Celebrate the 1st Annual World Fitness Day – Workout with Jane Fonda and Celebrity Friends – Saturday, May 1st, 2010 @ The Georgia Dome

Jane Fonda and Friends to Launch World Fitness Day

Thousands join together in the Georgia Dome to promote the benefits of good health, one workout at a time

March 22, 2010 — Atlanta, GA. Grab your sweatbands and sneakers and get ready to show your stuff at the premier World Fitness Day, hosted by Jane Fonda, on Saturday, May 1st, in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome. Fonda, along with a who’s who from the physical fitness world – including Richard Simmons, Billy Blanks, Denise Austin, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta – will introduce the World Fitness Day initiative to the nation with a unique event. The celebrity trainers and entertainers will fuel the energy of the day as thousands of fitness enthusiasts participate in a group workout. The Pointer Sisters will pump up the crowd in the Dome with live renditions of some of their greatest hits, which have been the sound track to millions of work outs. The event, co-chaired by Stephanie and Arthur Blank and Ginny and Charles Brewer, will benefit the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (GCAPP.org/workout), which was founded by Fonda in 1995. The mission of World Fitness Day is to bring greater attention to the importance of self-empowerment, health and wellness throughout the life span.

Fonda and celebrity friends will band together to launch this premier occasion of fun and fitness. Commenting on the event, says Fonda, “young people who discover the benefits of regular physical exercise are more apt to protect their bodies, respect their bodies, and own their bodies.” Throughout the event, there will be numerous chances to learn about healthy living in the “Fitness Zone,” an area dedicated to vendors and sponsors who are eager to educate the public in effective ways to take charge of their health and fitness. In addition, participants will have the chance to mingle with professional athletes, local fitness trainers and other well known Atlantans.

World Fitness Day 2010 will begin with registration and check in at the Georgia Dome at 8:30 AM, followed by the fitness and health expo in the Fitness Zone. Dr. Sanjay Gupta will kick off the event at 10:00 AM with opening remarks. The work out will start immediately after, where each celebrity trainer will lead participants in Aerobic (Fonda, Simmons and Austin) and Tae Bo (Blanks) sessions. California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger will also deliver a video tribute to all participants. The event concludes at 11:00 AM. In an effort to include participants from around the world, World Fitness Day 2010 will stream live on UStream.tv. The brain child of Jane Fonda, World Fitness Day 2010 marks an annual initiative to highlight the importance of personal fitness and healthy, wholesome living. In a recent interview, Fonda said of World Fitness Day 2010, “Not only will it be a tremendous amount of fun and a spectacular celebration of good health, it is an amazing opportunity for Atlanta and Georgia to strengthen the mind, body and spirit of Georgia’s and the nation’s youth.” With its compelling message and a powerhouse punch of celebrity trainers, World Fitness Day 2010 is poised to be THE fitness event of the year. Given the chance to work out with a “who’s who” of celebrity fitness enthusiasts, space for participants will go fast. The nationwide launch begins March 22. Individual tickets for participants are $75. Visit www.gcapp.org/workout for all the event information, individual and group registration, and ticket purchases.

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  1. Wish I could be there – sounds like lots of fun and great energy – what a wonderful idea…..

    • Aw come on, sweet Karen. Get Ted to fly you in!!! Miss you. Love you.

  2. Hi Jane and Richard!
    Jane, I am wondering if you watch Bill O’Really at all. You were on there yesterday! heh heh
    Mr. Bill does a thing called pinhead or patriot… and you were the patriot! How about that?!? heh heh I only mention this in case you missed it and no one told you.
    I must admit I forget why you were chosen or who the pinhead was, but you were there nonetheless!
    I figure that no matter what or why you would like to hear that you are a patriot!! It makes me giggle, so I thank you for that and hope you are not offended.
    I will check back with more later perhaps…

    • I did hear about that. Good for Bill. It was because of launching World Fitness Day. Maybe I’ll invite him to exercise with me.

  3. California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger will also deliver a video tribute to all participants. He should be looking for a new job soon. THE fitness event of the year, that would be fun.

  4. Hi Jane,

    I notice that a lot of the events you organize and/or attend have very expensive ticket prices. I was just wondering why you participate in those events when it’s highly unlikely that young people can afford to go. Doesn’t it get tiring seeing the same people/same age group every time?


