I finally met Patti Lupone. You can’t be on Broadway for long without knowing her legendary status. I had never seen her in anything but she sent me flowers when I was nominated for a Tony Award and we have been emailing. She and Mandy Patinkin are performing in L.A. At the Ahmanson Theatre. A new and compelling compilation of show tunes. She knocked me socks off—and about 3000 other people. I invited her, her husband and son to join me, Carrie Fisher, Richard Perry and my son and daughter-in-law for dinner after the show. Patti turns out to be a real mensch…easy to be with, interesting to talk to and she had so many tips for Carrie Fisher who is coming to Broadway with her one-woman show, “Wishful Drinking” in the fall. We all promised we’d have a reunion at Carrie’s opening.

Carrie Fisher at dinner talking to Patti Lupone.

Hugging my new friend, Patti Lupone

By the way, 2 weeks after knee surgery I am now able to bend my knee 110 degrees.

See you next time.

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  1. So glad you are healing so well. What a great dinner group!

  2. How wonderful! Where did y’all EAT?!?!

  3. That really awesome Jane! I’m glad you made a new friend.

    And yeah, her talent is unbelievable. Glad to know she’s a mensch in real life!


  4. You look wonderful- I had a good idea you would do very well post-operatively. Have a good summer and onward with the knee recuperation!

  5. Ok so I saw Patti last week in Las Vegas, she was AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. shes deff my superwoman 🙂 I love you patti!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Why can’t I find any reference to the show on the Ahmanson site? I would love to see it. Help!

  7. Jane,

    It’s wonderful to see that you look so happy in the picture with Patti! It’s nice to hear that your knee is doing well.


  8. Hi Jane, Glad your knee is getting better! I love following your posts!I find them enjoyable and inspiring. Twitter has made it possible so one can feel like we are sitting around a table having a cup of coffee and talking about things that matter to us. Thanks for your posts and great blog!

  9. I’m glad you recovered from your knee surgery. I am a longtime fan of your work (movies, not the political stuff).
    Best wishes.

  10. wow…..what a dream it would have been to be there!

  11. Jane, you’ve been patti lupwnd in a good way! Love the shot of her and Carrie – so classic.

  12. Congratulations on the 110 degrees! Knowing your strength of will, expect no less from you. You see very well with Mrs Lupon. From Uruguay with love.

  13. You look so beautiful Jane. In regards to Michael jackson, i saw the pictures of you and him in the early eighties. you look like the best of friends. he’s finally found peace.

  14. Hi Jane,
    Sooo glad your knee is better. Great pictures too. You’re looking well.
    Best regards from Germany

  15. Hi Jane,

    How are you doing today? I hope you don’t mind me calling you Jane. I love reading your blogs. They are most informative. At the end of your latest blog you mentioned having had knee surgery, well thats what I have had done as well. My surgery happened in April of this year & it is totally healed. Although my surgeon says that in the near future i may need a partial knee replacement. But that may not have to happen .My injury was due to running. They call it runners knee. Who knew. Anyhow I’d like to Thank you for allowing fans as myself to be able to read your blogs. I hope you have a great day & also *Happy 4th of July *. We are celebrating Canada day today. So i’m on my way out to enjoy the day.

    Take Care,
    Janice Dashnay

  16. Great news about your knee!

    Patti looks so nice and I have heard so much about her great work.

    Carrie seems funny, but I am wondering if she is sometimes overwhelming? Easy to be with?

    Continue to make great progress with your knee, you are amazing.


  17. Interesting Jane , was just reading about Patti Lupone, and how Patti Lupone stoped ‘Gypsy’ performance mid-show to yell at a photographer. Going onl with your comments on Cell Phones going off durning your 33 Variations performance at the Eugene O’Neill Theater. If you have not seen the YouTube check it out , interesting
    Have a good week , Jane,

  18. Oh Patti is amazing! She has an incredible voice.

  19. Wow! Meeting Patti LuPone and having dinner with her! That’s awesome! Wish it were me! 😉

  20. Patti should have played Evita in the movie by the same name and not Madonna.

  21. Haven’t commented before, but I truly enjoy your blog.I am a woman your age, thinking about alot of the same topics you blog about. You rock – would love a list of the books you read.


  22. My – to be a fly on the wall during that table conversation!

  23. Hi Jane, have been out of town enjoying a wonderful family reunion with three of our daughters, their husbands, and five of our grandchildren — it was wonderful. So much hugging and warm, loving feelings. It will last me awhile — well, until I get to see them all again! I’m so glad to hear that Knee replacement surgery went well, hope your recovery continues speedily. Your comments on Michael Jackson, I believe wholeheartedly, no more demons for him to fight. He entertained all of us for so many years — I hope he didn’t suffer at all. Oh and don’t you look gorgeous as always with your new friend patti Lupone — you are inspirational, lovely lady.

  24. Oh how wonderful to read this. I’ve sadly seen Patti only once live on stage (as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard) but she’s been a favourite of mine ever since. Glad you found her to be a real Mensch.

