Hard to believe it’s already August 10th.

I walked with the dogs for two hours (my daughter’s dog Freaka who was bitten by a rattlesnake last week is ok now and came with Tulea and me) and then did physical therapy in the pool for an hour and have been writing ever since—writing and reviewing a wonderful book I’ve read several times—a book about relationships and sexuality. “The Passionate Marriage” by David Schnarch. I highly recommend it to those of who interested in deepening intimacy. (I’m still working on the chapter about sex and having a lot of fun writing it and reading about sex). It helps that I can talk to my sweetie without worrying about losing the signal. There was such a minute window of opportunity time-wise as well as signal-wise while I was at the retreat so this feels like a treat.

Matt Arnett, father of my grands, has been here. He’s an avid fisherman but can’t seem to get either Malcolm or Viva interested in the sports, something that saddens us both. James Andrews and his family just arrived from Atlanta and I will go be with them in a moment. I’ll also take a picture of them for the blog. A gorgeous family. Viva and Skye just came into my office to play with the dogs. James is the one who persuaded me to start blogging and has been an ever-present and helpful tech friend. Couldn’t/wouldn’t have done it without him. The other end of the duo is JJ in Detroit. I run everything past them both. JJ designed the blog and does the T-shirts which I sell in the “shop” to support g-capp.

Malcolm and Elijah

Malcolm and Elijah

Matt fishing below the house

Matt fishing below the house

Viva and Skye

Viva and Skye

Malcolm, Sharrelle and Matt

Malcolm, Sherrelle and Matt

Tulea and Freaka

Tulea and Freaka



Viva and her Obama T-shirt

Viva and her Obama T-shirt

I’ve only had my MAC Book PRO for a month and still have lots of questions so this week I’ll ask James to tutor me.  Downloading photos from my new camera right now is an endless struggle. But I know that with James’s help I will “get” it.

It’s a perfect New Mexico evening, clear sky, no pollution (there’s never any pollution here), the sound of the river soothes, the hummingbirds dart and dive around our feeders. I feel blessed. My body hurts but I observe it and don’t identify with it. Life goes on.

See you next time.

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  1. Sounds like the book is coming along. I love Viva’s shirt!

  2. Why is it that the days seem to pass faster? In just over a month in my country and we are reaching the spring.Tienes the best in New Mexico “soundtrack” that your life can be desired. From Uruguay with love.

  3. You inspire me Jane, you always have! I love your discipline. It is what I am working on. The pictures of your family shows in their aces how very much they love you!

  4. i think i will take a line from your post and apply it to my life.

    i have a headache today. i will observe it but not identify with it (-:

  5. “My body hurts but I observe it and don’t identify with it. Life goes on.”…thank you for this Jane.
    Wish I knew ‘how’ to do it. Re your “grands” no interest in fishing, reminds me of my brilliant husband who had no interest in fishing too because it was too ‘still’ and not active enough for him! He had to keep moving and loved to hike and take long walks…’different strokes for different folks’…..

  6. Nice that your book in coming into shape, sounds like you needed this time and space to work it out in you head. I have taught graduate courses to teachers on how to use the internet and how to use the computer , good to know that you have someone there for you in this area.Well you make your life sound so interesting in NM, I can see why you like it so. I can see why Shirly Maclaine made her home there also, do you see her ?

  7. Sounds like an absolutely perfect day with exercise, time with pets, with friends and thanks for the great photos. You do have a bit of paradise there.

  8. Uh, may I ask how Freaka got her name?

  9. Blimey jane ! Is this really you writing ?!
    If so, just to say hi from England. Oh.., and can i come to one of your garden parties ? Dave.

  10. Sounds like a really nice time.

  11. These are happy pictures They feel like family and summer.

  12. I love the normally sophisticated city gal Tulea kicking back in relaxed, country mode! Glad Freaka is OK!

  13. Jane,

    Love your blog…thanks for sharing!


  14. Jane, for downloading camera pictures to your computer, I highly recommend you go to and download their free (yeah free!!) Adobe Photoshop Scrapbook software. It is fast, simple to use and I can’t do without it! Liz

  15. Sounds like a peaceful day. Exactly don’t claim the pain. Good for you!

  16. Summer always goes so fast, of course, so does life in general! I remember the “old” folks telling me that when I was younger, especially while I was raising my kids. They were right. My husband and I may go to Montana and Wyoming for my upcoming 50th birthday. I was thinking about taking some fly fishing lessons after reading how much you enjoy it:)

  17. Love these pics! Maybe when Viva and Malcolm get older they will want to fish with their daddy! Looks like everyone is having fun! These special days always pass to quickly!! Enjoy!

  18. HI Jane
    Please tell Big Thanks to James and JJ from your fans.Because of them we are able to learn so much from you.
    And,please keep pictures coming.

  19. Glad to hear the book is coming along. I still plan to get it as soon as it comes out.

  20. Your grands look very sweet;-) Great photos!

  21. I read The Passionate Marriage. My Buddhist therapist recommended it to me. I am not nor have I ever been married, but it is a great book on intimacy. So, I second your endorsement.

    Your grandchildren are beautiful. Your dogs are beautiful. Your ranch is beautiful. Your friends are beautiful. (I spoke with James Andrews when he was testing the chat program…well he spoke and I typed…what a great guy he is!) You ARE blessed and so wonderful to know you know it.

  22. I read some of the reviews of the book on Amazon…this one was a bit sobering…

    “Freud once said that the goal of psychoanalysis is not to make the client happy, but rather to replace the client’s neurotic misery with ordinary unhappiness. For many couples, that will be the result of differentiation: the hurt, distance, and anger that has plagued their marriage and/or sex life will be replaced by the ordinary unhappiness of living with a real spouse with real limitations. Those limitations may include sexual limitations. Differentiation might well enable you and your spouse to have the best marriage, and the best sex, the two of you are capable of having together (which is no small thing!), but the sex you wind up having may be nowhere near as frequent, passionate, or “electric” as the sex shared by the successful couples described in Passionate Marriage.”

    So, should everyone have sex just because they are married, as if they should? This seems a bit goal oriented: “great sex.” It is what people think they want, or they have some concept of what that is, apart from love per se. Such may involve fantasy with your partner, whether sexual or emotional, or expectations of love rather than a genuine sense of compassion for the other person as he or she really is, in all his or her own craziness and hangups. I think there should be some genuine human transcendence rather than a focus on play acting and physical satisfaction. A positive non-directed relationship may or my not involve any particular kind of physicality, and may be be just if not more meaningful. Every formula has a bit of a trick to it and is as such misses the mark…and so it seems a bit gimmicky.

  23. Poor Freaka! I can’t imagine the pain one would have from a rattlesnake bite, not to mention the fear of it happened. Poor pup.

    Viva’s t-shirt is made of win!


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