Here’s my office window at my ranch. I had just seen “Lord of the Rings” when I was building the house and I was inspired by the Hobbit homes to make a small, cave-like office with a hobbit-house like feel. It makes me happy to write in my little cave. I can look out my fanciful window and see the river. Sometimes wondrous things are happening…like the time I saw a deer swimming downstream (must have been evading a predator), or when I see bear or the bald eagle who sometimes flies by. Two years ago there was a nesting pair but I’ve only seen one in the last 12 months.


Here’s a photo of Tulea sitting on the bed that’s on my portal. This is many friend’s favorite place to nap during the day.

I hiked for an hour—up hill and then down. And then, I finished my first daft of the chapter on sex. It feels so good—to be finished, that is. I do endless amounts of rewriting so I’m far from through but at least I got this far which I am so happy bout. I haven’t written anything for the book since I left to go to NY to do the play. I hoped to accomplish this before I leave tomorrow for a 5 day retreat at the Upaya Zen Center. The retreat is on “The Neurobiology of We: Exploring the Neurobiology of Empathy, Compassion, and Relatedness,” and it is being led by Daniel Siegel, Roshi Joan Halifax and Natalie Goldberg. Now, for any of you familiar with the field or with Buddhism, you will recognize these names and be jealous. I mean, these are three heavy hitters and I am so jazzed to be doing this. It is because I am interested in these subjects and how empathy and compassion alter the brain but also I am going because I think the topic will be useful for my book.

I’ll let you know. I will try to take pictures but not sure.

See you next time.

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  1. I really enjoy your blogs, how you share your creative life and especially the photos of the ranch and how you came up with what you have done there to make it yours.

  2. I’ve missed reading you Ms J…

    I’m in Europe since a month, dealing with some family issues. I hope God looks after my son and keep him safe… He is trying to find himself and I’m trying to find myself as well. Tough times.

    Wishing you a great time at your retreat! Part of mine will be reading your blog – It always grounds me.

    This window looks like a heart. It’s really like in a fairy tale 🙂

  3. Congrats on finishing the draft of the sex chapter! I love the pillows and bedding on the bed on your portal. They look kind of French Country. Tulea looks adorable sitting there.
    Enjoy the retreat.

  4. Jane, I am sooo bummed when I go to your site and there is no new blog from you. I find it fascinating. How do you know how to write a book (I loved your first one). Is it something that comes natural to you or did you study writing? I always wanted to write a book or story about my Grandmother. She grew up poor in North GA. She talked about working in the thread factories and “lint heads”. Anyway, thanks for blogging and keep on doing it!

  5. Dang, my comment didn’t make it through?
    Excuse if this is a repeat.

    I LOVE your CAVE room. Nice mushroom lamp.
    Looks like tiffany?
    Hope your eagles are ok. But you’ve been away
    for awhile. Maybe (hopefully) their with their
    babies. Teaching them the ways of the eagle.

    Tulea sitting centered for the photo shot.
    Is she thinking “Are we done yet”?
    Phine phind phor pluthera pillow phantasy.

    I’m jazzed your going to that FINE retreat. ENJOY!
    Wish I could be there…..


    Bravo Pres.Clinton and All for their loving care.
    FREEDOM for Ling and Lee!!!

  6. A great room to work in
    did you ever get those photo albums I sent while you were in the play?

  7. Jane!

    Thanks for your great blog. It is so much fun, among other things, keeping up with you and your life.

    I have been a big admirer of yours since my college days in the eighties. You keep getting better and better.



  8. Wow, two of my sheroes in the same room…you and Natalie G. 🙂 Glad to hear the writing’s going well. Your office and portal space both look like wonderful sanctuaries…lovely of you to share them with us. Hope you’re having a blissful retreat.

  9. Jane,
    That window is gorgeous! The view is fantastic. I think its great!! You’ve got a cute home.

  10. Nature is the best inspiration

  11. Wow, you have done so well with your knee!! Im going to Alb. today for my pre op and discuss the type of knee they are going to put in. still concerned about trying a knee that has not been used but then someone has to be first. You have a wonderful trip my surgery is on the 17th will let ya know!!!

  12. It is amazing how most people (including me) like a cave-office working. Yours looks very cozy. Tule seems both a queen pillows. I think that withdrawal will be very inspiring for you, for your book. I wish I can post pictures from there. From Uruguay with love.

  13. I have never been to New Mexico your ranch looks like a place to explore nature and respect nature. I am glad to here that your still writing. Sounds like your new knee is getting whip in to place. That is great that you can get up and go for a hike in a wonderful place and enjoy nature. I though I was the only person who got “jazzed up” to see someone or something. I am so glad that there is someone else out there who gets “jazzed up”. Take care and have a good time at the Upaya Zen Center. Hugs to Tulea

  14. I love the name Upaya or is that YOU Pay US.
    It is nice to see you Hobbit Nest,the “Lord of the Rings” you could see the story as a Zen story.
    Zen quote
    Bite sized chunk of enlightenment
    “ The way of the sword and the Way of Zen are identical, for they have the same purpose; that of killing the ego. ”

  15. Hi, Jane. Always good to hear from you and the pictures are beautiful. What a great place to curl up with a book, or take a nap.

