Troy takes it lying down on HOUSE tonight at 8pm!

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  1. Hi Jane! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog this morning. I just packed up my bags and moved to New Mexico for work — not knowing anyone. I figured “Hey, if it’s good enough for Jane Fonda, it’s good enough for me.” So far I love it! Thanks for all you do and best of luck to your son on House! -Kristen

  2. Thanks for the information about Troy going to be on “House” tonight! I look forward to watching it!:)

  3. Hi Jane,
    Wish I was in the States to see it. Will have to wait till it gets here 🙁
    Best wishes

  4. well,wasn’t Troy too much affraid of the caustical and irresistible doctor House? and what about your precedent post? you flying to Paris,to fix-up the shooting of a french movie in June? not that i’m unhappy seing Troy in such a good company with this marvellous doctor House, but what about the post about Paris, arf!!! frederique dhenein

  5. My Favorite show….I can’t wait to watch…I will be there…..

  6. A porn star no less! I’m so there!

    Now Jane, don’t be getting any ideas about your next role in French please. But I digress. How exciting my dear for you to be going back in front of the cameras and to speak not in your native tongue no less. Is that picture The Widows’ Adventures with Diane Keaton still something you might be doing? I recall with fondness Diane’s other big screen comedies with huge female movie stars – especially the sublime Crimes of the Heart with Jessica Lange and Sissy Spacek but also The First Wives Club with Goldie Hawn and Bette Midler. We must encourage more of these pairings!

  7. Just watched Troy yesterday in “Lake City”! He’s amazing.

  8. Loved your son in Sunshine!

  9. Hi Ms. Fonda,

    I saw your son on “House” tonight. He delivered an intense performance. I’m sure you are proud of him.

    Thank you for responding to my recent post about the sourwood tree in my backyard—my “Vee Tree.” It really made my day when I read your reply.

    You live such a fascinating life. I enjoy reading about your travels and activities.

    Chris in ATL

  10. Troy was really good!

  11. Ha!! That looks great, I taped it!

  12. I enjoyed watching Troy on “House”!! I think he would be a good regular on any of the popular TV shows!

  13. Hi Jane, I watched Troy last night on “House,” and was struck buy his maturity (he’s all grown up), and also the depth he gave to the character. He has a tough-guy/vulnerable thing happening and I think he would be perfect for a gritty, big city cop drama. Your new film sounds very exciting and I hope you’ll keep your blog going during the filming. Dan

  14. Jane,
    I recorded the show and watched it last night. Troy’s work was outstanding on this episode. I believed him in the role and the banter between his character and the doctors about cheating on your spouse via doing porno was hysterical. My favorite part was when he found out he could kill his “worms” by taking a couple of pills and he starts laughing and goes…”okay then!” Please tell him his work was well received and I hope to see him more…and you too! Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. What kind of country do we live in when we can’t even give an organ to a porn star? Sure, people find that profession unfavorable, but in medicine it should always be about the patient.

    • I once had a doctor refuse to sign a ‘well child’ certificate (the legal prerequisite for my child beginning school) because he was offended that I conscientiously object to routine vaccinations. This was despite the fact that the SOLE REASON for our office visit was to get the certificate signed, I had already paid him $95.00 for the service, AND I was completely within my legal rights to exempt my children from vaccination.

      Medicine is rarely primarily about the patient.

      P.S. I have been a life-long fan, Jane, and did your pregnancy workouts 18 years ago while pregnant with my oldest child — who is now a handsome, brilliant, moral, committed gentleman finishing his last year of high school. Thanks for being a positive influence in our lives . . . ironically, I write this after having just watched your father in ‘Gideon’s Trumpet.’

      Diane E. Stranz
      Arlington, Texas

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