It’s been six weeks since my knee replacement surgery and I’m doing remarkably well although the last 4 days I’ve been a slacker about doing my physical therapy. That’s because I went to Las Vegas with Richard, Troy and Simone (my son and daughter-in-law) to see “Jersey Boys” and “Love.” Both shows were remarkable, feel-good experiences. Troy and I have never been big fans of Vegas. I got married there the first time around. My husband gambled all night and I slept with his mother. I lived in Caesar’s Palace for many months while filming “Electric Horseman” with Bob Redford. I hated walking through the sounds, smells and just plain tawdriness of the casino to get to my room every night. The best part was taking ballet classes in some inconspicuous, back-alley studio with a lot of the showgirls–all scrubbed and normal looking.

So this time was a treat because we had fun, the shows alone were worth it and we had some great meals–especially at Botero in the Encore Hotel where we stayed. My brother, Peter, even showed up the last night with a slew of friends. The downside–a whoooole lot of walking on marble floors. Not great for a new knee.

Last night we had dinner at Barbra Streisand’s home. I’m tempted to say her “new home” cause she got it since I last went to a home of hers, but she’s had it for more than a dozen years and, like all her previous places, it has her unique stamp of perfection, coziness, enormous architectural detail and originality–all her doing. She designs and decorates just about as brilliantly as she performs. I had never met her husband, James Brolin, and it was wonderful seeing what a down-to-earth, good person he is–and gorgeous to boot. The President of Berklee College of Music, Roger Brown, and I enjoyed finding out about the place that seems to teach and train a huge swath of the most talented people in all (and I mean All) branches of music. I also met Samantha, Barbra’s Coton de Tulear. It’s because of Barbra bringing her pooch onto Oprah’s show that inspired me to get my Tulea. Sam has all the endearing qualities of Tulea (almost) but her hair is curly.

The end of the evening found us all sitting on the floor Barbra’s bathroom listening to a few cuts from her soon-to-be-released album (Diana Krall produced) and some songs from albums she and Richard did years ago that James had never heard.

I have just arrived at my ranch in New Mexico. I haven’t been here since Christmas. I’ve never been away this long. It’s because of the play, the surgery and then Richard.

Tulea will be waiting for me and she’ll make all her most happy-to-see-you-mama little whimpers and barks. Vanessa and my grandkids are here as well so it will be a fun 3 weeks. My major challenge is to get back to work on my book and the ranch is where I do my best writing. There are also lots of hills to climb and a gym and a pool so, in no time, my knee will be good as new–well, no, it IS new. Better to say, “good as old.”

Let’s see…what else? Guess I’ll write more tomorrow and show some of Vanessa’s ranch photos.

See you next time.

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  1. I live in Vegas! You were on my turf! Damn I wish I could have seen you!

    • I have been trying to keep up with your surgery I am having my left knee replaced in Alb. in a little over a week. and you seem to be doing great!!! I trust my dr, but yesterday he called wanting me to go to Alb. next week to discuss maybe puting in a study knee?? hmmmmm whats your opinion would you have? Its called a Vanguard rotating platform kneee, i have serched on line and have found notning bad but just dont know what type did you have put in? hey I live in NM.

  2. Hi Jane,
    I check your blog every so often and enjoy reading it as I have always been a fan of yours. I work as an artist/writer (6 books published so far) and that life is not the easiest when it come to free time to read blogs and such. I’m enjoying following your adventures with your knee as I have a very bad knee and someday I will be going through what you are dealing with.
    Vegas can be a very depressing place. Especially in the light of day. So many lost dreams end up there. I have had my heart broken there and there were times I never wanted to go back. At times its surreal. All the glitz and lights. People just sitting there feeding money, much of it, money that would be better spent elsewhere, like on their bills, into machines. Hunter Thompson asked, “Who are these people at 4 am, sitting there?”
    But like yours, my last trip was quite wonderful. Good luck with your knee rehab and your writing.

