People really liked it. I liked doing it. I LOVED doing it. It was an honor. A small group gathered in the dressing room and then more gathered at the post party. I’m too tired to write more and still sick so—to bed, perchance to dream but at least we go to sleep with millions more Americans having health care insurance. Whew! THAT was at least an important step away from the core of “Grapes of Wrath” when greed ran rampant and children starved to death in fertile orchards of California.

the projections of depression era photos on the wall above the stage

me with Nathan Gunn who played Tom Joad.

American Orchestra and a projection

looking out into the Carnegie Hall audience (sans people)

with Christine Ebersole

HIlton Als and friends with me and Nat Bickford.

Hilton Als, and friends along with my in-laws, Boswell and Dee Bent, Nat Bickford in the background and Patti Bosworth next to me

the 'actors' doctor, Dr Barry Cohen

... with Roger Friedman

Conductor Ted Sperling and David Hyde Pierce

Elizabeth Futral, Alex Schwartz, behind Alex is Christine Ebersole, Victoria Clark, Nathan Gunn, Matthew Worth, me, Ricky Ian Gordon (composer), Sean Panikkar, Stephen Powell, Andrew Wilkowske

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  1. I can tell that jsst fromt e look on there faces ,it was a special night. Hope you get some rest and will be feeling better. Than again that is your life so far, or so far as that event.
    I been spending some time in the University Library ,were I work as a 24 year old undergraduate student , now 60 years old interesting to do research in the area I worked in which was the Fine Arts are of the Library. I happen to be reading your book,(My Life So Far) I can read books if I use two pair of glasses. I sure have found a like person , your comment about you feeling, how you grew up are just my feeling about my Father and my early life , was a real strange thing .That numbness in life , can pass , that is good news.

    keep well Jane

  2. Congratulations on the Smash at Carnegie Hall! Wonderful photos you shared…Thank You…and yes, just as you wrote, the light Christine Ebersole emanates comes through photos here! (Love that the highlights are back too…looks more like you!) Re the Facebook email notice I received…would love to follow you there but don’t like the weirdos at that site…unlike here…this feels ‘safer’!

  3. P.S. You sure don’t look ill. Stay hydrated please and get well once again. xx

  4. The hair is perfect with the highlights…the “work” really WORKS! You won’t remember this but you appeared in Scottdale AZ way back in the 70’s and gave a tremendous speech at the Community college there. You were treated with such disrespect and subjected to such ill manners from the audience that my friend and I were shocked and embarrassed to be in attendance. I wanted to say then and I’ve thought many times about the fact that there were many “controversial” speakers that year…Daniel Barrigan, Nicholas von Hoffman, Gore Vidal, Dr. Spock, Daniel Ellsburg, and not one was treated with anything but civility and courtesy..not one..except the only female to appear and that was you…you had the microphone grabbed by a Hungarian Freedom Fighter, whose message I have yet to figure out and were bombarded with insults….well, come to think of it, kind of like what a couple of our elected officials were subjected to last week at the Capital before the Health Care reform Bill. It’s long in coming but please accept my apology for not completely losing it and verbally kicking some ass that night. By the way, they were all males(note I not say Gentlemen) and YOU remained a lady. You were wearing a great poncho and looked terrific

  5. I loved working with you in The Grapes of Wrath. It was such a powerful and moving production.

    I just wanted to let you know that I am watching a copy of the original movie of The Grapes of Wrath. I am really enjoying it, especially watching, your father, Tom Joad. This movie has even more meaning to me now.

    I hope you feel better.


  6. Jane,

    Thanks for these photos. You’re looking better than ever! So rested and happy and the new highlights were a great choice. Love keeping up with your goings-on via your blog.

    Best wishes from South Georgia,

  7. Jane you look fabulous in all of your photos. I have been enjoying your blog and following all of your inspiring adventures. There are not many heros in the world but you will always be one of mine. You rock!

  8. WOW! Jane, I always read your blog and don’t usually comment…but, you look fabulous in these pictures. Your hair and makeup looked so beautiful. And you looked so very happy, as well. Love you!

