Today’s the day that I went to the studio of producer/director, Darren Capik to be interviewed about my history in the fitness business, how I started it, why I am interested in doing programs for boomers and older folks, how being healthy is related to self empowerment, to ‘owning your body’ and not giving it away, exposing it to disease, or burdening it with obesity. We covered a lot of ground over the seven hours I was there. There are the dvds I am going to be making in a month and a number of other extremely exciting projects that will be heard round the world —if we do our job right. Richard Simmons is in on it with me (among other famous fitness gurus) and he was kind enough to come over to do part of the interview with me and then on his own, also talking about why he does what he does…what he has been doing since the early 1970s. He is in such amazing shape, still overflowing with good humor and song. I lost track of the number of Broadway tunes he sang in the 2 1/2 hours he was with me. I was sad when he left.

With Karen Kawahara, my makeup stylist, looking at the monitor of what we just shot

Waiting in front of the lights to start the first interview

me and Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons just arrived to join me in the interviews. Doesn't he look fantastic!!

Can't be serious around Richard for long.

Richard and I being interviewed...and, actually, it did get serious (and quite moving) for awhile

With Darren Capik, producer/director of my new dvds

Yesterday’s blog about Valentine’s Day will come tomorrow because the photos from last night’s party haven’t been sent to me yet.

Stay Tuned

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  1. Interesting Jane , your in a media you enjoy.
    Should be a interesting experience to see how the new workout video do.When you think how fitness expert and bodybuilder, have done in our social and business world , from Jack LaLanne to Governor of California ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. Jack LaLanne (born September 26, 1914)must be the oldest workout master and business fitness expert. Arnold is in a class of himself,hehe. Now you Reinvent the media again. Should be interesting , good luck on this one.

  2. I have to say you do look fabulous! I cannot wait to see the new videos, and see if I can rent the older ones.

  3. Can I just say, props to you for posting those pics of you with Richard’s sweat on your shirt.

  4. Jane – can’t wait to see the new DVD’s because I sure need to do something to look as fabulous as you do. Looking at these pictures, no one would ever, ever, guess your age. It’s not just in the hair and makeup either, happiness shows in your face and you have a body to die for. Keep up the good work. Love you.


  5. Looking forward to that workout dvd!!!AND I need your makeup artist. She is amazing! You look 30 yrs. younger!!No kidding!!!xx

  6. I like the hair! Seems to be a modern take on your early 70s looks. Must be hard to keep up with Richard’s energy (Richard Simmons not Richard your boyfriend). Love to hear about your take on more Oscar picks this year. I also hope you will be one of those that presents. My favorite part was how other actors talled about the nominees. Everybody had their special moment and was not simply honored to be nominated.

  7. fine ! you making a new workout’s dvd! regret the old ones that were pretty good weren’t reedited in Europe! on this pictures like your short-hair cut, i read the coms of the other posts on Eve Ensler, one man was agressiv and you left the comment and answered open-heartedly with humor and cleverness!! and that a part of you, i like very, very ,very much!!you’re a great lady! frederique dhenein

  8. Hi Jane,

    You look great although I must admit I am trying to get used to the new hairstyle. I think it’s because the cut you’ve had for the past few years was absolutely fantastic.
    Anyway, it’s probably cos I’m jealous because all mine fell out!!

    Can’t wait to see the new DVDs. Are they going to be on different levels for beginners and advance like they used to? I’m wondering about getting them for my mother. She always says exercise makes her feel nauseous. But I would like her to start doing something for her health.

    By the way, how do you stay so slim? Is it genes or do you have to work at it? Don’t you have urges to pig out sometimes?
    I never thought that weight would play such an important role in my life but it seems that after 30 nothing I could do could make me thin. So frustrating. It’s the bane of my life.

