Time is flying. My blogging is getting really weird. One day it’s about violence against women in east Congo. The next it’s about my Xmas tree. Oh well. That is how my life is. Maybe everyone’s is like this—from one extreme to the mundane issues of life.

The tree is still up. Needles are dropping. What to do. Gotta get a new camera. Shucks. Trying to save money but the camera hasn’t shown up.  There’s an important (I think) new book out by Jerry Lembcke “Hanoi Jane: War, Sex, and Fantasies of Betrayal.” I will post more about that asap. It is amazing and sad to me that after all this time and all the evidence and testimony proving that the horrid rumors that spread about me in North Vietnam are NOT true, the letters and rumors continue. Some people are really sick.

Mostly I am writing. Or trying to. Life does get in the way but it’s usually pretty interesting. Like I just heard from Kathy Griffin who wants me and Gloria Steinem to do an episode with her. Also, Margaret Cho wants me to do her show and I adore both of them and want to but how can I do it all and get the book finished by end of April? Also, one challenge is that I keep getting new things to add to the chapters on love and sex in the third act. I gotta put those chapters to bed soon (pardon the pun) or I’ll never finish.

Also, there’s this humongous new idea that my G-CAPP will do May 1st in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta that will be carried through the country and maybe elsewhere. I’ll actually start another microsite to build awareness of what will happen and there are some new friends that are totally social media savvy that have me jumping out of my skin with excitement. Wait till you hear. Soon.

Gotta go to the hairdresser now cause there’s a fun party tonight. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow but no time to buy a camera so no photos. Ah well.

See you next time.

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  1. Jane, buy an iPhone. That way you’ll have a camera with you at all times.

  2. Jane, I hope this doesnt upset you, but there are few people in my life that I have truly admired and you are one of them. I am 46 years old and have loved you all my life…please, please work on finishing your book and skip the episode with Kathy Griffin!

  3. Dear Jane,

    It is painful to me to observe the intentional harm being inflicted on someone as lovely as you. It is an unwarranted, unjustified,cruel act that is being perpetrated upon you by these so-called men. Real men do not need to harm, abuse, and harass women in order to justify their existence.

    I learned a long time ago to accept the things I cannot change and to pray for those poor bastards who seek to harm me. The old adage, “the best revenge is living well” has never been more appropriate than it is now.

    As a former military wife of a Vietnamese era helicopter pilot, I was exposed to the military’s way of doing and acting for many years. I understand the mentality of members of the military. And, you can rest assured that the United States military does not sanction harassing a woman’s reputation in the manner that yours has been. Therefore, those who are behind this latest assault upon your reputation and character are not speaking for members of the United States military. In fact, I do not believe that they are speaking for anyone other than themselves. They are nothing more than base opportunists who are exploiting you and trading on your name to make money.

    You have had a full, interesting, productive, life and have much to be proud of. You have the admiration and respect of millions of grateful women all over the world. Hold on to the good that you have done. Don’t give away a minute of your life worrying about what is written about you. Life is too short.


    P.S. Did you know that, according to the Mayans, the world will experience significant change on OUR birthday in 2012? Personally, I don’t believe I word of it but it makes for interesting reading anyway. It’s kind of like reading old comic books with a lot of drama interspersed in the story line. 😉

  4. Hey Jane, does your phone have a camera?

  5. nice to hear from you! even to know you’ve have to get your hair fix-up, more seriously, reading your blog, is like reading a tremendous boook, such reactions from people responding, commentating, it’s really great!! for the moment mourning ideas about the fate of Haiti, as the french philosoph Pascal said, you have to make a deal, choosing to believe in God! but it is sometimes , very, very hard! frederique dhenein

  6. Jane,
    Thanks for (still) standing up for what you care about and believe in. You’re (still) an inspiration. btw, I LOVED your book, My Life So Far. It was my story too, which amazed me you know, since I’m not a gorgeous movie star. Thanks for sharing.
    -Lynne from Port Townsend, WA

  7. I would enjoy watching you on Kathy Griffin!

  8. Hi Jane!, I’ve been a fan since Cat Ballou came out and as I remember it, The “Hanoi Jane” thing didn’t reach me until the 1980s. Before that, I think, the “Workout” tapes and book were so huge that they eclipsed your counter-culture image and even your film career to a degree. I remember as Hanoi Jane picked up steam, so did Barberella. Somehow, I think, Barbarella will win out. She (Barberella) is just too iconic and fun and of course there’s all those great costumes. Boy, I guess I am just going to have to read that book!

  9. I agree with Brenda, pass on the Griffin thing. She tends to muddy the waters with an overdose of, well, Kathy!!

  10. I’m thankful that people like Judi speak up. Most people know the difference now between people with something meaningful to say, and those who try a “swift-boat” approach to gain attention for themselves. Keep on keepin’ on, babe!

