Iconic music educator, Sylvia Perry, playing Richard's art deco piano. Note her wedding picture in foreground.

Iconic music educator, Sylvia Perry, playing Richard's art deco piano. Note her wedding picture in foreground.

I kept hearing people who know Sylvia Perry describe her as “a force of nature.” Now that I have spent the better part of two days with her, I can testify that it’s true…she’s my new role model… something to strive for—being clear headed, generous, loving, observant, at age ninety. I’m waiting for her to come over so I can interview her for my book because we had no time yesterday. We started with a big brunch for Sylvia, Richard’s brother Andrew who works with Sylvia in her music instrument business which is now based in Keizer, Oregon, where they both live, Andrew’s fifteen year old daughter, Erin (with the purple hair) and Raeann McDonald, a woman with great heart and humor, who runs the Willamette Lutheran retirement Community a retirement home where Sylvia lives. I made French scrambled eggs for the brunch. I learned how from Roger Vadim, my first (French) husband. They went over well even though I forgot the white truffle oil.

Richard's niece, Erin Perry.

Richard's niece, Erin Perry.

Interviewing Sylvia today

Interviewing Sylvia today

Then we went to the final performance of “Baby, It’s You.” In November the play will reopen at the Pasadena Playhouse. James Caan’s 94 year old mother was at the performance as well. Then, we all went to dinner at Craft as guests of Steve Bing who didn’t come himself cause he wasn’t feeling well. I sat next to Jimmy (Caan) and can’t remember laughing so hard. Robbie Robertson (The Band) was there, too. I am enjoying getting to know him. Years ago he did the music for a long documentary that Ted Turner commissioned for TBS on Native Americans and I remember being blown away by the music. Robbie is part Mohawk Indian and I am impressed and moved by how close to the surface his native roots are….in his love for good story telling and in the ways he has found to get himself into the creative groove.

Paulette Ivory, Meegan Holoway, Jay Winnick

(left to right) Paulette Ivory, Meegan Holoway, Jay Winnick

left to right Meegan, Richard, Gino Henderson

(left to right) Meegan, Richard, Gino Henderson

After dinner, we came back to Richard’s house and were treated to a dance performance by his niece, Erin, who studies belly dancing and hip hop, among other styles. She is truly gifted and a smart, precocious, kind young woman. Lesson: Under the purple hair a good and sensible brain may be lurking.

The family returns to Oregon tomorrow and I will return to writing my book.

One more thing, I am now getting emails from friends in Atlanta telling me they have heard radio shows announcing Richard and I are getting married in December at Bridget Fonda’s and that my ex’s (Tom and Ted) are invited. Hello: has anyone been paying attention? I already said it IS NOT TRUE!

Richard  Perry and me

Richard Perry and me

biy party 007

biy party 008

See you next time.

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  1. Jane, you look hawt kissing your man. Enjoy!

  2. I could not find your blog more delightful. So happy that you can still meet people who wow you like Sylvia Perry (and introduce them to us as well). Keep up the great work.

  3. You write so well, I feel like I was there. Great descriptions of a wonderful day. Thank you.

  4. Talented family that Perry lot…another thing that your families have in common. Actually, on Aussie tv the other night they did a poll on the 20 most famous offspring in the world. The Fondas finished second to Lisa Marie Presley! Hmm. The Barrymores did not get a mention, or a few others that I thought would have.

    There will always be rumours, Jane, we’ll believe it when you tell us!

  5. Wow what a full day en fun by the looks and sounds of it. I hear you Jane! but you should know by now people only here and see what they WANT to!
    Can not believe Sylvia is that ‘young’ Beautiful pictures of you and Richard.

  6. What a wonderful tribute to Richard’s mother Sylvia! It is so great to meet “the family” and have it all go so well. Congrats Jane! Stay clear of the fires.

  7. aww you two look so happy, glad everything has turned out so well for you and who cares about rumours as long as you know the truth. x

  8. what lucky people you two are!

  9. Great introduction to the Oregon family! Love all the photos and last one of you and Richard gazing at each other says it all! The power of love is amazing. May it continue on and on. How about that French scrambled egg recipe???

  10. Jane, you look so happy! And well deserved.

  11. Just an observation- I thought it was interesting that you commented on the young woman’s purple hair but not the older woman, who has jet black dyed hair… at 90. Perhaps we sometimes judge youth but when it comes to elders we see them through a veil of wisdom, serenity and full of love.

  12. hello Jane , Sounds like a good idea to have a Audio recordings of the history of people, the older person , can at time loss their train of thought. I recall that when I was a under graduate student working in the History Dept., as a student Assistant, the University had a Oral history project, that had as it goal to record the history of local people about their life and experiences for the record, using Audio recordings.

  13. I worry a little that your beau has a limited wardrobe cause *everytime* he’s in pictures, he’wearing your mugshot shirt. 😉

    • AWW!! I can see much happiness in your blue eyes. Richard really made you more beautiful than ever. 🙂

  14. Jane, it must be maddening trying to keep those rumour-mongerers at bay! Just ignore the static and keep enjoying your romance. Thank you for introducing us to Sylvia–I’m sure she’ll be sharing some wonderful stories with you.