  3. Good blog today after having us a little bit forgotten. We need to grumble Richard, Troy, Simone and Las Vegas not to do your physical therapy? Nothing excuses to get to work a lot on the ranch to recover the lost training. Adored starring James Brolin as a serial do not remember now, maybe Hotel? Enjoy your grandchildren. From Uruguay with love

  4. What a great blog! What a great life!

  5. So, what is the New BS album tracks like. I love Diana Krall. Which albums did he work on with her?

  6. You are very fortunate, Jane Fonda. And you are teaching people a lot of things. You are just as down to earth as you said James Brolin is (and Barbra Striesand: I knew in my heart that she is very down to earth) and I appreciated hearing about her. I am typing in the dark; suddenly it is dark in here and has been raining all day.

  7. Hi Ms. Fonda,

    Greetings from Atlanta. I wanted to let you know Turner Classic Movies is featuring an all-day Henry Fonda movie tribute on August 1 as part of its “Summer Under the Stars” series.

    It appears you are enjoying yourself this summer. When will you return to ATL?

    I thought you might also be interested in knowing the July issue of AAA’s Going Places magazine featured a blue-footed booby on the cover with an accompanying article on the Galapagos. When it arrived in my mailbox I immediately thought of your trip.

    Please keep blogging! Take care.

    Chris in ATL
    P.S. I agree with you and your son about Vegas. I didn’t like the tawdry aspect when I went there on vacation several years ago.

  8. Hi Jane, so jealous you got to hear some of the tracks from Barbra’s new CD. Canadians love Diana Krall and I can’t wait until Sept. 29th when it is released. I loved your last book and have had several friends read it too. Do you have any movies coming out- love everything you do!
    take care,

  9. Miss Fonda, if I may call you that…

    I have never “blogged” before…Came across this link from a Barbra site.

    I live in Atlanta…well, Marietta, and have always read in the papers of “Jane” sitings…I lived in the Poncey-Highland (good Lord, NOT HighlandS) for several years before you and the area has changed so much more, for the better.

    Just wanted to say, also, that I think of you as one of the greatest actors of our time, as well as a tremendously compassionate humanitarian.

    THANK YOU for being you!

  10. I don’t think I would like LV, but I’d put up with just about anything to hear Barbra Streisand and to meet you. I have always admired both of you, both for talents and for your grit and determination to stay above
    the fray. Jane and Barbra, both of you are my heroes.
    Keep up the good work.

  11. Hi, ms Fonda-

    I just had to write you a comment tonight: I saw a tvinterview (from a few years back) with you tonight,talking about your life and biography and it really got to me.

    Its strange to listen to a (for me:-)foreign woman, with 20 years more experience in life than me, at the other side of the world- talking about many of the same hard learned lessons as i have made in life: I took the giant leap- and had to be the true me..In the long run the true you will come forward and going that way-we will be bound to lose people around us of various reasons- not everybody can cope with the change.. And that is in a way a funny thing, because as we find the courrage to be the true us, we know we have had the core all our lives, we just didnt find the courrage to show it, afraid of just that – losing people close to us..

    I thank you for your courrage not only to go this way, but to dare tell about to the world! You are such an inspiration, and I just have to read your biography now!

    Thank you for daring- I wish you all the best for the future.

    Best wishes,

    • Sorry. Before Rosie & you, I am Barbra’s #1 fan, period!

      Jane I met you on your book signing tour. You were so gracious when my camera took forever to shoot. I held up the line, but I am not sorry, … I was with you!

  12. Wonderful newsy little blog. I read Rosie’s blog everyday and your blog has been mentionsed there. I am checking it out because you are writing about Barbra, next to Rosie, I am her number 1 fan! Nice update. Can’t wait to hear her new album. I will definitely put your blog on my favorites list.

