Night before last Richard and I had some friends (and family) over for dinner and to listen to some music. I loved seeing Rosanna again. She and I used to hang back in the late 70s and 80s and I was in her documentary, “Searching for Debra Winger”.

Parky DeVogelaere, My bro Peter and Rosanna Arquette

Singer/actor, Olivia d'Abo, her husband, music producer and pianist, Patrick Leonard, actor/director Rosanna Arquette, me, Peter, Parky and Richard

Songwriter supreme, Diane Warren with friends

Trying to be funny on their laps

Diane, me, Rosanna

Then, I just got back from a full day’s work doing the two exercise programs I am developing with a wonderful group of boomers and seniors who volunteered to be my guinea pigs. We all had a really good time and I learned a lot from them about what works, what needs tweeking, etc. They were a wonderful group, randomly picked to come into Darren Capik’s studio. ET and People Magazine stopped by to watch and film and I was interviewed and I am wiped!!! I think I’ll go take a hot Epsom Salts bath before we go out to dinner.

me talking with producer/director Darren Capik

torso twists

Using the band

doing wall squats

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  1. Ralph had fun today. A friend from Leeza’s place told us about the taping and thought he would be a good fit. He had a great time.

    You are helping to inspire the audience I love.

  2. Glad to see the bands!! My therapist used them for strengthening arms using door knob for stretching back and forth. Looking forward to your ideas.

  3. Hello, Jane, I just discovered your blog through Twitter and wanted to say “hello.” You look GREAT!

  4. I can’t wait to see this workout! I know it will sell out in weeks! I myself do strength training, but my mom is 56 and is very excited to do it.

  5. my god! always something on ,on this blog! exhausting! as whe can see on your workouts pictures you’re as fit as a fiddle! great! by the way Rosanna Arquette is an actres i do appreciate! fine to see her on those shots! frederique dhenein

  6. J–
    I love that you are friends with Rosanna! I was just re-watching old L Word episodes and I love her in them. Really wish you would have gotten a chance to guest-star! You would have been some awesome older power lesbian who has her pick of all the young LA girls. Eve Ensler did a guest spot on an episode too!

    Michael Ryan

  7. I’ve always related to you my birthday is Dec 22, 1947 10 years younger, started my own aerobic dance program after attending classes at your Beverly Hills Studio and really need to get back in the groove – whos your plastic surgeon??

  8. What a wonderful looking get together, reminds me of loving times with my family! Here’s an ecard I made, please remember to turn up the sound and Enjoy!

  9. This is going to be so cool, can’t wait for the finished product! I used to exercise to your video in my tiny NYC apartment in the 80s. Now I’m close to 60 & can’t do 3/4 of what I used to do because of thyroid and other diseases. Can’t fast walk, can’t do any heavy exertion…Then broke my ankle last summer & now my body feels 90. Can do a little bit of water aerobics but need something more. Hurry up, okay?

  10. You are my inspiration !!

  11. Looking fabulous!

  12. I love your photos, Jane!!! It’s so fun that you get all these famous people (like Diane Warren and Rosanna Arquette) to pose with you and then post it for us to see. I Luv It!!! You look absolutely fabulous in your work out photos too. There is just no way I can believe you are 72 years old!!! My God you are the best looking 72 year old I’ve ever seen!!! I just read your article “Show Me the Women in Hollywood” over at Huffington Post, very good.

  13. Jane,

    Thank you for posting such great blogs! I have enjoyed reading them! This blog brought back memories of when I was a little kid. I used to sit and watch my aunt do your workout videos. She did them every single night. Thanks for bringing back the good memories! Thanks again Jane, God bless! 🙂

  14. Just discovered this blog and loove it! I used to do your DVD’s when I was 7 years old with my mom so I’ve loved you forever! So happy to see the positive vibes you put out there!
    I love all the photo’s. That choker is amazing on you!
    I met Rosanna at my sister’s concert with Dave Stewart at the Conga Room last year and she seems very kind.
    Hope you and yours have the most fabulous and productive and fulfilling weekend. XO

  15. Jane,
    You look absolutely fabulous! I love so much that you are creating another workout video. I too followed your videos in the 70s and look forward to your new ones.
    I also want to tell you that my first cousin, Mignon McCarthy, who helped you write a book always speaks sooooo highly of you.
    Congrats again!
    Regards, Sheila

  16. Jane, I’m so glad you’re doing this. My sister and I used to work out with you all the time. I need to get back into my routine. You’re my inspiration. Thank you!

