Emme Aronson (co-Emcee), Me, Roz Abrams (co-emcee), Karen Karpowich, NYWA president,

Emme Aronson (co-Emcee), Me, Roz Abrams (co-emcee), Karen Karpowich, NYWA president,

Gloria, Me, Karen Karpowich, Rancy Guggenheimer (Son of Elinor Guggenheimer, founder of NYWA)

Gloria, Me, Karen Karpowich, Rancy Guggenheimer (Son of Elinor Guggenheimer, founder of NYWA)


Photo by Barbara Nelson


Photo by Barbara Nelson


Photo by Barbara Nelson


Photo by Barbara Nelson

I was honored this morning (at 7am!! Having flown in from LA so for me it was 4am) with the Elinor Guggenheimer Lifetime Achievement Award presented to me by the New York Women’s Agenda. Gloria Steinem gave me the most moving, human, generous introduction. As I told her, it’s the first time I did the trophy-exchange photo op with tears running down my cheeks. The award was in recognition of my co-founding (with Gloria, Robin Morgan, Jessica Neuwirth and others) The Women’s Media Center. I have had various meetings all day and interviewed a wonderful psychologist about male sexuality for my book about aging and now I’m going to take a nap before seeing my pal, Kerry Washington, in David Mamet’s new play “Race.” Richard (in L.A.) Can’t believe I go to the theatre alone. Shucks, I do it all the time. Got an all day board meeting of The Women’s Media Center tomorrow so I need to crash right after I hug Kerry backstage (I hope I remember to take pictures with my Blackberry). It is soooo cold in the city!!! Reminds me of the frigid sub zero temp last winter during my play when my dog Tulea refused to go outside and pee’d in the apartment lobby—no fool she.

I have other days/photos/blogs from Sunday etc but Jodie Evans has my camera with the photos–and my reading glasses. Are you like me…when you’re tired you drop things and forget things? Well, that’s all for now or I won’t get my nap which will be brief enough as it is.

Next time.


PS: at least I got a snap of the Rockefeller Xmas tree. And the Saks Fifth Ave store windows are grandkids-worthy.

Tables are turned: Now It's my turn to pay backstage respects.

Tables are turned: Now It's my turn to pay backstage respects.


With Kerry Washington backstage after seeing her in “Race.” It/she was riveting. I am so proud of her. What a strong presence in a tough role.

Said hi and congrats to Richard Thomas, as well. We were together in the Actor’s Studio production of “Strange Interlude.” He was 10 years old and his father was my ballet teacher.

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  1. Next time you pass through, let’s have lunch. a lifetime to catch up on!

  2. Luv that you go to the theater alone. I do as well, try to hit the matinees if I am in the city for meetings on Wednesdays.

  3. Congratulations

  4. I’d accompany you to the theatre, Jane! x

  5. Congratulations! well deserved!

  6. congrats on the honor. i love to attend events alone sometimes because when i’m solo i can uxuriate in the experience w/o thinking about whether or not my companions are enjoying it (or not) as well.

  7. Wonderful! Just a lovely way with words you have, and so able to connect with people. Have a great time at the theatre and I think it’s sweet that you go alone, so much better to see it on your own then not at all!

  8. Cool. Hi guys. My mom took me to New York/DC trip, when I was 15 or so. What a place NYC. I love Minnepolis, but thinking about 30 Rock, and all The store windows, I forgot. So unbelievable. Saw,The Wiz on broadway too. I never appreciated at the time, what I was fortunate enough to be able to see. I just wanted to be home smoking weed with my friends! Hell, I was 15 maybe 16.But I still have a beautiful wall hanging(beadspread)I got at 30 Rock. Seen better days now, I’m 50. And she took me to all the stores & stuff. They weren’t here then. But still, only NYC stores, do it right.
    I miss my mom. She was smart(Smith), beautiful, tall, ended up with a lesbian daughter (oooops), and pilot son. Guess who got the boot.
    It was back then, what happened. But we got together 2 years b/4 she died. Loved it. We had so much to say. So much alike. We had time. Then she died. Wow. I was so glad she called…

  9. Welcome to New York City, Ms. Jane!

    I saw the beautiful tree today too and blogged about a Christmas album I was trilled to find remastered on CD by the Ames Brothers, an awesome quartet of yester-year. Do you remember them, by chance? It is my all time favorite Christmas album. I may be more familiar with Rock & Roll, but gorgeous 4-part harmonies never go out of style.


