The Perfect Way To End A Great Day in New Mexico


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  1. yeah I’ll have in of those

  2. I eagerly anticipate reading your blogs every day when I turn my computer. It has become one of the first things I check each morning.

    I, too, have had a “unique” family and am probably just now realizing the negative effect it has had on how I have lived my life.

    Approaching my 49th birthday in a couple of months and feel the necessity of starting over…have some bad habits I need to work on and reading how you have overcome some of your obstacles and taken control of your life gives me hope that I can do the same. I am such a “PLEASER” to my kids, husband, etc.

    My husband and I moved 2 years ago to the place we dreamed of moving once our kids graduated high school…but miss all my friends and have not made any new ones…yet! Thank goodness for email!

    We have several books on Buddhism and Zen…my husband is an extensive reader and very curious about other religions and meditation!

    Your honesty and candid discussion about your past inspires me to makes some changes. Thank you for your blog entries about your everday activities along with all the celebrity “stuff” too!

  3. Jane,
    Talking about sex in your next book?
    You did just fine in your last book.
    Speak your truth….you do it well.


    P.S. Off subject but, WORD OUT!
    When are these talking heads going to leave Hillary Clinton alone?
    She is working on more problems than any Sec. of State and doing her very best as usual.And this is what she gets?
    I’m giving up on cable tv. CNN and all the rest of 24/7 news is trash. With all thats happening in the world? They save their negative Hillary story til’ the end of their segment.Keep everyone waiting and bam slap up their worst picture of her and talk their trash. Why should I pay for that?
    Hello out there? We Hillary people VOTE.
    We love Pres. Obama but we also LOVE Hillary.
    Where is the respect for our Sec. of State?
    I remember when CNN was excellent. Very long time ago. Remember when you could listen to news and form your own opinion? Those days are gone.
    Thank goodness for C-Span,
    Now and Bill Moyers.

    Holding my nose,

    • Yeah, Earthkeeper, but then there’s always Ed, Chris, Keith and, (drum roll) Rachael. xx Jane

    • It is an honor dear Jane having you reply!
      I prefer you, your blog and the many fine folks
      who visit.
      I’ve especially enjoyed the beautiful stories
      shared on the The Rehearsing for Death.
      You really got the inspirational juices flowing.
      There is hope for this world when people share
      and speak from their hearts.

      sending you love and light,

  4. I’d love to have one of those! They’re so relaxing.

  5. Looks like fun! You must enjoy the weather out there! So nice to have family and friends there with you!

  6. Another great picture of the joys in life. Family, friends,and the ever welcoming hot tub.

  7. And all the people said, “Amen!”

  8. Lovely!

  9. I could use one of those. A real de-stresser!

  10. A hot tub right about now sounds fantastic! You all look so happy!


  11. Well said, a perfect way to end any hot day !

  12. dear jane, are you wearing any clothes?!


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