    • Fact is, I don’t keep seeing the same peope, same age group every time. That’s one reason why we are having World Fitness Day. Teams of students can come for a reduced fee. o to the GCAPP website to find out more.

  5. Go Jane Go! As always, the entrepreneur in you always finds the perfect combination of what the world needs both in terms of a product but also in terms of a cause. My admiration continues to grow. Have a fantastic inaugural fitness day! I wish you all the best.

  6. just saw you on gma…you look fabulous. My mom is 91…works out 30 minutes a day

  7. Hi Jane,
    I just saw you on GMA. That’s how I found out about World Fitness Day. I live in Roswell, and plan on attending now. I’m a NASM Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist. I train several seniors, and am so excited that you are focusing on the 50+ group in upcoming workout videos.

    I have clients who initially tell me all the things they can’t do until I show them they can, and that it doesn’t have to be intense.

    I’m 52 years old, and hope to still be exercising when I’m 100. 🙂


  8. Jane,

    I was wondering if you’re going to have any Zumba classes at World Fitness Day? It’s a latin inspired dance cardio class but is truely representative of dance moves from all over the world. I’m a Zumba instructor and would love to see Zumba at Fitness Day:):) It’s a BLAST!!

    Mariennis Flowers

  9. Jane, I am a retired Delta Flight Attendant and
    applaud your latest effort for women in my age group. Think I still have several pair of the
    “leg warmers” and would proudly wear them again!!
    I am a much healthier person due to a lifetime of
    working out and you certainly were “with me in the
    beginning.” Yet – at this state … need your
    inspiration again and listening to you today on ABC got my “attention.” I would like to be there in Atlanta (HOME OF MY AIRLINE) to share the “moment” … Inaugural Fitness Day. You look

  10. I soo wish I lived in ATL. Everything happens there. Wishing you tons of participants. Heck, Richard Simmons there would be all I need. I love him.

  11. Hi Jane,

    Saw you this morning on Good Morning America. Firstly, you look fabulous and I love the hair!
    I was thrilled to hear that you are starting a movement for people that are older. I turn 60 this year. I’ve enjoyed aerobic classes through the years, but now have some limitations due to a herniated disc. I recently visited a new woman gym and inquired on fitness classes for woman over 50. I was told that they did not offer classes for senior citizens at this time, but that I could try a regular class and work at my own pace! I know I look 50 and was not impressed with the response. I take my daily walk, but I so miss being part of a class. I recently retired from my 9 to 5 job and moved to a new city, so lots of changes. I’ve tried working at my own pace in the past, but my mind wants to workout one way and my body another….
    I’m in Eastern Canada so I won’t be in Atlanta but I will be watching. I think there is a defnite need out there.
    Good luck with this new venture,

  12. Jane: This is an awesome idea and you are the right voice at the right time! Your abilities to identify a need and lead the way continue to inspire … keep up the good work.

  13. Could you tell me who is your hairdresser here in Atlanta and also who was you plastic surgeon. I’m 68 and need a new look so bad.

    Nancy Prescott

    • Hair gets cut here in L.A. by Matthew Shields at the Sally Hershberger salon. The plastic surgeon is Dr Hutcherson in Beverly Hills

  14. You might want to invite the 1st Lady to make an appearance, being that fitness is one of he main issues.
    Her attendance would be great for the cause!!!

  15. Hello Jane,

    I work with Foot Solutions.. one of the vendors who will be in the Fitness Zone during the event. We have a great product called Balance Walking Poles that can help people get in shape in just 15 minutes a day by burning almost 50 percent more calories than regular walking. Perfect for time-crunched people who still want to get in shape! Is there any way you can demonstrate some of these products during the show? Please stop by our booth. We would love to show you how they work because they are lightweight, great for any age and effective! Thanks Jane… Good luck with your debut event!

    • Sounds great, Julie, I’ll be sure to stop by. Thanks for being a part of it. xx jane

  16. How much are the tickets toworld health day in atl….- thought it was free


  17. I will definitely be there on Saturday. Lucky for me my company will be sponsoring my ticket 🙂 I’m really excited!!

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