    Take care and keep up the good work.
    Best wishes from Germany

    • I pay a lot of attention to what I eat. I do my best not to pig out cause it makes me too depressed and frankly, even more than putting on unwanted weight, being depressed is what I try most to avoid. I try to do some form of aerobic workout most days. Today I walked up hill for over an hour–and the down…it only took half hour to get down. I’m a little sore today cause I haven’t been for such a long walk in awhile. My new (fake) knee is sore but I know it was good for me. It’s worse to not do anything. I have good genes which help keep me trim. I try to eat very little at night. I have a big breakfast of healthy cereal or an omelette with mushrooms and onions or a fruit smoothy and I eat a good lunch with fruit and veggies. I pay attention to color, getting a wide variety of color. I’m writing about all this in my new book.

      • Dear Ms. Fonda,
        Hmmm, interesting that you’d mention color when choosing what to put on your plate as I have been doing that for a few years now. It’s a simple way of making sure that I eat healthy and, certainly, less restrictive than counting calories all the time. The way I do it I make sure to have green, orange or red, brown and sometimes some healthy white foods on my plate. If you think of food as fuel you will think of it in the way it gives you energy to live.

  9. cutie . . . so looking forward to what you will come up with next . . .luv

  10. Jane, It really is obvious from the new photos that something is different about your face. Restalyne, Collagen or the like.

    I am sure you won’t publish this, but I feel I need to ask you, IF you are going to do “things” to your face, why not be HONEST about it?

    It is such a disservice to women of a certain age to be such a role model for women and NOT say anything about it. It leaves women feeling that the skewed standards that society is forcing upon us are okay.

    I know it is a private decision, but the fact that you are in the public eye, I think your fans have a certain need for your honesty about things like this.

    You are so honest about other things, why hedge on this? I just don’t understand.

    And you do look great, not so distorted like some!

    I struggle with the decision to do “something” or not, my husband is younger than me by 15 years. He DOES NOT want me to do anything to my face, but I am feeling the pressure from society.

    I hope I can not give in to that pressure.

    I fear we will never know what a “normal” woman of 60 or 70 looks like it a fear years.

    It is kind of a generic look women are getting these days…..they all look alike.

  11. Hi Jane, I’ve been following your blog since day one and it has been both an inspiration and entertainment,.. I was one of the models for your book Pregnancy, Birth,and recovery.. Lots of pix of me in book .. my favorite on page 62 taken 9 days before delivery and the the other taken a week after delivery.. see page 200. I think I was a great example of what exercise can do.. One thing that was never mention in the book was my age which was nearly 43 at the time.. you and I are just the same age…I had been a dancer in New York and I think that helped… I have had 3 sons, 3 grands a few husbands.. and a two bouts of breast cancer… Am still the same weight and LOOK pretty good BUt am in crappy condition if the truth were know… When I read you were doing a new exercise DVD for older gals I thought Hmmm that would be interesting if I could be involved… I live in LA . please don’t think me presumptive I so believe in working out for all reasons but have lost the drive and have inhibitions and unexplained fears.. there must be others like me… Think what you are embarking on is exciting and NEEDED. I’d be a willing model for you once again.. might be a clever tie in with other book… same woman 28 years later .. look forward to your reply.. Warmly, Abbie

  12. Hi Jane,
    Love the new haircut; its shorter, right?

  13. Hey Jane, still exercise to your old video when I get a chance, love the way that you had people of different shapes and ages in your videos doing different versions of your exercises, that was really different back then. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you on the silver screen again soon!

  14. Dear Jane: I do not know if you remember me but I opened the Ruffage and Anatomy Asylum with Richard Simmons in the 70’s and trained him and taught Leni who later came to teach for you. I admire all the you have done to enhance and inspire the lives of so many people. It is always a gift and an honour to be able to serve . Richard and I just had a wonderful reunion at his home a few weeks ago and indeed he does look wonderful. It was a sentimental get together and a wonderful trip down memory lane. I wish you all that you give so generously to return to you tenfold. Thank you …Nina Rhodes

  15. Jane, you look fantastic. I am 50 and am looking to have some work done. In southern CA, finding a GOOD surgeon is difficult. Can you share the name of your surgeon?