  13. Hey Jane,
    Good to hear you are happy and having fun. I enjoy reading your blog. Ahhh New Mexico, a beautiful state.

  14. Hello Jane. You’re wonderful.
    How is Barbra’s new album, can’t wait to hear it?

    I hope I will hear it soon to because I am running like a horse until the release date of the album and you know it, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? 😉

    Have a nice weekend Jane. Love u.

    Alex from Romania.

  15. Have been a fan of your for a long time, am just now finding your blog. What a treasure for a fan!

  16. Barbra Streisand! Listening to her new music on her bathroom floor!
    My heart chakra is spinning…….
    Jane you are one lucky woman. I can’t wait to hear Barbra’s new album. “People” was the first album I ever bought. I think I was about ten and I’d sing all those great tunes along with her. Although I was only ten I felt ever word of those sophisticated lyrics.(old-soul)
    And there still my favorite songs to sing.
    I adore Barbra…
    Dearest Jane you haven’t seen your little Tulea all this time? I hope you’ve at least talked with her on the phone. She’d feel much better hearing your voice.
    So she’ll know your ok. Glad you’ll be in the beautiful land of enchantment. Feeling that grounding energy to work on your book. You’ll need it. Being in love can be very discombobulating.(sp?)
    Cheers to the new knee and may it feel like the good old knee.
    P.S. Any pics of You and Barbra together?
    And by the way I agree about vegas.
    Vegas(vague) on the inside and vague on the outside.

  17. Will we bloggers get a follow-up on HOW you all ended up on Barbra’s bathroom floor????

  18. Sounds like a real wonderful time you have had Jane,
    I see that your on the path to or The Road to Booktime.
    I hope to be online to get some ideas, than again, too babble on like some unapproachable weird elfin light can be one way of being covered by the avalanche of whirlwinds and loud blast of creative ideas. in Babble on like some unapproachable weird elfin light only to be covered by the avalanche of whirlwinds loud blast for this eternal shadows. I am still in Honolulu just seem like last month I was in France and London it was last month happy to be out of LA , I got out alive I lived near the New Mexico Border at one time at Globe to hot more me.

  19. Jane,
    I LOVE reading about your fascinating, fun-filled life!

    I’d like to know when you will be filming your next movie “The Widows’ Adventures” with Diane Keaton. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!

    All the best to you! =)

  20. I always wanted to go to Vegas. Someday i’m going to find the time and money to get up there and see it! Glad to hear your knee is better!

  21. Well…Streisand. I don’t agree with her politics, so I can no longer support her by paying any attention at all to what CD or film she’s in. But I find it facinating that BARBARELLA has had a knee replacement. I grew up on Jane Fonda films, loved them all, look forward to the next and no matter what your political leanings are, I’ll always give you a pass. And yes, Vegas is ‘tawdry’. The thought of Jane Fonda passing amongst the nickle slots, regal and with a slight limp seems slightly surrealistic. Always enjoy the Jane Fonda Blogs by the way.

  22. Why were you sitting on the floor in the bathroom to listen to albums?
    Was your knee o.k. when you got up?

  23. Hi Jane

    I love reading your blogs.

    With Streisand always paying so much attention
    to detail I’m just curious as to what was on the
    menu when you had dinner at her house.

    Btw saw you in “33 Variations” and loved it

  24. Fonda and Sreisand … what a Movie Marquee that would be!

  25. What a great trip to Vegas!! So glad the shows were good! It was nice family members went with you and Richard! What a treat to have dinner with Barbara Streisand and her husband, James!! WOW! I do wonder why you listened to music in her bathroom though!!? I’m soooo glad that you’re finally going to your ranch! That must be a haven for you! How nice it will be to have Vanessa and her two children there too! I know your grandchildren have missed you!! Vanessa must be a great mother, because her children seem to be quite wonderful!! Being a good parent is one of the hardest jobs sometimes!! I went back and was reading some of your old blogs, and I absolutely loved reading about Malcolm’s birthday! I burst out laughing reading about Troy imitating animals seen on your trip, and Malcolm making things with the icing on his face! Of all your accomplishments, I’m most impressed with the fact that you’ve stayed close to your children and grandchildren!!