    I recently read an interview with Cybil Shepherd,
    on wowowow.com, and she said that her biggest regret was “You know, I love my children-the twins have a different father than Clementine. My regret is I didn’t find a man that I could stay married to and raise my children with.” This reminds me something you also said.


  16. You have such exquisite taste;-) It would be perfect if you had a seat in that window that you could sit in…Id like that for my house( when I get one). I love the Indian flair too with the bed. Have fun at your retreat! I am familiar with their names…but Im really on the periphery of Buddhism now–learning and learning. Hope to keep learning!

  17. j’aime beaucoup cette petite fenetre qui ressemble à celle des hobits :-))
    j’aime aussi votre petit chien blanc 🙂 il est tres beau !!!

    see you soon.


  18. What a window that is, Jane! I have never seen anything like it. Your puppy certainly looks at home! When do you start filming with Diane? Can’t wait for that movie! Have fun writing. I often write 50 drafts then go back to the first one that I wrote!

    Cheers from Down Under.

  19. Dearest Jane,
    I have fallen in love with blogging. I randomly came across your blog after reading about Alfred Hitchcock movies starring Jimmy Stewart, Jimmy’s friendship with Henry Fonda, Henry’s daughter Jane. Long story short, your blog.

    Will be reading your back post.
    Was wondering about where you are in your Christian walk? Curious as to why you became a Christian in the first place.

    Interesting times we live in.
    Hope to hear from you.

  20. what a fairy-tale place as you said,like the hobbits home! inspiring,ideal for writing!and you write and post very eagerly,it’ worth being readed and commented,so being faithful to the blogs who deserves it, i leave a trace of my coming,with my clumsy english!!!great work jane! Frederique dhenein

  21. Your office “cave” looks just like the perfect place to concentrate on writing your book! Love the window above your desk! It’s great that you have a view of the river! It’s fun hearing about the animals you see! I know you’ll enjoy being at that retreat! I think you’ll learn a lot, and it should be very relaxing too! Enjoy! I read about a new book that you might like knowing about. It’s called “Healing Spaces” by Dr. Esther Sternberg. It explains how pleasing surroundings can have a profound impact on our health. The article about the book was so interesting! Just thought I’d pass that information along to you! It’s amazing you can hike an hour with your “new” knee! It is healing well and quickly! Great! I usually have signed my name, Susie, when I’ve made a comment on your blog, but I’m going to start using Susan K. Just wanted to tell you so you didn’t think Susie disappeared!:)

  22. Beautiful cozy cave you have there.

    enjoy your retreat.

  23. Your “Hobbit” office is absolutely delightful!!! and the retreat sounds wonderful, empathy and compassion — words I try to live by on a daily basis. Obviously, so do you. What a joy you are to so many — those of you who are family, those of you who are personal friends, and those of us online who “feel” as though we are your friends also. Blessings and peace to you, dear Jane.

  24. Love your writing cave! Hope the retreat was all you wished for and more. Cute little doggie!

  25. HI Jane
    Tulea is so adorable.Looking forward to the photos from the Retreat.

  26. Jane, you have a beautiful home and an exquisite Adobe, dome like writing room. Very theraputic and meditative.. I am happy for you that you’re participating in this informative and masterfully knowlege acquiring seminar/workshop at the Upaya Zen Center..Doesn’t Broadway seem a million miles away?..Every experience has it’s time and place in your life.. I too am falling in love (really for the 1st time in my life)and I’m 54..We actually met on a FB elementary school board..We went to the same elementary school, grew up in the same neighborhood and knew many of the same people in our childhood, but we never knew each other. And here we connected 45 yrs. later. The universe has a way of working for you when you’re ready and you ask for it. Isn’t this true? I keep kicking myself. Have a wonderful retreat and a blissful reunion with your sweetie when you get back.

  27. Hi Jane,

    I love the view from your office.. I don’t have quite the same view nor do I have the same wildlife passing by.. but I do have a lovely garden, it’s an english garden full of flowers, small birds butterflies..
    Love reading your blogs.

    Love from England Uk..


  28. Enjoy reading your blogs and this one in particular sounds very interesting!

  29. Yes, I think I squealed aloud when I saw the bed on the portal! It is so beautiful and so comfortable! So me! I tried to take a nap there, but I was distracted by the beautiful scenery.

    You have, all over the house, impeccable taste.

  30. Tulea looks absolutely precious in that photo!


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