  10. Cold it is! Snow already and freezing cold temperatures. Makes you want to stay in bed all day. Although, I could NEVER stay in bed all day. Ugh…what a waste. Even if I’m sick I get up and do SOMETHING! But, I am like you when it comes to getting tired and just totally not being with it. I slept once for hours and hours not having any clue what time it was until I woke up at 6 like always, walked down stairs and saw my mother cooking dinner. Clearly it was NOT 6am and it was NOT time for school. Lost my mind!
    Congratulations on your award. What a great honor.

  11. Good for you Jane , get some rest and mybe take ina show good play. Media center that rings a bell.

    good works brings good rewards

  12. A heartfelt congratulations, Jane, on the Lifetime Achievement Award. You are so deserving! I would love to read Gloria’s introduction. Please blog it to us!

    Love and light,

  13. thanks for the long post, very nice to read;very good iniative the women’s media center; by god, where to do you such vital energy? great! frederique dhenein

  14. Hi Jane,

    Talk about forgetting things! I just asked an aunt (while looking through her book shelves) if she’d read Doris Lessing’s Golden Notebook. Her answer was ‘Not in the hour and a half since you last asked me!’. I had no recollection I’d already asked her. And I wasn’t even tired. OMG and I’m only 3 weeks into my 40th year! What a start.

    Best wishes

  15. I’m so glad you were honored, Jane! You do so many things for other people! You deserve lots of honors!:)

    I don’t mind going to movies or plays by myself sometimes either! I don’t think it’s any big deal doing this, but some other people tell me they can’t imagine doing it! Too bad! They might miss something really good!

    I was wondering, if you were finished with your book!? Glad you mentioned something about it! How much longer do you think you’ll be working on it? I guess you work on it almost every day!

    Take care! Stay warm!

  16. I remember you mentioning your links with Richard before…there is another family link…sounds like that Kevin Bacon game! Your Dad was in Spencer’s Mountain, which was partly based on Earl Hamner’s story, which of course led to The Waltons, which starred Richard Thomas! Sorry, my mind is crazy like that, lots of trivia in the head!

    Looking at that pic of the tree makes me wish for a white christmas even more. We have lovely family Christmases here, but it doesn’t seem quite like traditional Christmas! Ah, one day!

  17. What a lovely, happy winter story. Do you have a big enough shelf to hold all of these awards? Guess you do with your various residences. I’ve gone to the theatre alone, and it’s just fine. As Shakespeare says “The play’s the thing.” Guess some are still into the old social convention that women have to have ‘dates’ with them at events. It’s great the share all that is going on in your life. I think it’s very fine that you have someone to miss-someone who is waiting for you. We do things with others, we do things alone. This is a better world than the one that pressured us to be half of a conventional couple. Have a wonderful holiday.

  18. Congratulations on your Lifetime Achievement Award for co-founding The Women’s Media Center. Thank you for the NYC photos. Last August I ‘experienced’ NYC for the first time. After that trip, I read Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin, a story so imaginatively rich with NYC life, I can hardly wait for another visit there. Have you read it? Wish it could be made into a movie.

  19. Congratulations on receiving your Lifetime Achievement Award. And, you have miles to go before you sleep so they will have to give you another one when you pass the 100-year old mark.

    Kerry Washington is one of my favorite actresses. I wish I didn’t live so far from New York. I would love to see her in the “Race”.

    I’m counting down until our mutual birthday’s Jane. Do you get birthday presents wrapped in birthday paper placed under the tree? 😉 I love being a Christmas baby, don’t you?


    • I love being a winter solstice baby. the shortest day of the year. I don’t especially pay much attention to celebratinsg birthdays except the ones with “0”s at the end…the decade birthdays.

  20. Can’t wait to see “Race” myself! This past October, David Mamet and his cast were rehearsing the play in the studio where I am a conservatory student (the Atlantic Theater Company, which Mr. Mamet co-founded about 25 years ago), and I got a chance to chat briefly with him about “Race” in the hallway one afternoon during a rehearsal break. He is a fascinating person–and much less intimidating one on one than his public persona would lead you to believe–and the play sounds really exciting. (I just hope they offer student rush tickets…)

  21. I like the pun:)

    • My cousin was born on Christmas Day, and we have been trained since she was born to say Happy Birthday before we say Merry Christmas! Even if we are stuffed full of Turkey in the afternoon, we always roll out the birthday cake and sing to her….and we never wrap her birthday presents in Christmas paper!

  22. Christmas in New York! What a treat!

  23. I love the green tinted glasses….always put together…

  24. Congratulation on this award that gives you such great emotional feelings, you must be very happy with the accomplishments. And so am I. Nothing I love more than seeing women go forward in such a positive great manner.

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