Richard’s mother, Sylvia Perry, is about to arrive at the house. She is 90 years old and still running the musical instrument business she started in the 1940s. It supplies instruments to schools and may well be the largest such in the country. I’m told Sylvia is a pistol. I will interview her tomorrow for my book. Tonight we’re going to dinner together with one of Richard’s brothers, Andrew, his niece, my stepmother, Shirlee Fonda and her partner, Rob Wolders. I will take pictures.

Posing with Clive Davis and Richard in front of "Baby, It's You" theatre

Posing with Clive Davis and Richard in front of "Baby, It's You" theatre (click to enlarge)

I saw the first act of “Baby It’s You” and then left to get ready for Sylvia. My old pal from in late ’70s, James Caan, was there with his wife and children. I did “Comes a Horseman” with him back then. He looks great. The music impresario, Clive Davis, was also at the play with his wife and about 8 family members. Even the young ones who aren’t familiar with the music of the Shirrelles and others in the late ’50s and early ’60s seemed to enjoy the play.

Okay. Gotta go. Wanna make a good impression.

See You Next Time.

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  1. Oh WOW! Kind of funny to think no matter how old, or where you are in life, it’s STILL nerve racking to meet the “in-laws”….LOL…

    I would think….if MY son were dating Jane Fonda, I would be the one who would be nervous:-)

    Have fun:-)

    (the 42 yr old star struck teenager)

  2. You will make a good imprssion! That’s a given.
    Please tell us all about how the meeting with “the mother

  3. Whew, that James Caan…my oh my is he wonderful!
    Have fun tonight, good luck. Is that bad to say good luck? Sorry!! Have fun.

  4. Jane,

    Sounds like you will have an interesting interview tomorrow with Richards mom.Still working at 90, that’s quite rare.What stories, and insight she will have. I’m sure she will be quite impressed with you.
    Baby It’s You sounds like it will be a hit.Hopefully it will come to NYC.
    Glad to see your doing well. Hope the back issues are resolved.Take care, keep having fun.
    Bless You All

    Ps The t-shirt looked great on Richard

  5. Nice to know even Jane gets a bit self-conscious Meeting the Mother. (And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if my children played her instruments in school.)

  6. What a very refreshed and relaxed Jane – obviously life is agreeing with you.

  7. Hi Jane. Just wanted to say I love the pic of you in the white dress. I’ve never seen you in white, before. It is very becoming on you. You look absolutely fabulous.

  8. waou!! you have a steady and fine way of life!just harmony!with a lot of fellowships!always a great pleasure to come along this blog! sorry for my english and thank you for sharing! frederique dhenein!

  9. Looking forward to the pic’s

  10. I hope Richard’s mother is still strong enough to make a century. I hope she will live long, as long as she wish.May happiness and love remain all around her always and forever. WEish Richard and you also remain healthy just like Richards mother as long as you wish.

  11. A mother is some who is very special to every body’s life. It does not mean how old she is. She is special at every age and for every moment.

  12. Sounds like a great play! I always enjoy your pictures, Jane! Richard’s mother sounds interesting….still being able to run her business at 90 years old! That’s a big accomplishment! She’ll be a good person to interview for your book. Hope her visit goes well. Just be yourself!

  13. you will soooooooooooo make the perfect impression. And I love your white dress — very very pretty. I’m 57 and would love to look that great!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Wishing you a weekend full of love & laughter, dear lady. Today’s my parents’ anniversary and, even as octogenarians, they’re like newlyweds. That’s a good omen!

  15. Hi Jane,
    Is that Richard’s mother on the left? Wow she looks amazing. So do you, by the way.
    I’m fascinated by aging and how people manage to live long and healthy lives. I’M fascinated by the so-called Blue Zones of the world like Sardinia and Okinawa etc where people live so long and not only that are extremely fit and positive in old age. As a flight attendant I’m often in Japan, where you see people who look like their in their sixties, but are actually in their eighties. Wonderful.
    I would love to travel into the future to see what I’m going to look like when I’m ninety, hoping that living my life now with humour, lots of fruit and veggies and GALLONS of wine (!) will pay off someday.
    Glad you’ve ordered the film Wolke 9 (Cloud 9). If you hate it, please don’t hold it against me.
    Best wishes from Germany (well in Mexico City at the moment)

  16. wow.50s..60s..and you.Dream on Roy..x

  17. Will “Baby It’s You” come to NYC or is it staying strictly in Los Angeles?

    Looks like you all had a really great time. Can’t wait to read about your first encounter with Richard’s mother. 😀


  18. Sounds interest meeting someone that old Jane, she could be your sister.
    Taking about meeting a 90 year old women, sounds interesting
    I recall meeting a 108 year old man this was in about 1970 , I will never forget the experience. Mr. White was his name , H had a some cards from a few U. S. Presidents. I understood that when you reach 100 the President will send you a hand signed card noting that fact. Mr. White was very interesting talking about , meeting Buffalo Bill in a bar and how he saved his life. He had lost three finger in a train accident in 1880’s and was in a bar, and a man was causing problem and Buffalo Bill stepped in and told that the man that it would be unfair to fight a man who lost some finger and that he would have to fight him first. Mr. White had some wonderful stories, telling me that if he had not lost some finger in that train accident , he would have no been so careful the rest of his life and that helped him live longer, he know after that that any thing could happen and that would be the end of him , so he became more careful. I could tell a story, but if he was interrupted for a question than he would has loss of concentration. Any ways was interesting meeting a man who meet Buffalo Bill.