  16. Jane, I am really looking forward to your new dvds. My first Jane Fonda video was one you did for pregnant women in the 80s. I was 44 at the time, a Major in The US Air Force, stationed in Osan Korea, and trying to keep in shape as I had to work right up to the last and then had only a month leave afterwards. Your workout was a lifesaver to me both before and after. Now I’m almost 69, still active but looking for a new routine especially when I’m at my cottage in Savusavu Fiji. Have a wonderful large screened in porch overlooking the bay which is perfect for working out. Thanks so much for being such an ideal role model for those who just want to stay young for as long as possible.

  17. Your line “…burdening your body with obesity” stopped me in my tracks. As an obese woman with a busy life, words cannot describe the burden on my body. Which, of course, directly tranlates to my mind and spirit. You being a positive solution-finder for prevention is a great mission. We also need more people willing to be compassionate towards helpful solutions for those of us already burdened. Coincidentally to your blog post, I just ‘met’ Richard Simmons on his Sweatin to the Oldies and he is remarkable. Here’s to embracing the sweat!! Thank you for your life example of health.

  18. New to the whole blogging thing but desperately seeking an old JF workout VHS published 1985 with Leslie Lilien singing “Do It”..Sad to say my VHS player has gone the way of my old 8 track music. Any chance there might be a reproduction made in DVD? I google every chance i get to see if this has been done but to no avail.

    • Cindy, I am hoping that video will come out in DVd form along with my original ne5 Mother’s Day 2012

  19. Jane, purchased your DVD’s two weeks ago. I have had three strokes and have been looking for a exercise program I could do. You did it!! I can do both of the DVD’s. Just one question can you tell me how many calories are burned during the cardio portions of the DVD’s? Thank you for being such an inspiration.


    • Marci, I don’t know the answer to your question. Some of it depends on your personal muscle mass. The more you have the more you’ll burn. I will try to find out but it would be a wildly broad questimate

  20. Hi Jane sorry to bother you, it was just to say after enjoying your first two Prime Time DVD’s so much, I sent away for your two latest DVD’s (Prime Time – Trim, Tone & Flex and Prime Time – Firm & Burn Low impact cardio) but unfortunately had to send them back as they were not the right version for UK and could not play in my DVD. Do you know if these DVD’s have been released yet for the European/UK market (PAL version I think?)
    Best regards

    • Maureen, yes, they have been released in the UK format

  21. Jane, thanks for all you do–as I woman going into the “third act” I find you so inspiring and LOVE your book–looking forward to getting the workout DVDs next!
    This may be off-topic, but do recommend any gynecologists in Atlanta who are aligned with your/my philosopy that a woman still deserves a sex life after 50, and that not all hormone therapy is wrong? Thanks!

  22. Hi–Jane!! I just love your new dvd’s–even my mom (79) uses them. However—I am still really, really loving your older work as well. I have been using the Lean Routine, Favorite Fat Burners, and your Personal Trainer series (particularly the body sculpting. I have lost over 140 lbs. in the last 2 years using these–but some of my old vhs tapes are wearing thin and I still LOVE the workouts. Is there any chance you will be releasing any of these on DVD? It’s not that I don’t love your new workouts–it’s that I love ALL of them, and want to do ALL of them……it’s the best addiction ever 🙂 and thank you for inspiring it!!


  23. Hello all! I’m from Canada and new to this site. In the l980’s when my children (3) were small and I was getting fat and lazy, I discovered a wonderful new idea of working out and it was yours, Jane. I loved it! Often I did it twice a day. I am now 56 and after 30 years and gaining 50 lbs. I have once again taken control and since Sept. 3/2011 have lost 40 lbs. and part of the reason is that I have broken out that old record and book and I am loving doing your original workout every day again! The music, memories and great excersizes have inspired me and I feel 30 again. My 50’s have been wonderful with our children launched, travel, grandchild but you have given me motivation and the love of working out once again. Thank you!

