These are the solar panels that use the sun to heat my home

These are the solar panels that use the sun to heat my home

These are the solar panels that use the sun to heat my home

These are the solar panels that use the sun to heat my home

I am about to leave my ranch. I’d be sadder if I weren’t so rushed. I just finished a new chapter for my book about the third act, “Meeting New People When you’re Looking for Love.” and I’m hurrying to finish packing. But I couldn’t resist taking pictures of my solar panels. I’m trying to set a good example for other home owners in and around the Santa Fe area but, I fear, not enough are going solar—even in a sun-drenched place like this. They don’t even mandate grey water systems to conserve water!!! We have far too little of that resource. I drive a Prius and use all green light bulbs. So bully for me!!

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  1. Good on ya girl!!

  2. Thanks for the inspiration, Jane. I really wanted to install solar when we lived in the mountains above Pecos, but moved away before my plan could be achieved. I live in Mérida Yucatan now and am in the process of putting together plans for some solar panels for electric and water heat. I wish more people would consider using the energy of the sun to at least heat water—especially in sunny climates. Oh, and I had a Prius too—now I don’t own a car and walk or ride public transportation. Even greener, don’t you think.

    Keep up the good works! Peter

  3. Thank you for be’in the earthkeeper Jane.
    Blessing dear Sun for refecting with the Momma Earth.

    yours treely,

  4. Sounds like an interesting book. What about recycling? That’s what I am into now, love in particular. New friends, old friends, its all about your own needs and desires! I have been thinking lately that it is best not to have such needs and desires as they become a big trap preventing us from appreciating the real part of others — as well the true in our own self.

  5. Interesting pictures! It’s hard to believe more people don’t use solar panels for heating their homes around the Santa Fe area! Thanks for trying to set a good example for home owners out there! I think some people get into a routine about doing things, and making changes is easier for some than others. I think becoming more active in the environmentally conscientious matters takes individual effort and education in that field.

    I know it was hard for you to leave your ranch! I’m so glad you got to spend more time there though! 🙂

  6. That’s pretty cool, I have to say.

  7. Perhaps the cost of the panels is keeping some folks from making the transition. I switched to a low flow toilet recently. My water bill immediately was reduced, yet it will literally be years before I regain the cost of the toilet and plumber fees. I would like to see the government offer more incentives for the expense of going green and trying to be a better citizen of the world.

  8. Thank you Jane, wonderful girl!

  9. Right on, Jane! You are a great example for others in many, many ways.

  10. It’s nice to see you greening up for the planet. I just wish more people would follow suit.

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