Here are some good pictures of the luncheon yesterday for Eve’s global organization: V-Day: Until The Violence Stops. Eve has written a new play (well, it’s in its third printing as a book after only one week!!!) but will soon be her new play. It’s about girls. I so love what she has written. I so love what this will do for girls…for girls everywhere in the world. Girls rule and that ain’t just rhetoric. It was so much fun and so inspiring to hear Charlize Theron speak of her experiences in eastern Congo where she went after hearing Eve speak; Rosario is a force of nature, Eve made me cry. And I was so happy to see Maria Shriver there as well as so many of our incredible board members. I brought some of my new friends who haven’t been exposed to V-Day’s work and they have all thanked me. It was a good day.

me and Eve Ensler

Eva Haller, Richard, me and Eve

me, Gabby Sidibe the star of "Precious", Rosario Dawson, Eve Ensler, First Lady Maria Shriver, Charlize Theron

Charlize, Eve, Rosario and me with some of the amazing young women who performed monologues from Eve's new play, "I Am An Emotional Creature."

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  1. I most definitely need to read this play b/c I am the ultimate emotional creature and get shit from people about it all the time.
    “People saying no no no you’re too sensitive to live your life on the surface but you’re far too naive for the underground ” – Laura Smith “Two Steps” lyrics

  2. Girls are Creature Emotional Ones, at times.
    Nice set of women, and nice new short hair style Jane , very French. I have been keeping track of a few ,Charlize is very interesting person, like what she is doing with her life taking charge of it. I am a big on Maria Shriver, when you put the German and Irish gens together, you get a very hard working news women and social activist.
    nice update, I did tell you we are related on your mothers side, interesting some Irish in there some place, even Meryl Streep seem to be looking into here Irish past.

  3. I was lucky enough to see Eve Ensler in ‘The Good Body’ when I was in Toronto, Ontario, a few years ago. She is a phenomenal playwright.

  4. Love love love the short hair!

    PS – Watched Julia the other night. Lillian on the train to Berlin always keeps me on the edge of my seat. Brilliant.

  5. not a very original com from my part, just coming here to thank you for the sharing! frederique dhenein

  6. I just saw “The Vagina Monologues” for the first time yesterday. Eve Ensler is a GODDESS! Correction: she is a BRILLIANT GODDESS! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on her – did you talk her into writing a blog yet? I would love to hear on a daily basis “The World According to Eve.”

  7. Looking forward to reading Eve Ensler’s latest work and will tell my daughter and two granddaughters about it. Almost didn’t recognize you in the photos or was it the sunglasses indoors?…anyway, you look more rested. Hope all is going well.
    Thanks for the update.

  8. Jane
    I used to love your movies until I saw how deadly your political views were and are. Whatever happened to your “conversion” to Christ. He still loves us in spite of our pathetic sinfulness. You’re getting old Jane. Time to think of eternity. Read your Bible and ask God to guide you. Getting behind a society-poisoning person like Eve Ensler is not good for your mind or your soul. Your movies aren’t good anymore. Mother-in-Law was very unfunny and crass. Is this what you want your Golden Years to be about? God have mercy on your soul!

    • Actually, MIke, sounds like your own life could use a little self-examination. Who are you to judge from a far? The fact that you say what you say about Eve Ensler is proof that you do not have an open, loving heart. I choose to believe this comes from ignorance rather than viciousness. I feel guided by God every day. I feel that Jesus would think I am doing my best to live a responsible life. I believe God sees this in Eve ensler, a brave woman who chose not to be a victim but, instead, to turn her terrible pain and the destructive things she has had to face into a movement to end violence against women, If you do not understand this it is your loss. I feel for you.

  9. I feel like I am the only guy I know who wants to read The Vagina Monologues for thespian and feminist’s sake. It’s such a liberating play.

