Today’s the last day of filming the commercial. It is for the new line of skin cream that will be launched in the new year. I am addicted to my Age Re-Perfect Pro-Calcium which is what it’s called. I found out from my blogger friends that it’s no longer carried in the U.S. (Actually it is in some stores. I will give you their names in a day or two) But the new product will be out beginning in 2010. The new president of L’Oreal Paris, Mr Vianney Derville, stopped by to say hello and we took a picture of the L’Oreal team on the set.

I told him that I understand that the company doesn’t like to brag about itself but I want people to know that #1 they don’t do animal testing, #2 they are investing in the development of reconstituted (synthetic) skin for use in testing and #3 they just won the Environmental Award for their corporate ethics (reduced water use and waste dumping and reduced use of plastics). I told him about the enthusiasm evidenced from my blog comments about these things. It’s as though they haven’t thought about letting people know about the good things they are doing.

I must say, doing a commercial feels surreal after 5 months of “33 Variations”. It’s a study in narcissism; in many of the shots I am caressing my own face. In one shot 2 friends come up and kiss me, wishing me happy birthday and, instead of looking at them and saying “thank you”, I look into the camera while my voice over is saying something about how smooth my skin is. It makes me laugh, actually. I imagine my old acting teacher, Lee Strasberg, looking down and saying, “So Jane, it’s come to this!” But there’s a certain discipline to acting in a commercial. You must leave behind all questions of motivation and just do what they ask. Little minute details take on huge importance–how I hold the match to light the candle; the way I set the pot of cream down on the table. (I wish right now I had Carrie Fisher’s gift for le bon mot. She’d have such a hilarious way of describing commercial-style acting. She just wrote me and said she’d written a bumper sticker: “Celebrity is just obscurity biding it’s time”) You’re smiling when there’s nothing to smile about, appearing sensual while thinking about your own skin. And there is a large team of people representing the product all of whom have something to say about every shot. “Try it a little more like this, Jane,” “try it more like that.” After every shot we can’t move on to the next one until everyone’s opinion has been checked. For me it becomes possible because I really believe in the product and also because I like the people involved whom I have known for four years. We have filmed in Paris, New York and Malibu, California and two years ago I represented L’Oreal at the Cannes Film Festival.

Tomorrow is my last day of work and it will entail shooting still photos with the products that are used in poster and magazines. All around the world.

I am ready for bed after a (very) long day’s work.

See you next time.

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  1. The clothes, hair, and time may have changed, but you still remain beautiful! Can you post the final commercial?

  2. I love the blouse you are wearing for the shoot. Very elegant. Hope your knee hasn’t caused you too much grief while you’ve been working.

  3. Nice to hear that your Happy in your life, not everyone can say that. I have been reading once more,on
    Thomas Merton (Author) “A happiness that is sought for ourselves alone can never be found: for a happiness that is diminished by being shared is not big enough to make us happy” from “No Man Is an Island” In disinterested activity we best fulfill our own capacities to act and to be. The paradox of unselfish love the gift of love and the gift of power. Thanks Jane, you do make me think even in a simple view of a simple feeling that you have putout in space.

  4. You are like wine, the years you feel better. Kisses

  5. Think we could HEAR you speak French in the L’Oreal commercial in this blog or?…would love it!!

  6. It is just amazing how beautiful you’ve always been.

  7. Jane, you look positively stunning in that photo shoot! Honestly, I’d never think you were 71; you look twenty years younger:D


  8. You look amazing, why are you not the U.S. Ambassador for L’OREAL? Random question, just how much did you weigh when you were 24?

  9. Dear Jane,
    You are one active women. I love reading about your life, the books you’ve read,( I pick-up some of the books thanks) You’re spiritual belief etc. I’ve shared some of your thoughts with my daughter who is going off to college in Aug. Like the story about the Humpback Whale Rescued by Divers.She gets the meaning of the story, could be to young to really feel it. That is the great thing about time, when you said your happier now then in the 22 year old photo’s.I believe the spirit gets stronger. You’re like the battery
    that just keeps going. I’m motivated thanks, I need it I’ve been in motherhood life, I still have a 11 yr.old at home and I’m 57 yaks!

