Talk about going from one extreme…

Friday and Saturday I chaired G-CAPP’s annual board retreat. It was cold and raining in Atlanta so it was nice on many levels to be hunkered down with this wonderful group of committed friends and co-workers. We had a very productive meeting including making the decision to have a formal co-chair to work with me on board governance.

This has been challenging for me as I have been gone most of ‘09 and it will be the same in ‘10. The Broadway play last year, the surgeries in L.A., falling in love (also in L.A.), making the new exercise dvds, finishing my book, going to France for the film and on and on.

I winged back to L.A. Last night in time to attend Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy gala. This was my first such Grammy event and I was there cause of Richard and it was really fun. We sat at a table with Barbra Streisand, James, Brolin, Bob Daly, Carol Bayer Sager, Mo Ostin, his son and daughter-in-laws. Barbra was honored by Clive and towards the end of the evening, Jennifer Hudson honored her by singing “People” and “The Way We Were”, two of Barbra’s greatest hits. Listening to Clive recite all the many awards she has received—Oscars, Tony, Grammy, Emmys, and many others—and the fact that she is the only singer to have a #1 hit across 5 decades was more than impressive. I had a chance to say hello to Herbie Hancock, Sheryl Crow, Alice Cooper, Nathalie Cole, Smokey Robinson, Taylor Swift and Jamie Foxx. I couldn’t muster the courage to use my camera even though I had it with me. (I bought a new one cause last one was lost). Jamie Foxx gave a fabulous performance at the end. Two other outstanding performances, really gut wrenching, were Maxwell (like a new Marvin Gaye) and Mary J. Blige, who made me cry she was so deep and intense.

Richard Perry, Jane Fonda and Universal Music Group CEO Doug Morris arrives at the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards - Salute To Icons Honoring Doug Morris held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 30, 2010 in Beverly Hills, California. Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com

Needless to say I was wiped when we got home and it’s real slow going today. Jet lag is more potent when you’re older. We’ll watch the Grammys at home tonight.

See you next time.

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  1. Jane, you’re just downright plain inspiring, each and every post. Thank you for being you and sharing it.

  2. I know GCapp has it’s own website but I’d love a post on what’s working in lowering teen pregnancy and what isn’t, how stats have changed, etc. A wonky post!

  3. thanks for the share! yesterday afternoon, I was sitting confortably, as you sure have been this evening of the 31 TH looking the Grammys, seing on the screen the transmisson of the movies’awards ceremony, wachthing Julia Roberts in blond, Sandra Bullock, hearing about avatars,one shadow, the voices of the actors being covered by the french translator, would have been better in original version,with written transcription! nothing is perfect! don’t know what time is it by you, so non commitedly , i’ll say- have a great time!

  4. Sounds like a fun crowd! I love Jennifer Hudson as an singer and an actress. I literally felt like she is destined for superstardom, and it all started with Dreamgirls. Watching Dreamgirls was similar to watching Funny Girl for me because I could tell a star was born as soon as she( Jennifer and Barbra) entered the film. I love Barbra Streisand and her legend will continue to be living and I feel like Jennifer Hudson has enough range to sustain for a long time too.

  5. Grammy Awards and now Academy Awards! Have you seen all the nominated movies and decided how you will vote? With all your activities, how do you manage time? xx

  6. What an evening of great song and some of the greatest singers of our time! It’s hard to believe Barbra has been singing for over five decades.

    I hope you will post your impressions of the Grammies themselves. That pairing of generations throughout the evening truly helped draw me in to the younger artists.

    • I thought the Grammys were a great show. I loved the mixing of generations. lady Gaga (She fascintes me a lot) together with Sir Elton was especially terrific, in my opinion. LOved the tribute toMichael at the end and his children speaking. The only negative for me ws the Staples Arena. It is oo big and loses the special intimate quality that smaller venues like the Shrine afforded.

      • Lady GaGa is a fascinating artist indeed. She writes her songs, and designs her own fashions, with help from major fashion designers throughout the world. I watched an interview of hers where she said that she is all about embracing who you are and all of what you are.

  7. Yes, I agree with you about Lady Gaga and Sir Elton together = fabulous. First time I ever watched the entire Grammy show all the way thru.

    Can’t wait to see what the ever-intriguing (other Lady) Lady Jane is going to accomplish by the end of 2010.

    Can’t understand why “Crazy Heart” wasn’t nominated for Best Pic as I certainly thought it was one of them.

  8. What did you think of Pink’s performance? It was really beautiful.One of the best.

  9. Hi Jane,
    My ex is a lawyer who has spent the last 15 years teaching and working only in board governance – so if you are looking for someone……Anthea Radford at [email protected]

    • Thanks Christopher, Where does your ex live? xx Jane

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