Denise Austin, Katrina Hodgson and me

I met Denise Austin yesterday. She is a real dynamo, overflowing with positive energy and generosity. She will join the roster of fitness celebrities that will be coming together to make May 1st a memorable event. I can’t yet go into detail about what it will be but stay tuned. Katrina Hodgson is a young fitness expert with more degrees and credentials to her name than most 80 year old physiologists. She also has an online exercise program. She is working with me on my new dvds. Funny, she even looks like she could be part of the Fonda clan. I have first cousins who could be her sister.

Next week we’re getting together with a group of seniors to go through the program with them to be sure they feel comfortable doing it, like it and would want to do it over and over. I gotta have their input. In the old days I had my own JF Workout studio as a laboratory to try things out. Now I have to create the lab. This is how I learn what works and what doesn’t. I’m so excited to be at this again after twenty years.

And now finally, I have the rest of the day to write my book. Days like this are  a real treat. Ain’t I lucky?

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  1. Jane you look great! You are an inspiration. Hope I am in at least half the shape you are when I hit my 3rd act. Can’t wait for your new exercise dvd — gonna give it to my mom who use to have me do your old school work out with her when I was a kid back in the day!

  2. For your next book (after this upcoming one), I would love if you would write about living your best life when suffering from autoimmune diseases…which are in epidemic proportions now. It may not be something that affects you personally, but I bet many of your friends and colleagues do suffer. You would have a lot to draw from and I bet the book would be as culture changing as your fitness videos in the 80s and 90s were. I bet you could pen a blockbuster on the lives of those with autoimmune diseases: eating, fitness, careers, environment…so many areas affected.

    BTW, you really remind me of my Mother on these photos. She has beautiful eyes like you too.

  3. I’m glad you guys are working together my mom was a big fan of yours I remember trying to imitate u in your videos when I was younger. I also own a couple denise austin dvds I really love the energy she projects and inspires me to keep working out. This project will benefit a lot of people and maybe I can get my mom into being fit with it. Good luck in your venture and welcome back I definitely will be getting the book also.

  4. Wow! Stunning pictures. If those photos aren’t proof of the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle…!

    Years ago in one of your books there were two photographs, one of this lady yawning behind her office desk and another one of you in the workout studio. I think it said something to the effect ‘which would you rather be?’ or something like that. Well, those two images have stayed with me for years and whenever I can’t be bothered to exercise I just think of that and I’m motivated immediately. Strange, huh? The power of images. However, I do often think of that poor woman who was sort of labelled as ‘the lazy one’ ha, ha. I wonder whatever happened to her??

    Take care

  5. Seeing Denise gave me an idea! How about putting your workout on TV for those with no dvd machines. Think of the millions you could reach and help!

  6. so we stay stunned! so many good things on your agenda Jane!frederique dhenein

  7. “anticipation, antici–pation, is keeping me waiting..” Carly Simon.

  8. You look terrific. Will you tell us the name of the plastic surgeorn who performed your surgery?

  9. You look fantastic. I always admire your work. Can’t wait to get the exercise DVD, when will it be out? Will it help with the abs (my problem area)? Thanks!

    • There are specific exercises to strengthen the abs and that is really important. There are lots of dvds with good ones. IT’s critical to keep the abs strong cause that’s what protects the back –along with having a strong back. Often, when someone says they have an ab problem is it because they have fatty deposits around the middle. This is partly wht inevitably happens when we age unless we are careful how we eat and get enough aerobic exercise–one way or another. You can do 100s of sit ups or other ab exercises but you gotta do aerobic to get ris of te fat. You gotta work off more calories than you are taking in. And becuse we lose fat buring muscle mass as we age, we have to consciously eat fewer calories. Walking is my aerobc exercise of chice these days amd especially at my ranch where there are nice hills. Enjoy. xx JF

  10. your new look is fabulous. i am 10 yrs. younger than you – have always respected you, loved your acting and also when i was young, did your workouts. i pass your old studio, i live near there. how fortunate you are to be able to have the plastic surgery to look the way you feel. i had my face done when i was 50 and a refresher when i was 59. my neck has always sucked. i hope you come out with some excercise videos for older couch potato’s like me. i have hep c and had thyroid ca and am just grateful to be here today. i need to lose 30 lbs and look like i feel. i am glad you have this blog. xxoo

  11. Hi Jane,

    Can you tell me when your new DVD will be out?

