JaneFonda.com Store Is Up

Pink Jersey

Pink Jersey

My on-line store is finally up. I’m selling these t-shirts, totes and clutches to benefit my non-profit, The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention. I see it as a way to turn what was an awful incident (I was unjustly accused of drug smuggling and put in jail as a way for the Nixon administration to slander me) into a beneficial one.

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  1. This is great! I love the clutch, mugshot- well, everything!

  2. That is very Klute! 🙂 Also saw the Klute Klutch as well ;P

  3. YES! YES! YES! I’m so lucky my birthdays in two weeks. I just gave 165$ to GCAPP. Thanks Jane!

  4. I love that Pink Jersey, I think you just need the right retail store , a nice addon to their Christmas stock. A Jane Fonda area in a J.C. Penny’s or even a Macy’s . Your not alone many others Celebs have done the deed. A little Marketing can go a long way, it is all about floor space.

    • J.C. Penny and Macey’s are not likely to sell clothes made in the USA. Try to find one item in either of these stores. Never go to these outlets. They will demand so much stock that you will feel forced to use slave factories to get it out. Website is much better. More control.

  5. Hi Jane,

    love your website and your shop! I had a look at the Mug-shot T-shirts but couldn’t find the pink and white jersey that you’re wearing. Customer knocking on your door here 🙂

    By the way, you are truly an inspiration, intelligent, beautiful, caring about politics and the environment and making your voice heard. People should realise that every voice matters and that you shouldn’t just let life happen to you, but that you should make it happen.

    Thanks a lot!

  6. I continue to admire how you use your incredible entrepreneurial skills on behalf of your causes. I know you donated all of your fitness video profits too. Thanks for sharing not only your art, but your fundraising prowess to make the world a better place. Just think how we can use your totes and clutches as conversation pieces to discuss preventing teenage pregnancy. I love seeing a woman reaching out to the women coming up behind her.

  7. I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for these items with your mug shot on them!!! I’m so very excited to start purchasing:D:D:D

    Much love!


  8. I just now bought a t-shirt and am super excited.

    Just throwing this out there: I’d buy more t-shirts (or hoodies) if they were black (not really into white). Just a suggestion because there was only one black tee on there (the sun one), but I would have purchased the Peace tee had it not been white. It’s simply a preference is all.

    That said, I’m really happy to have contributed to your organization, and I hope to purchase more items from your store in the future!

    You are awesome, Jane!

    All my best,

  9. Love it that you’re selling these things to benefit your non-profit organization, The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention. It’s a great way to put a bad incident in your life to good use! Thank you for all that you do to help other people. Your children and grandchildren should be very proud of you! You’ve got a big heart, Jane! The items in your store look great!!

  10. Jane, it is so weird to see you using the mug shot. For years, before you made your presence known on the internet, I among others I am sure, used this as a thumbnail for different websites and as a iron on t-shirt transfer. It was my g-mail pic for a couple of years. It really speaks to how separate things feel between the “icon” and the fan or the admirer. It never occurred to me that you even cared about this image or had much of an awareness of it. The items are cool though…

  11. Finally! I want to get a tee shirt with your mug shot! It only would it raise eyebrows, but I would look fabulous in it! That, and it is so hard to find clothing these days that pay a lot of respect to 70s counterculture.

  12. What about an official “mug shot” (coffee) mug????
    Imagine the ensuing conversation when one hands a new acquaintance a beverage in a Jane Fonda mug shot mug.

  13. You two look great together. You had your play and now his is opening. My husband is an NPR News Director and we will have our 23rd wedding anniversary next month. We uppidy women love men–and they love us. Works out nice, huh?

  14. I think you ought to take the mug shot and reproduce it on a coffee mug. A mug shot mug, does that sound good? Oh does that photo bring back the old days. I like to think that the country is doing so much better. It was a long, dark eight years. Though there are still problems, as Shel Silverstein wrote ,.We’re still here.

  15. Mug Shot Jane Stickers b/w

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