  25. You two look soooo cute!

    If you ever do another show, you guys should work together! : ))

  26. I saw Wishful Drinking on Seattle – its a sure bet on Broadway! Carrie Fisher is great at nailing the absurdities of her experiences, it had everyone in gales of laughter.

    I blew my MCL a few years ago – congrats on the progress. Never realised jsut how much the knee did until I was flat on my back with my leg encased. The wonderful people in the NHS physio department in Edinburgh helped me so much – even acupuncture.

    Keep it up.

  27. I saw Patti & Mandy in San Antonio and had my socks knocked off, too! So glad you are friends now.

  28. I’m in love with Patti Lupone and have seen her several times. I saw the Patti and Mandy show in Detroit and very much enjoyed it. However, my all time favorite show was Sweeney Todd in NYC when each actor also played and instrument. I sat in the first row and shouted, “I love you Patti!” She looked right at me and blew me a kiss. You are lucky to easily be able to strike up a relationship with her. Her musical talent and “acting chops” are top-notch. Her timing and nuance as an actor are impeccable. Her amazing wit comes through in all her performances, so I am sure she can make Carrie Fisher laugh too. Patti is the best!!! I love your enthusiasm for new relationships. No wonder you are so young at heart, Jane. Have fun with Patti:)

  29. Jane you look radiant in the pic with Patti Lupone. Ah to be able to perform along side one of the greats would be a dream come true. Show tunes, and standards were my favorites. Look forward to getting back to work.
    I could see the twinkle in your eye, though a little tired I suspect.I Sense there is more to what I see, but do not have the whole meaning yet. Amazing recovery process! I new from day 1 you would set a record for yourself and the doctors. Can you through me some of your zeal, pain tolerance please. Backs are a bit different. With you, I’d really kick butt! Nothing keeps you down. The energizer bunny!:) So many wonderful stories must have been shared. Mandy is quite the performer as well.
    Continue to know your Limitations until the healing process is complete. I know one day our passions will meet to serve the greater good. Love all you’ve done in such a short time.
    Continued Restoration,and Refreshing!

  30. I love Patti LuPone! I’ve never seen her on Broadway, but I have her “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina” on my iTunes and one of her rare movie appearances in Driving Miss Daisy. I think she also made an appearance in Witness. She’s fabulous!

  31. Glad to see you doing so well since your surgery! You two look very lovely! 🙂

  32. So glad to hear the great news about your knee! And that dinner- so many amazing/talented people at one table!

  33. Years ago. Patti Lupone. EVITA. Stunningly awesome!!!

  34. I saw Patti and Mandy’s show in Philadelphia a few years ago and it was absolutely fantastic. We had front row, center seats, and it was truly a magical experience. Patti has a voice like no other:D

    I’m now looking forward to Carrie Fisher’s “Wishful Drinking” to hit Broadway. That one is sure to be a winner!


  35. What fun it is to see these pictures and to hear about how much you enjoyed being with Patti! She sounds like a nice person to spend some time with! So glad to hear about Carrie. I wish her the best with her show!! You’re making such good progress with your knee, Jane!! I’ve been thinking about your going through therapy! I know it’s not easy! Sending good wishes your way! You seem so happy now! 🙂 I know it’s a relief not to have that bad knee anymore!

  36. I saw Patti in her Matters of the Heart show at the Donmar in London years ago – the recording is still my all time favourite CD! What a knockout dinner table… Oh to be a fly on the wall! Legends one and all!

  37. I am so glad you’ve finally connected with Patti Lupone. She is an extraordinary artist–I’ve been lucky to attend several of her performances over the years, including “Anything Goes” at Lincoln Center, and both “Sweeney Todd” and “Gypsy” on Broadway, as well as a few concert appearances in New York and Boston. She is a total trouper who demands much of her fellow performers–but no more than she demands of herself. (I also support her recent run-ins with gadget-happy audience members; enough with the picture-taking, texting and phone calls already!)

    I saw Carrie Fisher’s “Wishful Drinking” at the Huntington Theatre in Boston last fall. Such a great evening of humor and heartache; Carrie has lived quite an up-and-down life and has survived to tell the tale with much wisdom and wise-cracking. I hope it’s a big success in New York.

  38. You’re just stunning, Jane. Have loved you my whole life. Saw Variations, and loved it. What a thrill to see you on stage. Also finally finished your MASTERFUL autobiography. So great!
    A highlight memory from long ago was seeing you arrive in a VW with a coterie of “kids” at a public park in Manhasset, LI where you gave an anti-(Vietnam) war speech. My lover put a note in your hand, and never would tell me what it said. A proposition, no doubt. Do you remember that at all?

  39. Saw Carrie’s show in Seattle earlier this year. Worthy of Broadway! She had us in stitches. Still trying to figure out how to make love to her life-size sex doll!

  40. So Jane, I am dying to know… are you and Patti still getting together for Carrie Fisher’s show in New York?


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