  15. So full and so full of life!

  16. Jane, You like very happy..How is the knee? How is the writing coming along? I wish I could be a busy as you. Take care

  17. Ah Jane you look so bloody happy – it’s great to see! I’m sure your mother-in-law (ha) was just as enthused about meeting you as you were about meeting her. Richard has some formidable women in his life! He must be a great guy.
    Take care! Mx

  18. HI Jane
    Again,such lovely photos.You look so happy.
    I cant wait for your book to be published.You sat with James Caan and Robbie Robertson,two very talented men.

  19. Jane,

    Raeann is my sister and you are right she has an incredible heart! She adores Sylvia and they are so good for each other. Richard has become family to her as well. She was so looking forward to this trip and I am anxious to hear her stories when we next talk.

    Sylvia is an inspiration to my Raeann as well!

    Glad you had the oppertunity to see my sister’s heart like I have.

    Sincerely and continued happiness with Richard!

    Faye Ann

  20. Jane,
    I enjoyed reading this so much! The photos are great…as usual! Richard’s mom is amazing! It’s so great that you can interview her! She would be someone who would have so many interesting things to tell you! I think it’s good to record your interviews with people!

    It’s fun seeing everyone! Erin sounds like she’s a very creative person! Some adolescents go through different stages during this time in their lives. Using different hair colors is just one way of expressing themselves, I think.

    I’ve heard/read that “marriage” news you mentioned from different news sources! It must be difficult to be a public figure sometimes! The press is ALWAYS waiting “like a spider” to pounce on an opportunity to write “something” about ANY celebrity!!! I guess you all learn to ignore a lot that is said and written about you!!!

    It sounds like you had a nice gathering of friends and family members! So glad it went well!

    The pictures of you and Richard are very nice! Honestly, Jane, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one bad photograph of you!!

    Take care…. from Atlanta!!

  21. I have no idea what happened to my last post.

    I can see much happiness in your blue eyes. Richard really made you more beautiful than ever!

  22. Oh shoot!! Can anyone please remove my first post that replied to Kassidy’s post? Sorry!

  23. I am so grateful you are still blogging!
    Can’t wait for the new book to come out.

    Love all the photos – especially the last one of you and Richard.

  24. Music keeps one young, apparently!! I really do believe music makes a difference in keeping the brain healthy. If you get up and dance, I suppose it helps keep the body healthy as well.

    At 43, I think I will learn to play the piano or something to help with the brain cells.

  25. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us

  26. What is it about human beings that they like to start exciting, but untrue, rumors about others, especially if they’re famous? Oh well.

    Great description of a great day. I think you should hold some kind of a contest for your readers with the prize being getting to hang out with you for a day! Sign me up!

  27. ” it’s true…she’s my new role model… something to strive for—being clear headed, generous, loving, observant, ”

    I must have said it 1000 times. I don’t know if ever to you, but to everyone else around me. You are my role model! Not only for the reasons you’ve said about Mrs Perry, but millions more. Since i’ve read your book I have wanted to tell you what it has done for me. I am more than PROUD to call JANE FONDA my idol. Problems you have faced with your father, I have too. I can’t tell you what it felt like to me to know that I wasn’t the only one. I’m honored to have had my comment about gcapp put on your website. I am so happy to be able to communicate with you through this blog. Thank you for be that role model for me. You are wonderful!!

  28. Just recently joined twitter and was happy to see you were part of twitter family. We met after your reading of a portion of your book at the symposium space in NYC a while back when during an intermission party -I told you how -I thought your book was the single greatest gift you could ever bestow to your daughter and son having lost my Mom and longing to have known her in such a truly intimate way – I only wished my Mom had put her life in such raw detail and emotion on paper and you gave me a big hug and told me Iwould never know how much my saying that meant to you. Ireally do know how much my saying that meant to you because – -I think you are a very special person who grew with every experience and felt it necessary in your third chapter to set the record straight…thank you for sharing yourself and your life with such a wonderfully written book. With tremendous respect….Lisa Hession

  29. Sylvia Perry sounds like an encouragement to us all for how it can be as we age. I am looking forward to your take on aging. You are a bit ahead of me but basically we are in the same age group with many of us trying to find a way to age positively. It’s an exciting process but has its ups and downs for sure. I enjoy reading how others have found it to be.

  30. Nice read, Jane. You look great in photos! Every family, small town, should have recorded history of their elder citizens.

  31. Aw how sweet… lovely to be in love. Its interesting how you can tell a person’s spirit from a photo. She does look like a very great person to know. Reminds me of Corrie Ten Boom, the photo does. Hope everyone stays out of the blasted heat…cheers Jane.

