Samantha Mathis, who played my daughter in last year’s Broadway play, “33 Variations”, and her friend, producer Sandy Stern, came to dinner with Richard and me at the Chateau Marmont. Rosanna Arquette, her date, Todd Morgan, stopped by before we all went on to a party honoring Oscar nominated director (Hurt Locker), Kathryn Bigelow. Some of the crew of “Precious” stopped our table by as well: director Lee Daniels and Lenny Kravitz.

Producer Sandy Stern, Samantha Mathis, Rosanna Arquette, Lenny Kravitz, Richard, Lee Daniels director of "Precious", and Todd Morgan

with Kathryn Bigelow. That's my friend, Forest WhItaker, behind us

me with Rosanna and "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke

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  1. Hello everyone!

  2. I did see the Hurt Locker very early on an the realness of the film was a real surprize . I met Forest WhItaker years ago ,a real person also, a LA guy . Sounds like your on the Red walkway early, good year for the Oscar.
    Thanks Jane for the rundown.

  3. I must say I am surprised you know so many great people in Hollywood today and there are so many movies you can make with them all. I must apologize for my previous movie suggestions, I gush everytime you have responded to me. It is a real OMG moment.

  4. You certainly go out a lot. It’s almost a job in itself and probably exhausting. Maybe you have a rule, like the Queen, whose parties always end at 10.30 p.m. so she can get to bed early. 🙂

    The DVD looks like it’s going to be great.
    Are the old Workout tapes going to be put on DVD? Would be great because I think the New Workout is still the best workout!
    All the best from Germany

  5. Just discovered your blog and am thrilled to be a new follower!

  6. Dear Jane,
    Just had to tell you that you look better than ever…simply radiant and fresh. Gorgeous!
    Thank you for being a lifelong inspiration to me. 🙂
    With much love,

  7. Jane,

    It looks like you had a fantastic time! Thank you for sharing these pictures with all of us! Your looking great too! 🙂

  8. Jane, you and your friends have the most glamourous lives! Fun for the rest of us to see! And LOVE your choker.

  9. Great pix…your hair looks fab, Jane…sooooo cute!

  10. Awesome photos!! Looks like you were having a great time!!

  11. oh! your story is great. I and my friends also often held the party like that. It’s glad for me to talk to you.

  12. Love your new haircut!

  13. Jane,I hope u r doing fine.I have got one suggestion for you to ponder over,it is regarding some genuine stuff based on real life.It is regarding the people how bravely they face the odds of living which are unsurmountable,yet fight with undying spirit.I wish you visit Mumbai (Bombay),India to see with your own eyes which may trigger in you a genuine urge to make a realistic film on this subject.If you wish ,may write email to me for further details.

    • I have been to Mumbai, visited the enormous slums, a shelter inside the slum where battered women take shelter. Eve Ensler, Marisa Tomei and I performed “The Vagina Monologues” as a benefit for that shelter.

      • Jane,that is great gesture.I missed that perhaps I may not be in Bombay now Mumabi when u visited.I would have met you and we would have discussed lot about human destiny of which we are part.I am glad that you promptly replied though you are too busy with many activities.I sometime feel to visit US and meet you and other notables who do constructive work for humanity.Sometime I feel so called our culture is still tribal thought outwardly may look as progressive seeing advancement in technology,science and educatinal area but but basic human nature still suffers from hate,fear,anger and violence.In this area there is no progress we are what we have been ages before.This is irony.

  14. Chateau Marmont looks terrific. I’ve visited L.A. several times, but have never been there. It is now on my list.
    How is the writing going in L.A? Is it easier to write in L.A. than compared to NYC? NYC misses you. It was great when you were here last year in 33 Variations. Which city do you prefer – L.A. or NYC? Take care, B.

  15. Parties are meant for unwinding and Jane knows this very well.And when all celebrities get togather it is more fun.

  16. Jane,
    I’ve seen the “Hurt Locker” several times! I liked it better each time I watched it! I think it is so well done and very moving! I’ve seen some of the other movies nominated for an Oscar this year, but the “Hurt Locker” is still my favorite! It really makes you think about what our soldiers are dealing with on a daily basis! I’m so impressed with Kathryn Bigelow as a director! I hope the movie wins Best Picture this year, and I hope she wins Best Director! Thank you for sharing these great pictures! Looks like everyone is having a great time:)

  17. Lee Daniels is one of the best directors around.
    When I saw his film Shadowboxer with Helen Mirren and Monique, I was floored. This guy is a genius.

  18. God Blessed talented & intelligent artists>great pics/thanks for sharing in on some joy>certainly could use more joy & love in life!!!

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