I could hear Laurel saying “Be strong! Uh-huh!” Haha!

  26. Jane, where is the guy that was on the Step aerobic and ab workout video? (what’s his name?)

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