  32. So nice this happiness you have found. I can’t wait for this book! Great interviews, great people. I am nearly finished with “My life so far” in just 3 evenings! I want to rent many of the old movies again and the many that I have never seen because they were “before my time” (I’m 43- and only in last few years in my body fully) Being a baby during Vietnam but an activist now myself, I’ve found a deeper love and connection to you in admiration for all you went through then when you didn’t have to. Not to mention all you have done since. To use film to get messages across like 9 to 5, for teen pregnancy, for women in Media, Thank God for you Jane. What a beacon you are!

  33. You are also so multi talented as reading the book so swiftly has shown me what a wonderful, honest writer you are! Your blog delights often I’m so glad you continued it past the play. I’d love you to write about Diane Sawyer getting Charlie Gibsons anchor job, and about if you ever thought we’d have TWO female news anchors!

  34. Jane,

    I never get tired seeing expressions of passionate love. We can see it growing right before our eyes in the pictures. Seeing you two made me cuddle up closer to my husband tonight, as sometimes 27yrs makes us forget.
    A full 2 days in deed, Richard’s family has embraced you for sure.
    I love that art deco piano in the picture(what I could see), and the wedding picture.Can’t wait to hear the stories Sylvia has told you. Sylvia sounds like quite a lady. Nothing like the wisdom of a life well lived. Glad you had such a joyful visit.
    Happy Writing

    Ps. Those french eggs sound great.

  35. Wow you look great!

  36. i love you jane! what are french scrambled eggs?

  37. Wow, Jane, you are in love. Those pictures are priceless of you and Richard. I am happy you have found such love. Your description of meeting Sylvia sounded so great! Thank you for always sharing your life with us.

  38. Jane, your life force is incredible…i love you and i am soooooo happy for you!!!

  39. Loving that you have found love once again and that you are happy and comfortable in your own skin!
    you DESERVE the very best!
    Thank you for your inspiration!
    Any word on the road trip movie with Diane Keaton?

    Sounds like so much fun!

    Much Love
    Bradley Provines

  40. OK, I’m writing this in connection with your research on “aging”
    My mother in law turned 101 in August.
    Aside from a hearing issue, she is in perfect physical and mental health, insists on living by herself and doesn’t want anyone living with her (God knows some of her grandkids have tried…) .
    Up until 2 month ago, she was driving around (with the lady next door, who doesn’t drive). She did her own shopping, drove herself to the Drs, etc.
    Then on the evening of the Friday before of the 4th of July weekend, she went to take a shower, sat on the edge of the bathtub, trip on some item of clothing that she was removing, fell in the tub and couldn’t prop herself out again
    While several people called, nobody thought much of the fact that she didn’t answer.
    Due to the holiday weekend her neighbor had gone to spend it with one of her children, my MIL spent Friday night, Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday in the bathtub.
    On Monday afternoon, when her neighbor came back, and noticed something was wrong, got her set of keys, went in and found my MIL.

    She called me and told me that my MIL sounded a little incoherent.
    I told her to call 911, and got there ASAP
    At the hospital they rehydrated her, she had MRIs, a Cat scan and all kinds of tests, she was found to be fine.
    The Dr’s said that when an old person lays on a hard surface for so long the muscle tissue begins to break, and recommended Rehab.
    She stayed at the Rehab for 3 weeks. She refused to mingle with the other patients because she thought she didn’t belong with those “all biddies” who mostly rambled about nonsense.
    She didn’t want to move to an Assisted Living, because (you guessed it) she didn’t want to be around “all biddies”.

    In short, my husband had a Stair Lift installed in her house and convinced her to wear one of those Life Alert medallions (which she didn’t want).
    She has a woman that goes to “help her” and she thinks is a waste because she wants to do the chores herself, and the woman just sits there…..
    She keeps up with the times and knows what is going on in the world. She watches soap operas and movies, she watches the news, reads the papers and reads novels constantly. She’s not a prude, actually quite the opposite. AND, this is cute: she lost some 13 pounds and now fears to put the weight back on. She likes being thin.
    I don’t want to bore you anymore, but I thought you might enjoy the story. Just didn’t know where else to “plant” it.

  41. I love everything you write. I love feeling like I’m out here watching while being there at the same time. You are an inspiration and a beauty.
    Write on dear Jane.

  42. Ms. Fonda, thank you for standing up and taking a stand against the atrocities committed by the state of Israel against the Palestinians. Israel was created from violence, death and the holocaust of the Palestinian people – please continue to bring light to this important issue.

  43. How lovely of you to share these wonderful getting-to-know-you family moments. You look so happy in those photos of the two of you. Blessings.

  44. Hello Jane,

    I first meet Sylvia and Andrew about 15 years ago. What started has a business relationship turned into a treasured friendship. When Sylvia accepts you as a friend, you become a member of her family.

    Sylvia is an amazing force of nature. She is a legend in the educational musical instrument business. She recently decided she could no longer attend our conventions. I will miss enjoying her company at these events.

    I see that Richard looks very happy in the pictures with you. It is good that he has found love in his life. I wish you two the best!

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