Julia Emmons, Melissa Lowe, Ginny Brewer and Sue Anne Morgan

Julia Emmons, Melissa Lowe, Ginny Brewer and Sue Anne Morgan

Shirley Mitchell, Candy Berman, Bev Jones, Pam Yarbrough

Karina Gilpin, Bonnie Mechelle, and Julia Emmons

Karina Gilpin, Bonnie Mechelle, and Julia Emmons

Wow, it’s been so long I have been looking forward to coming home. I love my home. I only got 3 hours sleep cause of the play and the early flight but had to catch that flight cause Ted and I had a long-planned lunch at his Ted’s Montana Grill. I am always so gald to see him, and he me. He is in fine form, healthy and happy and funny as always. One of the other perks of having lunch with him there is that so many of my dear friends that I don’t see so much these days are there regularly starting off with Teds youngest son, Beau. He was so exvited telling me about his Florida-based non profit, a program that brings disadvantaged youngsters into the outdoors to lean about the environment and wildlife. They are taught many things including how to fish. It has been so successful, Beau told me, that he is now working with the state. So proud of him. I also saw Mike Finley who runs Ted’s Family Foundation and Bob Biebel who is one of his financial advisors and George McKerrow who is his restaurant partner.

I went straight from lunch to a steering committee meeting for G-CAPP’s next huge event on May 1st.

We’ve come up with a fabulous idea for our spring fundraiser for the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention. May 1st, we’re taking over the GA Dome and we intend to break the Guinness Book of World Records to have the largest number of people working out together with me and other fitness celebrities and entertainers. It’s going to be an extraordinary fun time and we had our first steering committee meeting yesterday in my Atlanta loft. We will make this a viral experiencing by beaming it out to top fitness centers around the country. I am doing 3 or 4 new exercise “videos” (they aren’t videos anymore)come end of March and this event will be a sneak preview along with the fitness experts who will do other segments that are more challenging. It’s going to be wild. Why not come to Alanta and join us for a good cause. The prices will be within prople’s budget’s and school teams as well as fitness club teams can seek sponsorships.

Then, last night I took my grandkids and their dad to dinner at Agave’s.

Today I spent most of the time sorting out my files. The old (and drop dead gorgeous) offices were flooded 2 months aho when a pipe broke and movers were hired without knowlede to pavck us all up and it’s been topsy turvey ever since…a total mess as we have moved into much smaller space—me, my Fonda Inc office together with G-CAPP. It took almost 5 hours and I barely made a dent. Too bad …I’m headed back to Richard tomorrow. The rest of the files will have to wait till end of January when I return. Right now I am about to leave for dinner with my dearest pal, the great chef Scott Peacock. I have missed him so much. I will take a photo.

At dinner with my friend Scott Peacock. He is the chef at Watershed. Owned by the Indigo Girls. Whenever I have friends new to Atlanta I bring them to Watershed.

At dinner with my friend Scott Peacock. He is the chef at Watershed. Owned by the Indigo Girls. Whenever I have friends new to Atlanta I bring them to Watershed.

See you next time.

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  1. Jane,

    I don’t know how you do all that you do and have so much energy. What is your secret? Is it diet, etc?

    I’m looking forward to your new videos. I will buy them all – and whether I will use them is another story altogether! 😉

    Are the cacti on the conference table gifts or decoration? I’ll bet they are pretty when they are blooming.

    Those ladies in the photographs look so happy to be with you. You are, indeed, fortunate to be surrounded with so many nice people. And they are so fortunate to have an opportunity to know and work with you.


  2. That has got to be the BEST idea ever! How exciting to have everyone working out together. I so wish I could be there. I wish you the best of luck with that. You’re always so passionate about G-CAPP which I find inspiring.

  3. looks like a fun place!

  4. Hello Jane,

    Sounds like you have been non stop busy!!!!

    What great plans do you have for your soon to be birthday?

    Can’t wait to see your new exercise videos!!

    Take care,


  5. Jane,

    I think white should be your signature color because you look absolutely fabulous wearing it.


  6. You are such a busy gal! How is the book going? Must be hard to write it when you are constantly on the go! Have a good day.

  7. always in action, and never forgotting family and grandskids,fine, you stay in good term with Ted,that also great, I didn’t misunderstand, you’re planning fitness Dvd , for your non-profit organization for the campain for prevention of adolescents pregnancy?great too, i see Tullea is very present, i saw her at an hour and thirty conference of you ,she had a very nice behaviour! it’s was in the state you livein occasion of your precedent book, you spoke very courageously and straight to the point! bravo,it was on you tube naturally! so go ahead being always like that! frederique dhenein

  8. Are those barrel cactus loving Atlanta!? Hope you break that world record, that sounds like a fun thing to do. I’ve been using your CD’s for years now, and am looking forward to some new ones.

    I love hearing about the many foundations you and Ted and his family have going, it makes me much more positive about our world.

    They are making a western movie here, the dh(dear husband) is a player, and they need more help tomorrow with more people coming in, I’m excited to help out, it’s always fun. I wonder how many westerns you and your father made at the Old Tucson and susidiary sets here in AZ!

