I would have sent this sooner but had no internet access….so, better late than never. Bridget and Danny give an annual Christmas party each one with a theme. This year was Cuba and there was a fantastic full Cuban band. Many people wore costumes. We did a minimal job on costumes but had fun anyway. Vanessa and my grandchildren just got in from Atlanta in time for the party and to see their cousin Oliver.

The neon sign over the door joining Fonda and Elfman.

Bridget and Richard

Danny Elfman with Richard

Troy and Rob

Bridget Fonda and her son, Oliver

Troy dancing madly with Simone

Danny Elfman playing drum with the fantastic cuban band

Danny Elfman playing drum with the fantastic cuban band

Danny Elfman playing drum with the fantastic cuban band

Danny Elfman playing drum with the fantastic cuban band

Richard talking to Vanessa while Malcolm waits patiently, back to camera

Rob Wolders, Troy and me

Rob Wolders, Troy and me

Me and Richard

The grandmothers at the party all assembled

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  1. Dear Jane.

    I so much enjoy your blogs. I have to write and say your new hairstyle in this last set of pictures is fantastic. It makes you glow and really flatters your complexion and your cheekbones! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  2. Jane – Your hair looks F A N T A S T I C ! ! !

  3. Looks like tons of fun. Jane, you look better than ever! Wow!!!

  4. Call me superficial but your haircut is fabulous! You look super happy!

  5. I didn’t know Danny Elfman had a Cuban band. Lots of fun though.

  6. Cool new do!

  7. Enjoyed the photos, especially Grandmas!

  8. Hi Jane, Belated Happy Birthday !!! What a great way to spend an evening, with Cuban Music….I have been a Cuban Music enthusiast for over 50 years. If I’m down, I just listen to some Cuban and it sets me right. Was the band professional or just some folks that got together and jammed? What is their name and where do the play? We are starved here, in the San Diego area, for good Cuban Salsa !!

  9. Looks like fun! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for all the blogging and letting all of your fans and admirers into your life. Keep writing and make a movie so that we can see you on the big screen again! Please!

  10. Looks like lots of fun!:) It’s great to see everyone! So nice to see Bridget with her son! I’m so glad Vanessa is there with her children! You’ll have a wonderful holiday! That’s a nice new hair style you have!

  11. I miss Bridget on the screen. She has such a positive energy.

  12. You are amazing….you look younger than ever…your life is to be embraced….you keep us all a little younger….intrigued with you and the process… I sure love you and have for years….kaylon plugge

  13. Your hair looks great Jane!

    Hope you are well!

  14. Your blog was a pleasant surprise I was looking up your daughter Vanessa and there you were.

    the photos are fantastic and my SO will appreciate the photos of Danny Elfman(huge fan)

    thank you so much for letting us share some of your adventures.

    Have a fabulous New Year eat Black Eyed Peas, lentils or what ever “old wives tale ” edibles are inflicted upon us to ensure a safe, healthy, and happy New Year.


  15. Oh Jane–That looks like much fun!

  16. Been a fan of Bridget Fonda for many years and she is definatly my favorite actress and have been unsucessfully trying to get het autograph for many years.I have over 100 signed autographs and she still evades me along with many others.Before 9/11 I used to get 2 or 3 a month,now I am lucky I get 3 a year.Is everybody else haveing this same problem.Has anyone got her autograph and if so,do you have a differant addtess?I need your help!

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