    • Actually, Tim C. I know many men who adore the Vagina Monologues. Eve calls them “Vagina friendly men,” and many of them are gay which makes no difference….it’s about whether or not we are able and willing to see each other as whole human beings deserving of respect for all parts of ourselves, inward and outward. xxx

      • Someone once said “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.” I agree with that wholeheartedly. People cannot seem to wrap their heads around the idea that men can be feminist.

  10. Jane, I have admired and respected you for years.
    Thank you for all you do for women!

    You have made so many contributions to society, you have treated the world well and I know will continue to for years to come!

    And you do look well rested, maybe it was the glasses, but at first I didn’t recognize you either!

  11. Bravo Jane, for your reply to Mike. You are amazingly kind, in the face of someone on the attack. Rare. I appreciate that.

  12. I still say it and I’ll keep on saying…I’m 35 yrs old and I want to be like Jane Fonda when I grow up..haha!!. God bless you!!.

  13. Jane –

    A friend of mine sent me this TED Talks video clip of Eve speaking about her latest work. I was blown away by her passion, intelligence and brilliance especially as it pertained to the poem she wrote and read at the end of her speech. I was deeply moved by all many girls she spoke of and how they have and continue to change lives. Here is the link if you would like to share it with others on your blog.


    Jane – for all you do for the betterment of others, the two words do not seem adequate, and yet I say them with complete sincerity, Thank You!

    Wishing you and yours much happiness.



  14. Jane, I had the joy of attending the reading of “I Am An Emotional Creature” at The Urban Zen Center in NYC and was, as always moved by the power and poignancy of Eve’s words.
    I,too was moved to tears. Thank you as well for modeling the non-judgemental
    yet staid expressions that reflect your truely Christian
    Spirit in the face of unenlightened criticism. Warmly, lexi

  15. Hi, is this really Jane Fonda reading this? =) It probably isn’t but I have nothing to lose by writing here so…

    I came across your website from a link on Huffington Post. I saw this blog entry and was very interested in the non-profit group you just wrote about, VDAY.

    I work for a couple who completed their first feature, which explores the crimes against women and children in a polygamous cult. Considering how brutal the market is now, especially for independent films, we are really thrilled that it recently got picked up by a MAJOR studio. The film will open theatrically in Houston in a couple months.

    We already have a major non-profit organization we are working on a fundraiser with. However, we think it would have a much more powerful presence if a celebrity of your stature could get involved, or even refer us to someone or another organization that may be interested in getting involved.

    I really shouldn’t be writing like this without their consent, but just thought “what the hell, why not”. They were really brave and courageous to take on such an unbelievably tough topic and passionately pursuing it til the end to bring more awareness on the subject, and I just wanted to put in my 2 cents and try to help them even more.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Best Regards,

  16. I listened to Eve Ensler on Free Speech Radio out of Berkeley today. She brought me to me knees with sorrow and anger about what happens to women, girls, children, in the Congo…the genocide no one talks about…and around the world. I am grateful to every woman who speaks out and to every man who speaks out…we all need to get louder. Women and children are considered collateral damage everywhere. It boggles the mind that there is still so much silence. It boggles the mind the horrors humans are willing to visit upon each other.

  17. Hi Jane,

    Thanks for letting us know about Eve’s new book. I am Richard’s (favorite 🙂 niece. I’ll have to call and ask what he thought of Eve and her play. I took my husband and a good male friend to see Vagina Monologues several years ago so yes there are men who like Eve’s work. I’ve been hearing wonderful things about you from Richard and his mother. The more of your blogs I read, the more impressed I am with you on all levels. I wish you and Richard the best.
    Ki (in Boston)

  18. Hi,

    Jane, I love all you touch !

    Big kiss


    PS- I have a feminist french blog :
    You can translate vith a widget on my blog!!!
    I write 2 novels : ” le Père Ver” et ” Tingy-Tanàna le Village des Vagins”. I am writing the third ! I paint…féminist pictures too( Hihihi!)

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