  17. Jane, love the fitness program you’re working on for boomers and seniors. I laughed when you said “I’m wiped”. Perhaps we can sponsor the program with Action Wipes (, then you can really get “wiped” 😉 Action Wipes are all natural wet wipe for when you can’t shower. Let me know if we can work together.

  18. Hi Jane, You are so inspirational. You look just
    great. I am on this other side of 70. I have recently have retired somewhat. I have put on about 20 lbs. Need some advice on what to do. I need to get motivated on exercising again. I use to walk a lot. Haven’t done much of that lately. Would like some advice. Love Ya, You are great.

    • YOU’ll have to wait till next spring for my book to come out, then you’ll get all my advice. too long to do here and I am on the book deadline

  19. I know this is very random, but I just had to tell you that those are the most awesome striped pants ever! I don’t believe that I have ever seen another pair like them.

    • From a store called Chacabraca in San Francisco. $75!!! Ruffles and come in many colors.

      • Thank You! I will have to find me a pair for sure.

  20. Looks like from the workout photos that your “new knee” has indeed been better than the 80% predicted success. Did you get the knee that has been designed specifically for women?
    And how has it been??

    thanks for all your sharing!

    • No, my new knee is gender neutral and is working fine. Still, I am more aware of it than I am of my replaced hip. I guess because the knee joint is more complex.

  21. Jane I got 3 biographies of yours written by different people.It appears from the words in print that literally you used entire space of your life in doing one thing or the other.Not only that and the things attended by you left indelible marks on pyche of people world over.

  22. I enjoyed seeing the pics of you with your friends! Loved the pic of you lying on your friends’ laps! So glad to see you being funny/silly!:) It’s nice to know you can be like that! I thought those striped pants were so neat and unique!

    The pictures of you working with the other ladies in the studio were neat! I bet they give you a lot of good input! I know it’s hard work, but the results in the end will be great!

    I read the article by you in The Huffington Post! It was very good!! Yea!! Jane!!!

    P.S. So happy to see Miss Tulea in a couple of these photos! She is one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen!:)

  23. Dear Jane,

    Today, I saw your new image on the Wendy Williams Show and you look great! I was happy to see it because it reminded me to look you up on the Internet, since I have been wondering if you have any of your exercise videos on DVD.

    I am 71 years young and have almost all of your previous exercise tapes, but no longer have a VCR to play them on. I wish you had them re-recorded on DVD and always look to see if I can find any in stores, but can never find one. I’m happy that you are now making a new exercise routine for seniors, and look forward to getting it, but still wish I could get the older ones too.

    I have occasionally purchased DVD exercise routines by others but none of them campare to yours.

    Dana McKay

    • Dear Dana, my videos will be coming out on dvd and i am making 2 new ones for boomers and folks like you and me but they won’t be till early next year. Stay tuned. xx Jane

  24. Jane I found your blog last year right after you had your knee replaced. I also had my first knee replacement a few weeks after yours. On February 24, 2010, I had my second knee replaced. So far, I have had good results with both surgeries. I started doing water fitness and this has really helped my first replacement and I am anxious to get back to the fitness class and get stronger!

    I am looking forward to your upcoming DVD collection, especially in light of the fact that you have had your knee replaced. This will inspire me to review the program and hopefully add some new routines that will aid in my overall fitness improvements. Losing weight has become so difficult as I have gotten older, the metobolism is like shutdown! I hope you will include some diet advice for the boomer age group that would addres these types of issues as well.

    By the way, you look marvelous and appear to be enjoying your life. 🙂

  25. You look amazing in these pics…I love those white pants with the black stripes too!

  26. Many thanks to you, Ms. Fonda, for all your work in film and television, health and fitness, and politics. Am usually late to pop culture, and have just begun watching Grace & Frankie – – what fun, and so well done! This 63-year-old is very much out of shape and looking forward to getting your newest fitness tapes, having missed out on the first round of your fitness programs. Grateful also for your memoir – – many thanks again for making our society a better place.

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