But I often forget to take pictures. Last night, for instance, Richard and I went to dinner with Rod Stewart, Penny, his wife, and Kimberly, his actress daughter whose mother is Alana. While Richard spent the time talking music with Rod, Penny, Kimberly and I had some wonderful conversations about acting, and finding oneself after being lost, and relationship (the need for give and take and the need to know when it’s time to which). Then we went to Rod and Penny’s to watch the new Jeff Bridges film, “Crazy Heart”…he’s been nominated for a number of the awards for his role in this and, as always, he is stellar. I love this time of year when looking at dozens of movies in a week or two is justified if one is a voter…and I am a voter, so I turn into a movie glutton. This year more than I can remember, people seem to be deeply divided in their likes and dislikes. One person will say “(500) Days of Summer” is the best movie they’ve seen and another will scream with astonishment, “No! That’s the worst,…” I loved “It’s complicated.” Meryl blew me away even more than usual yet I was almost asked to leave the table the other night when I expressed this because some hated it so much.

Oh Well.

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  1. I’m a total movie glutton.. I’m so envious! It sounds like a wonderful evening.

  2. Had not heard of ‘Crazy Heart’ but I will definitely make a point of seeing that film. I Absolutely LOVE Jeff Bridges, think he is an amazing, talented actor (as well as a compassionate human being). I looked at the website/trailer, and I can’t wait to find this in a theater.

  3. Vote you heart or mind in films one never can tell. I did hear that Colin Farrell and Jeff Bridges have both good singing voices and worked good off each other. Jeff Bridges is from a Irish family background. Well Jane ,:acting, and finding oneself after being lost, and relationship (the need for give and take and the need to know when it’s time to which).” That sounds interesting , I think the give and take takes place during the divorce someone gives and someone takes . That is acting, I was told that 50% is a Act.

  4. Jane I just love reading your blog. It’s a pleasure getting to know you better this way.

  5. Dear Ms. Jane Fonda

    In case I forget, I do believe it’s your Birthday, on the shortest day of the year. Happy Birthday. This year I wonder what new undertakings you will pursue. Keep on rocking.

  6. Meryl Streep rocks in every possible way. Can’t IMAGINE anyone hating her work – or was it just the film they hated?

  7. Something must be wrong with people who can hate, even a little bit, a movie with Meryl. Diane Keaton called her “our generation’s genius”
    She’s right!!!

  8. Although I’m not a voter, The Hurt Locker is the best movie I’ve seen this year…Meryl Streep never acts poorly!

  9. Way to go, Jane.
    Isn’t it great…life taint a movie.

  10. How long were you lost?

  11. Hello Jane,

    It certainly sounds like a very fun evening! I am looking forward to seeing those movie’s as well.

    If I don’t get a chance to let a message tomorrow because of trying to dig my way out of our beautiful snow storm that we received yesterday, I will say it now, “Have a wonderful birthday Monday.” Do something exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take care,

    Melissa from SNOWY Pennsylvania

  12. TV ads re “It’s Complicated” show a movie for a DVD, in my opinion. I guess it’s a matter of ‘different strokes for different folks’!!

  13. I love the entire Bridges family, and can’t wait to see Jeff’s new movie. Your comments on it are part of the positive buzz it’s getting. I recommend “The Princess and the Frog.” It’s a fine, new-breed, old style animation treat. The women in the story are nice to each other-no catty Cinderella’s stepmother and sisters stuff. It’s a fantasy, but a nice one. 1920’s New Orleans without racism, only one villain. Others help each other and there is even a trumpet playing alligator named Louie who is derived from Louis Armstrong who I think would have adored being the inspiration for such an agreeable character. Maybe one of the grandkids will take you. I can tell they are a fine influence on you. Have a happy.

  14. Jane I have your ‘mug shot’ clutch. Brought it last nite to a Christmas party in NYC where there were some very ‘interesting’ people…i.e. editors, art dealers, tv people….they LOVED my purse. LOVED! I was a big hit carrying it.

    Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

    Linda (I lived in the Chelsea Mercantile when you were here…miss you in the building!)

  15. Hi Jane,
    Glad you enjoyed Crazyheart. We really look forward to seeing Jeff Bridges in it. Also, Maggie Gyllenhaal is so talented but agewise, the two leads are kind of mismatched, in my opinion. Two great actors, though!

    Here in Austin, we recently saw a local director’s (Richard Linklater)latest movie called Me and Orson Welles. We really liked it, and Christian McKay did an incredible job playing Welles (even resembling him). Zac Efron and Claire Danes are really good in it, as well. I have a weakness for movies made in the ’30s with that wonderful music, and the costumes, scenes, and music didn’t disappoint!

    Happy Movie-going and have a wonderful week!


  16. this is wonderful.
    I’m from Bucharest,Romania.I’m 20, and I study acting at the national univeristy of theatre and cinema.
    I’m so happy that I found your blog, it’s like a xmas present for me. You are great, I really respect you as an actor,you are a role model for me, and having the chance to read all about your fabulous everyday life it’s fantastic.
    I want to wirte so many things, to ask you so many questions but I can’t concentrated for the moment,I still think this isn’t real.
    I really hope that this message will get to you personal and excuse my bad english.

    With a lot of respect,


  17. Fun to hear all this!! Ahhhh….movies… so many to see! It’s always interesting to me to hear why someone likes or dislikes a movie. I’ve liked many movies that others disliked intensely! You can give many reasons for the pros and cons of a movie, but it basically comes down to each person’s unique point of view whether they will like it or not!

  18. Happy Birthday today Aussie time, tomorrow your time. I hope that I have your energy and half your looks when I am your age….if I am lucky enough to get there.

    Have fun and enjoy!

  19. Happy Birthday Jane!

    Many, many, many happy returns of the day.


  20. Happy Birthday Ms. Fonda!

    Chris in ATL


  22. Are you still positive on Precious winning a few Oscars, acting Oscars particularly? Oh, BTW, Happy Birthday Miss Fonda! You are one of my favorite actors in the whole world and I admire your honesty, artistry, and activism from past and present. I wish I could be half as active as you are!

  23. My beloved Jane,

    Today is your Birthday!!!

    All the best to you today and to this new year to come.

    Love, love, always love.

    Diana Isabel

  24. Jane,

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday.

    Most Sincerely,


  25. Happy Birthday Jane! Read in the newspaper that it is your big day. It looks great on you, and I know it’s been a good year for you. Keep a goin’ darlin-you only get better.

  26. Dear Jane,
    I am glad to see you doing a some fun stuff and having a moment to relax. I understand you and Richard have a beautiful christmas tree, I think that is wonderful! I just wanted to tell you to have a Happy Birthday filled with love and happiness.
    Have fun love,

  27. Speaking of movies, I am watching one of my favorites on TCM as I type this. “Barefoot in the Park” and before that “Sunday in New York”.

    Jane you have always been one of my favorite actors and still bring me much joy in watching you on the screen.

    I was happy to start reading your blog when you first started it, finding your site on Rosie O’Donalds blog. Thank you for sharing parts of your life with us.

    Gawd you and Robert Redford were wonderful together as well as the rest of the wonderful Cast and so young…just lovely. Haha Robert is climbing the stairs to the aptartment for the first time.


  28. How can anyone hate anything that Meryl is in. Even if the movie is not so hot, she is amazing always. Opens here on Boxing Day (26th), I will be one of the first in the queue!

  29. Agree with Karen!
    Meryl and Tom Hanks never disappoint me in any film they’re in. Looking forward to ‘Its Complicated’ too.


  30. My fun in the evening is talking to my family and sleeping.
    I just like sleeping after a hard working day

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