  24. Thank you for your wonderful workout tapes. I use to do them back when you made your first video but have not done them since. I received Firm & Burn for Christmas & began the workout in January. I do them 5 times/week. I am in remission for lymphoma (since April 2010) & after having done your workout I now feel better than I have since I was in my 20’s. I am now 68. Today I ordered Trim, Tone, & Stretch. Cannot wait!! I am also an animal lover & have had 4 precious dogs: Bridgett (14), Sandy (14), Dodger (15 and a half) and now Charley who’s 5 yrs. Each one preceded the other. Warm memories….
    I also have 4 children & 13 grands. All come each holiday….each of the 4 with their 5 dogs. Again thanks so much!!

  25. One more thing, what kind of shoes are your people wearing in the firm and burn video? I need some new ones & like those. All have them I think but maybe Bonnie has a different pair.

  26. I love trim tone and flex. I am 64 very active. My question is . DO I increase weighs or reps. I am now doing
    the work out every other day, I feel I need to do more with the weighs

    • It depends, Linda. You can keep low weights and do more reps but, I feel you’ll get more results if you increase the weights…but do it gradually so you don’t strain your muscles. If you’re using 3 lbs, go to 5 lbs. If you’re usin %lbs go to 8 lbs. glad you are liking the routine. XX

  27. Hello Jane,

    Yesterday I saw your interview with Dr Oz, and I was so impressed, your fitness encouraged me to start workout, but my problem is I have big hip and my body is not in shape at all.
    For example I wear small size for tops and large size for pants :(.
    So, I want your advise which DVD of yours should I start with.

    Thanks Jane ^_^

    • Dania, I would do the aerobics DVD to burn fat and the that also uses weights to strengthen your upper body and build some muscle. I increased my back span by 4″. I don’t have my DVDs with me right now so can’t give you their names at the moment, but the one I did before the Yoga DVD is good for the Aerobics and there’s one with weights.

  28. Dear Ms. Fonda:

    Hello, my name is Caroline Feustel. I am fifteen years old and attend Bayport-Blue Point High School on Long Island. This year my English teacher assigned us to read a memoir as an outside reading project; I chose to read your memoir, My Life So Far. My peers advised against my reading it by saying that “I wouldn’t be able to relate to it” and that “It’s too old for me.” Well, I proved them wrong. I found your book to be one of the most relatable things I have ever read. Also, I received a hundred on my essay about your memoir, which was the highest project grade that I received this year.

    After reading your memoir, I felt much more educated about society and essential history, such as the war in Vietnam. There were many questions I wanted to ask you. Ironically, my next year’s AP English teacher has assigned us to interview and write and essay on someone who has impacted our lives, as a summer assignment. I thought of you right away because you greatly impacted my life and I look up to you. I am writing this letter in regards to possibly interviewing you, if you are available at any given time. You can contact me via email at [email protected]. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Caroline Feustel
    Student, Bayport-Blue Point H.S.

  29. I used to have a copy of you “Look Great from Behind” exercises but someone borrowed it & never returned to me. I’ve been searching thru book stores, online but to no avail. I remember it was published way back in ’90’s thru a magazine. I wanted to get a copy of it & looking forward to those moves again. It was really effective. Jane, where & how can I get a copy of the exercises? Thanks & more power!

  30. Hi Jane!

    My wife does your old vhs workout tape all the time and loves it. We both love the song Leslie Lilien does on your tape entitled “Do It”. Is there anyway to get a clean version of this song? We’d certainly be willing to pay for it! We love the song so much, and we want to share it with friends.

    • PJ, sorry but I don’t know how to get a ‘clean’ copy of “Do It” xx

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