  12. Perhaps you can contact Jennifer Kries. She is in Philly and NY. Has great videos and a very good sense of how to connect people through exercise/movement.

  13. “Ain’t I lucky?”
    As if luck had anything to do with it. 😉

  14. Jane, my 84 year old mother just had hip replacement surgery and is re-learning to walk again. (She’s in great shape other than this). She will, ultimately, be doing water aerobics combined with physical therapy.

    Meanwhile, I just rejoined a gym (after 5 years of being away from one)~ it’s a women’s gym that combines personal training and spa (gotta love the spa part – it’s the motivation for getting through the work out!!).

    Anyway, I thought of bringing my mom to the gym because they have work outs for Seniors, but she’d prefer to do it in the comfort of her home (and out of the eye sight of others).

    Am just wondering if your DVD or work out would be recommended for someone like her or is it more “strenuous”, meant for seniors in better shape?

  15. So why is it that all the BEAUTIFUL babes are always already taken? … I think you ladies should give your paramour one of my nicknames … Mr. Lucky! heh heh

  16. Chère Jane,

    Tu es toujours la plus belle, la plus radieuse, la plus charmante de toutes les femmes que je connaisse. Avec ton inimitable caractère, et ton charisme, on ne peut que t’aimer.
    Grosses bises à toi et à toute la famille,


  17. I’ve been a fan of yours Jane for as long as I can remember. You’ve been as brave as a person could be in your life especially during the Vietnam war, where you tried to speak up during that awful time. I understand you had some really hard times with a parent, especially your mom and her mental problems which can be devastating. You never ever have seemed devastated though, which is a tough thing to carry off. I’m in my mid 50’s now and you’re the only person I happen to have ever heard of who had a father named Henry (same as me), and my husband’s name is Edward Roger,(he goes by Roger) and I know you were married to Roger Vadim and I assume Ted Turner’s given name was Edward like most people named Ted. Then I had, like you, two children, a daughter first and then a son. So, keep on living your life in the same wonderful way you have been living it…when stuff happens to you it seems to happen to me. –I’m just kidding but, anyway, you take care.

    • Thank you for including my husband in the video last week. A friend who works for Leeza Gibbons at Leeza’s Place told us about the opportunity.

      Ralph had a great time. He has been told he resembles Jack LaLanne. He is 76 years young. I I designed my business, Fifty Plus Fitness after him.

      If there is anything I can do to help it would be a pleasure.I can be reached through my website.

      Thanks and keep spreading the word.


  18. Hi Jane,
    I’m truly a fan of yours. I live in OC and many years back when you were married to Tom I babysat your son along with his grandma (Tom’s Mom) when Tom was attending an important political function in OC. Your Mum-in-law loved you and said nothing but wonderful things about you. You were off doing a movie. I was a friend of the Barbaros. I watched their son too that day. I believe your son was around 5 and my sons were 5 and 7. This is a funny story to make you laugh. Your son refused to have his nails trimmed. I thought to myself, he must have those nails cut. He could injure himself. I did not have a problem with cutting my sons nails. I think my boys convinced him I was the best nail trimmer in town. I think we did a tiny bit of trim. Lo and behold, my grandson, now age 8 absolutely hates having his nails trimmed. He refuses to let even grandma cut them. However, he will go to the nail shop and allow the professionals trim them up.

    I love you hair cut. Who cuts your hair?

  19. Thanks for the pictures.

  20. I just love to do aerobics with Denise and You, I have an exercise tape with you in it Jane. I love it and still use it. Do you know if Denise or you will every be on tv. I love to do exercises on tv and record them for later. Thanks,
    You look great!!!!

  21. Thanks you’re both amazing you’re really concern with your body uh co’s your both sexy! keep it up!

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