    The 12th was my B-day. I wasn’t in a lot of joy for this 56th! It’s just kind of a middle one not for celebrating but waiting on the 6-0! I hope the 60’s are as fun, I’ve had a blast in these 50’s.

  9. Yes I like to know how you never been brought on charges for selling out your own country. Going over to vietam. Then selling out our troops for your own gain. War is not fun, but you dont have to help the enemy. So what made you any different. You stood up protested. Made your sign baby killers, but then you went over to vietam. Said it was for peace. You sold out Americans. So really you help the enemy be babie killers. Those men who fought for our country were americans and had wifes, girlfriends, moms, dads, and kids. so how it feel to kill jane. What u going ot say when god asked you that Question.

    America’s Vet’s God bless.

  10. In your tour you failed to note what you called a unique moment in your tour – your bodyguard, a Catholic priest, was pounced on and pummeled to the floor by one of his female parishioners. I would have expected that this exceptional event would have been noted in your account. At present I left the priesthood, and am now an 80 year old married layman who has just published a four act story about Jesus, Man on a Mission – one not unlike yours in its intense focus on the least and on nonviolence. Despite our age we’re still graced with the energy to fight the good fight. That is a great grace.
    Paricia McGrady, the niece of Phil (P.J.) Hickey gave me your blogspot address.

    If interested in JESUS, MAN ON MISSION check out my blogspot, http://jesusmanonamission.blogspot.com

    All the best to a great activist! Jim La Croce

  11. So glad you had a chance to get back to Atlanta even if it was for a short visit! We’re always happy when you’re here!:) Your idea for a fund raiser for G-CAPP sounds great! Sounds like it will be fun at the Georgia Dome in the spring!!

    Your lunch with Ted sounded interesting! It’s nice that you two can still be friends! I still haven’t eaten at Ted’s Montana Grill, but I hope to soon. I know you must miss your friends and family here, but it’s nice that you can come back often!

    We’ve had so much rain in Atlanta this fall! I’m sorry to hear that your offices were flooded because of broken pipes! I’m sure sorting through files for five hours was a headache!:(

    You’re going to have a birthday soon!:)I hope it will WONDERFUL, and that this coming year will be filled with many happy memories for you!:) Wishing you a very Merry Christmas too!

    Take care….from Atlanta!

  12. I’m in MA and one of my grad students is from Atlanta and had never heard of Scott’s place. She loved it and appreciated the idea. I admire him. I know he struggled a few years before he found what he loved. I alway enjoy stories like that esp. when they turn out well. He seems very well grounded and must be a wonderful friend. I love pimento chees spread and it’s a hard thing to find in New England unless you make it at home. lol Scott’s I’m told is a cheesy dream.

  13. Dear Jane,
    I just discovered your website last evening, and I’m thrilled to be here! Looking forward to reading your past blogs and catching up. Your autobiography was the best, the most insightful, the most honest I’ve ever read. The issues you faced growing up were and are so like mine, it’s scary! What an inspiration you are and what a force for good you are in the world! We’re about the same age, so I’ve “grown up” with you, while enjoying your work so much! God Bless!

  14. Jane, I love your blog as much today, as when you first started. They are all just so terribly interesting. What a great start to another book, and a great diary.

  15. Jane the picture of you,Tulea and Scott Peacock is lovely and one can feel the warmth of the cuddle literally coming off the PC screen.

    Kind of off-topic but those cactus plants on the table look rather like spooky UFOs…


  16. Jane, thank you! Your autobiography convinced me to share a (shameful) secret from my high school days in my book, “The Secret Method for Growing Younger.”

    On another note, I’m on the planning committee for the New Mexico Conference on Aging and it would be an honor to have you as keynote speaker at our next conference in August 2010 in Allbuqueque. 1500 attendees. You have done so much for fitness and your heart and soul make you a very special person with much to share. Besides, don’t you get a little homesick for New Mexico?

  17. I’ve read your biography on IMDb which states the following: Oh Henry Fonda’s love of the Theater: I’m becoming obsessed with his presence in my head, because my dad adored theater. He didn’t talk much, but he would talk about how he loved the immediacy of a live audience. I was never comfortable enough in my own skin 45 years ago to be able to understand it. I just wanted to escape. And now it’s like, ‘Oh Dad, I wish you were here and alive, so I could say to you: “I get it! I’m finally able to experience what you were talking about.”
    I can relate to this high feeling you get from live theatre from my experience of playing sports in front of a live audience when I was younger. Knowing that the people were there to watch me perform, whether I ended up either the hero or goat, was priceless. I’m currently employed as an operator at a wastewater treatment facility which is a great job especially in this recession because everyone needs to use the John, but nobody in their right mind is going to watch me work like someone watches a performer in front of a live audience. I miss that type of high so much that I’ve I started taking acting lessons. I don’t know where it’s going to lead me, but 3 weeks at the New York Film Academy were very fullfilling.
    Good luck with your dreams! Mike Hinkle

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