Carnegie Hall

I am sitting in my dressing room about to go on stage at Carnegie Hall, narrating the concert opera of “Grapes of Wrath.” I am so excited bevause it’s such a powerful show with so much talent. Everyone has been so nice. For everyone, performing at Carnegie Hall is a life’s dream. I love this show. I hope one day the full opera can be done in New York as it was in Minnesota. I have loved getting to know Christine Ebersole. She is lit from within, basks in a golden glow–like marilyn monroe used to, but Christine is grounded and solid (and deeply talented to boot!) I can hear the musicians warming up. The stage manager just called 15 minutes. Feels like being on Broadway last year. I have missed it. I can hear the audience coming in. I will go down now to prepare and will blog at intermission about how the first act went.

See you then. X

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  1. Both my brothers were named after charchters from The Grapes Of Wrath

  2. Dear Jane,

    I am a long-time member of the Collegiate Chorale and and a member of its Governing Committee. Thank you so much for your great performance with us last night as narrator for “Grapes of Wrath” at Carnegie Hall. I wanted to thank you in person either at rehearsals or at the concert, but never found the right time to approach you.

    I could tell you were enjoying being a part of this show and the fabulous soloists as much as we were. I’m sure it must have been a sentimental journey for you, too, because of your dad’s role in the movie.

    Thanks again for your wonderful contribution to this performance. You also should be heading back to Broadway when you can–your performance in “33 Variations” was splendid! Hope to see you there again soon.

    Best Wishes,


  3. I love it when you write to us when you are back stage before a performance! It gives us a completely different perspective of the world of the theater and/or a performance! So sorry you’re not feeling well! A cup of tea and lemon juice might help a lot! Christine Ebersole seems to have a bubbly personality whenever I’ve seen her on talk shows. I know what you mean when you say some people have a “light” from within. It’s a gift, I guess. Loved reading about Marilyn Monroe in your book. You give such interesting details about meeting her and others! Thank you! Thank you! It’s such a well written book…”My Life So Far”! Take care of yourself!

  4. Performing at Carnegie Hall is indeed the fulfillment of lifelong dreams. I know because I had the honor of performing on that stage with the Stockton Concert Band on March 28, 2007, and will do so again on April 20, 2010! This time I will be playing both flute and piano. Pinch me! I thought once in my life was an unbelievable experience, but twice? And this time, I am happy to say that my two sons will be in the audience. My oldest will have seen his mother argue a very high-profile case before the Cal. Supreme Court and perform at Carnegie. We’re going to have a BLAST and make memories that will hopefully stay with them long after I’m gone. I wish I could have been in NYC for your Grapes of Wrath performance — I would have loved to have experienced it. Congratulations on its success!!

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