  9. one more time,nice post, it’s fine, that the grape of wrath was a huge success!and happy that the heaithcare insurance has finally beenapproved! a big step!stay as you are ,a smiling sunshine, life greedy and always getting forward for the best!frederique dhenein

  10. I’m so happy this was such a success, Jane! It would have been such fun to be there! The pictures are great! Thanks for sharing so much with us!

  11. My wife Mary and I were in the audience at Carnegie Hall Monday night and loved your performance as narrator–very fitting also! I imaging it was no easy task, feeling the way you did that evening, so congratulations for pulling it off while others may have cancelled.

    I took a photo of you and a friend at the reception and hope it turned out–it took me two tries!

    Andrew Wilkowske is my son and sang the role of Noah in the production. We were very proud of his performance and were ‘glowing’ in the sustained applause after his aria. What a glorious night!

    Thank you so much for this, and hope you are feeling much better.


  12. Great pics, Jane, glad that it was a success. One of my favourite movies and books. And to think that Steinbeck had it rejected a few times before it was published! It is on the HSC list here in Australia (final exams at High School)and it is studied in Universities and Colleges here too in American Literature, where I studied it! Always a popular book and movie in our library. Proud moment for you and a special night, I suspect.

  13. Glad you had a good time. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never watched Grapes of Wrath. Will have to see if I can rent it over here.
    You look great, btw. Glad you put a bit of blonde back in your hair. Sensational. Loved the word ‘helmety’ you used the other day. Laughed out loud at that.
    Take care

  14. Just saw you on “Good Morning America,” and couldn’t agree more strongly with your comments about fitness and aging. I will be 67 this summer and maintain an active lifestyle. I have a sideline career as a “senior commercial model,” and I think that the small bit of success that I have enjoyed in this field is due to my appearance of fitness and good health.

    I travel a great deal and for years carried an audiotape of your “Workout” video along with leg and arm weights that I would sling around in a gym bag through airports. I don’t do that anymore, but occasionally will bring out the video just to see if I can still keep up. Funny how YOU never age on that video…I am seriously considering a trip to Georgia to be part of World Fitness Day.

    The new hairdo looks great on you–the highlights are an improvement.

  15. Just saw you on GMA!!! Fabulous! I am Fit and over Fifty!!!! A litle bit about myself. I am completed my PhD in Psychology at Pepperdine University. But, I am saving the best for last. I am a certfied Personal Trainer and Spinning Instructor at The Sports Club/ LA. I believe being Fifty and Fit is the ONLY way to live!!! My spinning classes are high energy, fun and focus on Having anyone from Lance Armstrong to the beginning spinner in class!!!!! I would love to participate in your World Fitness Day!!!

  16. I was so happy to see you on Good Morning America this morning while drinking my first cup of coffee in bed (such is the life of a retired baby boomer). You looked kind of shy, but really gorgeous!

  17. hi jane,

    i’m a gay man living with aids in san francisco, and i blog at http://mpetrelis.blogspot.com/ , and only recently found your blog, which i very much enjoy reading. please check out my blog when you can.

    as a progressive political activist who has long admired your radicalism, and ability to admit mistakes and learn from the past, i’m so glad to see you sharing more of your life on the web. also a big fan of your film work too. the pics in your posts are great.

    the ‘grapes’ concert is something i’m sorry i missed. as a reader, i first came to the story through the steinbeck book as a teenager, and then i saw the john ford movie starring your father. of course, i watch the movie every time it’s on TCM.

    any chance you can share a snippet or two or three on youtube, from the concert, for those of us who want to see and listen to the latest incarnation of the great ‘grapes’ story?

    i’m sure there were a few cameras taping the concert, and many of us would appreciate seeing or hearing _anything_ from the night at carnegie hall.

    give me some ‘grapes’ on youtube, please! keep up the blogging too.

    take care,

  18. A great picture of you and Nathan. We enjoyed the production, especially because the cast also included not only you but Madelyn, Nathan’s daughter (our grand daughter!)

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