    PS – Is Richard’s play coming to Broadway…?

    • Richard, we’re hoping it will go to Bradway. There will be one more iteration bfore that, though.

  11. Re your tree: We have the Christmas tree that just won’t die. Six weeks out and it still drinks a quart of water a day, hasn’t dropped a needle, smells wonderful. It looks so lovely I feel terrible to contemplate taking it down. The neighbors can see it through the living room windows and likely think I have gone ’round the bend. My SO wants to see just how long it will hold up. Men – always with the experiment in mind!

  12. We all understand about the lack of time and appreciate you talk to us thru the blog now and then… keep up the good work….

  13. Am agreeing with most of above comments. Must be so difficult hearing/reading those shallow negatives re your past. Just believe there are more of us ‘positive’deeper thinkers out there. Re the Christmas tree, if getting dry and needles are dropping, I’d worry about it igniting!xx

  14. I had a “school girl crush” on the handsome Rod Taylor. Did you enjoy working with him? Any special recollections?

  15. Hi Jane,
    I’m almost finished with your last book–I’m in the middle of your relationship with Ted. I am enjoying it tremendouly although at this point I must say I’d like to shake you a bit for not listening to your gut instincts. I do understand that one has to go through their own process and sometimes we even know that the choices we are making may not be the best ones but we have to play it out.

    there have been many times throughout my reading where I have either thought, “mmm it’s amazing in some ways how similar our journeys have been.” though I’m not the offspring of anyone famous nor am I famous, but I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s–you are a bit older than me and I started much younger in “beating to my own drum”. I have always been pretty political and am a clinical social worker so have always had a social consiousness about making the world a better place.

    I never thought much about your being a traitor. That’s kind of a rediculous thought to me. Let’s face it–there are really ignorant folks out there who would prefer to believe that some people (democrats, or progressives)are evil.

    Enough of my ranting. Thanks for doing this blog. It’s pretty cool to be able to communicated with you.

    Ginger in Tucson

  16. Jane, it is almost time to wish you Happy Blogoversary! No worries on blogging being all over the map. I find my emotions carry the day when it comes to blogging. I just came across your blog, and am really enjoying it. Wish I could have seen you in the play! I really have loved your work over the years. Best of luck in finishing up your next book.

  17. Work like hell, Jane! I believe you should do all of it! I mean Kathy Griffin and Margaret Cho-wow!

  18. Hey you are awesome…. all you do is follow your heart….Ezk….. 36 26 and Im not a bible banger… pushed me beyond alot of stuff…your redeemed heart will lead you ….and guess what you have followed that for along time ….THANK YOU….enjoy…

  19. Miss Fonda,

    I look forward to reading the book you have just recommended. I hope it will open up to more people what really happened in Vietnam and what you did to stop the war.

  20. Another fan who has admired you since Cat Ballou, I think it is absolutely incredible and a credit to your character that you have utilized your fame and beauty to help others. You could have rested on your laurels and remained a beauty queen and starlet however you demonstrate much more depth than that and have taken up causes that most people are afraid to tackle. You have spoken the “truth”.

    As a Canadian and a person who works within a huge, traditional organization, I recognized descrepancies, that I voiced and was quickly targeted with the attempt to silence. Of course because I was a minority within the “patriarcal power base” it was easy for them to close ranks and try to discredit the obvious concerns. I have discovered that often “the truth and politics collide.”

    I applaude your efforts to reveal the truth and to promote more progressive and unselfish thinking. You must be proud of the fact that you were ciritized in the past, as that is your proof that you were right on target and that the insecure and selfish were fearful of being exposed for their real motives.

    You “go girl” and know that your courage to tell it the way it really is, is admired by many. Don’t worry about the “arm chair quarter backs” who follow like sheep and lack credibility as they are paralyzed with fear and don’t dare enter the arena. You are “a mover and a shaker” and history has shown, it wasn’t always easy for those trying to right the wrongs. You are ahead of your time and “bravo” to you for taking on the big fights. (not everyone is brave enough to take on the super power of the world, the American government.)The world is in a state of transition which is uncomfortable and scary for many. If we all work together, for the good of all, we can create miracles and make a much happier world. You are working for making this a better place and the critics should not be scared of you. They should jump on board and follow you.

    PS Apparently Oprah is retiring which will leave a big void for championing all things good. You would be a great role model on your own show!

    Take care

  21. Hi Jane, love you alot. Dont know if you’ll revisit the comments here, but would love, love, love to see you join forces with Kathy Griffin. And with Gloria to boot? I watch her addressing campuses on youtube all the time. A real inspiration, along with yourself of course. Well, it would be very funny!! Take care xxxx

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