  26. I have to agree about Vegas. Went there on a family vacation actually. Back in 2004 I think. I felt dirty after walking the streets. Hotel was horrible too. It was the one that looks like a castle. Complete DUMP. When you say produced do you mean Diane Krall paid Streisand? Oh I just wanted to say I enjoy Vanessa’s blog. I even asked her a question.

  27. I love reading your blog….I love the way you emphasis the details ….sitting in the bathroom floor listening to a cd… trully do live in the moment…..being present is a gift….thks for sharing

  28. But of course sitting BS bathroom probably be like sitting in my house

  29. P.S. Sorry about not spelling B. Streisand’s first name correctly!!

  30. Jane,

    I was reading the NY Times online & my eye caught the blurb about you sitting on Barbra’s bathroom floor listening to her music & I had to click on it! I envy you! What I wouldn’t give… So any suggestions on how, in this lifetime, I could ever aspire to get her to hear any of my singing & tell me her opinion?! I am NOT in any way interested in showbiz/fame. However, how great would it be to know that Barbra thought your voice was good! Believe me, I don’t expect to get an answer on this but it was fun asking. The first time I saw you (I was probably around 10) was in Any Wednesday and then in Barefoot in the Park. I thought you were gorgeous! You were & still are!

  31. Hi Jane! I read that you have stuggled with bulimia for many years, so have I….20 years. I got into in at 15 when I started modeling and I just can’t stop. It seems it is worse now than it ever was. I have a great family and great friends, and I love God and I love myself….but I can’t understand why I can’t just eat without wanting to keep bingeing or why I get this anxiety when I can’t binge? I have read everything under the sun and I know I will die if I continue bingeing and purging 3 to 4 times a day. I don’t want to die, but I just don’t know how to live:( I don’t want to live with this torment anymore, but I am afraid I will be stuck in this vicious cycle forever. Are you still struggling with this monster, or did you come to a place where you can live without it? Any advice you can give me would be so appreciated, I desprately need to hear from someone who has struggled as long as I have and who understands:) Thank you and God Bless! Kristy

  32. I just wanted to thank you for posting your progress on your web blog. I had a TKReplacement as well, but I’m only in week 3. Also had some metal and screws removed from a broken leg last November, so it’s taking me a little longer than your progress, but it’s great to be able to know there is life after TKR. I am just now walking wihout aids, and it’s still a little swollen so the knee is bent, but I’m keeping up with you for the most part. ;D thanks again for sharing.


  33. Hi Jane, Vegas has never been a favorite place of mine, either. People are way tooo serious about losing their money! Whew! But sounds as though this time it was a special time for you. Barbra’s home must be beautiful. And your home in New Mexico I’m sure is lovely too. Enjoy your time there, am sure it’s a place of refuge for you. Today I’m heading for Art in the Gardens at our local mendocino Coast botanical Garden — if you have a chance, check it out at — it’s a wonderful yearly event. Have a relaxing time.

  34. “Gasp “Gasp” You were with Streisand! Now I will faint….you know Streisand is my God lol. Actually, I just got back from San Francisco where I got to meet Angela Davis(another of my icons, along with you of course!) at the National Conference of Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism. I have been a Streisand devotee since about the age of ten(literally). If I ever got to meet her I could die happy! LOL. Cheers Jane!

  35. I’d also love to know what you had for dinner at Streisand’s house. Have fun with your kin at your ranch!

  36. I so love reading about all your adventures and trips, Jane. I’m not even a huge Babs fan and I’m jealous that you were sitting on her bathroom floor listening to music—ultra cool!