  19. You’re Jane Fonda-you don’t need to make an impression

  20. How did it go with Sylvia?

    You stated you heard music of the 50’s and 60’s at the play; my daughter and I were thrilled to hear the music of the 70’s at a concert with the John Steinbeck award winner Jackson Browne on Friday night. Do you know Jackson’s music and causes?

    Hope it went really well with Sylvia 🙂 Probably a pretty rare experience to meet “the mom” who is 90!


  21. I’m guessing (hoping) that being a “pistol” is a key to longevity.

  22. Definitely, love rejuvenates. Being with Richard has made you look more radiant! He attracts much admiration people reaching age 90. They have lived so long, have so much to tell. Shirrell’s music is very enjoyable, no matter how old. xx from Uruguay.

  23. Love these comments from your blogger friends about the 90 yr. old mother of your friend. Hope you’ll respond with photos; yes, there can be ‘life’ after 60, 70, 80, 90 & beyond …all only numbers manifested differently for each one of us. Enjoy!

  24. Hi Jane

    My post disappeared on my other server, so I’ll try again on this one. I just wanted to say that you look so healthy, radiant and happy. Your relationship with Richard must be good for you. Hopefully, he’ll keep you in LA a long time.
    It’s your town. Rock on.

    With love

  25. Yes, definitely. We of similar ages need to learn from our role models — “pistols” of the generation head of us. How did they doit? How do they do it? Secrets? Advice? Special resources? Does? Don’ts? Thank you, Jane, for getting us excellent teachers.

  26. Jane Fonda you are one hot looking gal! You look fantastic.

  27. Greetings,…I still enjoy Jane Fonda’s Pregnancy and Recovery Workout… cassette tape…
    I do the Recovery Workout (30 min.)
    I would love to have it on CD…

    I started it when I was 28 and here I am 52 …still trying to recover from four babies in the past. I love all my darling children…My oldest is now 24 and my youngest is 12.
    One of the greatest joys of my life: being a mother.

    Just wish I knew others that still try to do those exercises…

    Love ya,

    • Jan, I find this fascinating–that you still use the Recovery” portion Jane Fonda Pregnancy, Birth and Recovery video as a basic workout. I will crtanly consider putting it on CD. I am going to be doing a whole new collection, including my Walkout audio tape, on CDs. Thanks.

  28. I was also at the last show of Baby It’s You and Jane you looked very comfortable with Sylvia.

    I’m sure you both got along great. Jane you
    looked great and Sylvia looks great for being 90 yrs. old.

    My son was the video assistant for the show, my husband and I are very proud of him.

  29. I have just started reading you blog and I love it. You have always been a hero of mine. I am 65 so I’ve admired you for ages. This is my first comment on any site.

  30. Hey! You’re a pistol too! Enjoy the duel. 🙂

  31. Every time I check my Twitter and find you Jane Fonda in my feed my day perks up. I LOVED…the Shirelles and all the girl groups. As for meeting the pistol 91yr old Arthur Laurents I believe is same age. Funny I was feeling “old” at 58 ! THANKS FOR TURNING THAT AROUND!

  32. hi jane – you look fabulous. i love clive davis – an interesting man – i have met him several times as we have a mutual friend in L.A.

    please, please, what is the news on your pending film with diane keaton??



  33. Hey Jane,

    You look incredible in that pic — love the hair. And I’ve got a question for you, though I’m sure that you’ll be talking about this in your “third act” book…

    How does dating now, in your 70’s, compare to dating when you were in your 20’s or 30’s? Do you feel more confident or more sure of yourself than you did in past relationships? Is there less pressure?

    Ciao for now,

    • Dear Jordan, If we can remain open to romance in the third act, the dating and courting and all can be much easier and more fun cause we know ourselves and are standing on our own two feet, less trying to be what we think others want us to be. Whew!!!

  34. Hi Jane, I know I shouldn’t even ask this of you as you are busy with your book, but I would love to hear your thoughts on the passing of Ted Kennedy and Dominick Dunne. Heavy stuff though. If you don’t have time, I totally understand, and I will look forward to hearing about your meeting with Sylvia.

  35. Dear Ms. Fonda,
    You have such great hair!

  36. Meeting the mother, always a biggy, sounds like she is quite a powerful one too! Loved Comes a Horseman, I think that I have mentioned that it is one of my favourites a few times. You and Mr Caan had great chemistry in that one and it was such an understated movie. Very under rated.

  37. I was born at at the wrong time lol. Id have definitely loved to have gotten my paws on Jimmy Caan….circa the Godfather and Funny Lady…

  38. Hi Jane. Even now at the age of 71 and you still look great.

  39. And also Jane thanks for sharing some of your life and experiences with us. I appreciated!

  40. I love the tee shirt Richard is wearing! It is one of my favorit photos in your book.

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