Haven’t blogged in awhile cause I am without internet access. Don’t know why. Need help and will get it. I have photos to post. All I can do now, though, is write on my Blackberry. I don’t do iphone because I can’t get the keyboard down. It takes too long cause I keep having to do it again and again when I hit the wrong letter. Yet my grandkids can do it. It’s not like I have huge fingers or anything.

Richard and I had dinner last night with film producer and writer, Art Linson, his wife Fiona, Robbie Robertson, Steve Bing and Robert Deniro who stopped by after filming the new Fokkers movie. I reminded him that when we made “Stanley and Iris” together he was just planning to open his first restaurant and we’d go to some of Toronto’s best restaurants to sample different menus. What an amazing success he’s had with all his business ventures!! It’s not usual for someone so talented at his art to also be a good businessman. Wish I’d remembered to bring my camera. No pictures of that dinner, alas.

See you next time.

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  1. I hope you get connected quickly. I hate when I have no internet. Happy Holidays!

  2. I couldn’t do it WITHOUT the keyboard! I guess it’s a kid thing.

  3. well, incase you’ll be without internet on the day, i’m wishing you early b’day blessings! xoxo 🙂

  4. Robert DeNiro is one of my favorite actors. Does he not get better looking every year? I remember Robbie Robertson from The Band years. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall at your dinner!


  5. Nice to hear formDeniro you Jane, I just found out that Deniro is 1/2 Irish. I see it now even with the faact that he plays the Italian image to the other level. Hope you have a good Christmas , being aq blinded artist , and homeless has make Christmas a strange thing this year, I have to wait until May to get a eye operation to see if I can see. I do wonder if I will make it until that time in LA . would love to here about your Christmas past and present and future

  6. Hi Jane,
    I’ve been enjoying reading your recent blogs. The fundraiser on 1st May sounds fantastic. Atlanta is unfortunately not on my route, but will try and get there regardless. Never been to Atlanta actually. Would love to visit.
    Well anyway maybe I’ll be working out there in with you in May!
    Only two days till your Birthday. Do you have anything planned?
    Best wishes from Germany

  7. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Holidays

  8. thank you anyway to give you the pain to post on your blackberry, hope it won’t last till your internet is on order, remenbering rushing to see “Stanley and Iris” liked it very much, Robert De Niro is a pretty good actor too! in the awaiting of a soon reading of your blog, i’m running to the kitchen, the De NIro’s project of an restaurant opening makes me hungry, and as I’ve no weight ‘s problems, hum planning to eat like a lion! frederique dhenein

  9. OMG, another Fockers movie? Say its not so.

  10. Glad you got through the tech block. As for the problems with technology they seem to go with having come along an an earlier pre-tech time. Some can conquer it, others have difficulties. I’m struggling mightily with blogging, which you have conquered. You are an inspiration in this area. I say over and over that I want to blog like Jane Fonda. I’ll keep trying and advise you when it’s working so that you can connect with me in that way. Now that’s something to aspire to. Keep up the fantastic work. We miss you when you go off line.

  11. I loved you and Robert DeNiro in Stanley and Iris. You are such an amazing woman.

  12. Jane, I came across your blog for the first time today, and I am very excited to see this. I went to New York for a few days in May specifically to see your play. Enjoyed my rare visit in NYC from staying at the Waldorf, seeing Jersey Boys, meeting the captain that rescued his crew from the pirates at the 21 Club, and so much more, but you were the highlight.

    I have to tell you how impressive you were. Not only was your acting superb, but you looked fabuous, girl. Much, much younger looking then your years with a young sounding voice and walk. You are a terrific role model. Thank you. I am following close behind you at sixty-seven and fighting it all the way.

    I have been a fan of yours for years, and have your exercise tapes to prove it. I loved your candor in your autobiography, My Life So Far, especially about your relationship with Ted and how you remain friends today.

    Thank you for supporting women’s health issues. I am a recently retired educator, elementary literacy specialist, that was diagnosed with Stage 0 breast cancer two years ago. This was caught very early due to my being very proactive in my health and having the newer digital mammograms. Keep up the good work, both in this areas and others. You have touched many lives.


  13. I know how you feel not having Internet connection for a few days, especially in this time when you need the Internet to live almost.

  14. Hi Jane,

    I loved reading your blog. It just reminds me how creative people just keep being creative no matter what. I know that sounds cliche, but I’m reminded by all your friends and activities and creations and your different looks and interests that we don’t need to get bogged down in how something is going to look, feel, sound, or make (in money)..we just need to keep expressing…that’ really what it’s all about. Thank you for your endless unfolding. In the l960’s you role modeled for me how it is possible to be both beautiful and smart. Also, I’m from a small town in New England and when I saw On Golden Pond (my favorite) I was reminded so much of me and my father.

    I was navigating through your website – and saw your blog- because I just emailed Tristin at your media center.

    Happy Solstice to you to. Blessings, Jane


  16. Jane,this is simply unbelievable that you dont have internet access.US is such advance number one country and you being the celebrity and well known figure all over the world not having inernet access is like one is in the midst of the food and yet hungry.But it happens sometime.There is no exception to rule.

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