    It’s great to read that your knee is recuperating so quickly! That’s fantastic and I hope it continues to heal so that you’ll be running all over the place again:D

    I saw the play Mary Stuart last week and wore your mug shot shirt. I met Janet McTeer after the play at the stage door and she complimented me on it, she said you gave her the same one! I really cannot wait to see you back on Broadway, Jane! Until then, though, I hope your writing goes famously. I look forward to the newest read:D

    All my best,

  37. Oh how I wish I was in your shoes at that moment, or at least sitting next to you and Barbra, two of my favorite entertainers in the world. I get excited just reading that you had dinner at Barbra Streisand’s house.

  38. Ms Fonda,

    I was struck by something this weekend while watching your father in the film The Wrong Man. I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, but this was the first time I noticed what I will call “the Fonda walk”. During several scenes in the film your father walked down a hall or a street and I noticed that there is a great deal of similarity between your walk, your brothers’ walk, and your fathers’ walk. I haven’t seen the next generation enough to notice if Bridget and Troy share the same trait.

    It’s funny, because in my family, my brothers and father shared a walking style that was quite recognizable, as well.

    In any event, I found this rather interesting and thought I would share my observation.

    Thank you for sharing time and thoughts with your readers. Your life is both interesting and inspiring.

  39. I crossed half the world to the US for a holiday. Went to LV and felt as tho I had been consumed by a whirlwind of lights noise and people.Went to Celines show which was magnificent and couldnt wait to get out.However you Americans are the most friendliest courteious and helpful people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.Your sense of humour is fabulous and I came away with nothing but super fuzzy memories of you all

  40. You brought back memories, with this blog.
    My first marriage was also in Las Vegas, and my husband got bit by a dog about 10 minutes after the ceremony, right after he decided he wanted to “take a walk” to enjoy the weather.
    He had to get the rabies shots, which knocked him out completely. The trip was ruined so we flew back to NY the next day and he continued the treatment here. Not a good beginning, but the marriage was good, while it lasted (he died 24 years ago).

  41. Hey Jane, I can just imagine you and Barbra girl talking. How cool. For most of our lives my sister and I have always been huge fans of both of you, but my sister favoured Barbra a bit more and I favoured you a bit more! I was Redford, she was Newman! We were 70’s teenagers, what can I say! Anyway, I am sitting here in my new Jane Fonda t-shirt which I just picked up from the post office. I’ll have to put a jumper on too soon as it is still winter here! I wanted to see the Grand Canyon, so I was told the best place to stop over at on the way to GC was Vegas! Actually, it was a hoot. I don’t think that I could live there, but it was great fun for a few days, and I got to see one of the greatest sites in the world in the Grand Canyon. Glad to here that you are on the mend. Take care Jane.

  42. Another interesting blog.But is the sound better in that bathroom at Barbra Streisand’s house?
    Diana Krall is a great singer and has made wonderful albums,but didnt know she produces as well.

  43. A new Barbra album, AND produced by Diana Krall! I can’t wait!

  44. Have been a fan of Barbra since I was 10 years old, after seeing Funny Girl. Wish I was there with you gals! And wow two albums to look forward to hers and Whitney’s Life just doesn’t get any better, will make wonderful Xmas presents ! For myself that is lol !

  45. I know this is ever so after your above post was written, but I took note that you had a general disfavor of Las Vegas (my feelings , albeit I have never been there….but seem to be in plans with lady friends to go there over Labor day weekend. I was considering precisely the two shows you saw, so decided to write you. I am not a Las Vegas type, but do you think LOVE would interest me. Is the Jersey Boys performance good and comparable say to the NYC performance? Oh, I am just wondering if I really should plunk down big bucks to see these shows or rather stroll about ha. Thanks for your thoughts.

    • Susan, I adored both LOVE and Jersey Boys. My companion (I’ve learned that’s what the French call such a relationship) thinks it was as good or better than BRoadway. Of course, I don’t know if it’s still the same cast???

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