  10. You know what? I agree with all of the above posted comments! You are so beautiful, Jane and give this 65-year-old lady inspiration to continue to “be my best.” You give us all a special gift by letting us share in your life. Thank you.

  11. Thank you for letting me part of your life. You have always been my idol. Great job, please let us know the stores where the products are sold in the US, I am very committed to their objectives, especially no animal testing. Thanks for continuing to promote that awareness.

  12. Thanks very much for bringing up people’s concerns re animal testing with L’Oreal execs. I appreciaite that the company has worked to develop more humane product testing methods. I also thank you for not ignoring the concerns we voiced to you

    It’s unfortunate that the European Union compels all cosmetics companies within it to use new ingredients only after they have undergone animal testing. A similar rule holds for Canadian companies, by the way.

  13. Carrie Fisher is a hoot and just as sweet as she is funny. I was lucky enough to be her limo driver once years ago.

  14. You look great! Inspirational to me as I head closer to my 50’s and try to keep myself looking good. I love the Loreal Kerastase haircare line (and their drugstore cosmetics – which I use..). But good to hear about their skincare.

  15. Years ago, we sat together for dinner at a Search Institute conference in Minneapolis. You were beautiful and delightful then, shining because you were so passionate about your work with girls in need. Wonderful to see you still shining, enjoying the gifts of life and not taking yourself too seriously. Bravo!

  16. Most of us would love to look as good as you, at whatever age! Hope you’re having time to enjoy Paris, despite your tough work schedule. Have fun.

  17. We are only a couple of years apart in age and I was also once in CA (late 60’s-70’s), living on the beach and hung up on the war. I’ve admired you ever since and love what you are now doing for older women (amongst so many other things). I still have your lst 3 workout videos (VHS), and look forward to the one for women our age to come out. So much fun to read your blog and Twitter. Thanks for being so open.

  18. HI Jane
    Hope you’ll be able to post the commercial.I can imagine how much patience it requires to film one.
    But,I’m sure the personnel involved find it a joy working with you.

  19. Hi Jane. I agree with you that L’Oreal should do more publicity about the 3 points to be noted. That is equally or more important than the products themselves. I hope you had a good and well deserved rest. From Uruguay with love.

  20. OOOW la la Jane,
    You are such a woman! I must have that pic of you with the shirt off your shoulder and the beautiful necklace.
    You are to stunning for words.(may I say hot?)
    Can we get this pic outside of this adode flash player. I
    can’t save this photo in this program although its very easily to watch with dialup internet. I’d like to be able to save that shot and adobe flash doesn’t allow.
    I’m a photographic geek and would love if you’d put that pic on the blog so we could save and savor its essence.
    Your comment about the photo shoot was priceless!
    I adore your take on the whole event. I’m into real and your about as real as it gets. You have really done your homework on the Earth school of life. So aware of all the ego going down. I’m so there where your at!
    Many Happy Returns,

  21. Jane,

    They talk about the fabulous 50’s, well you are absolutely Radiant at 71! The #11 picture in the brown shirt is my favorite. Amazing color to your skin, beautiful necklace,hair, expression. Great to see Tulea with you, she looked tuckered out in #14 shot.
    Your right about the aspects of shooting a commercial, appearing sensual seems to be a must in almost every one. You seem to have a great time whatever your doing. Thanks for sharing, take good care of that knee.


  22. Is that Tulea? I thought she had to stay home in Atlanta?

  23. The photos are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing your experience in Paris.

  24. Yes!!!! When I read your commercial blog I started crackin’ up laughing!! That’s true but I never really acknowledged it. In commercials the main person in the commercial is always surrounded by laughing friends looking at them, while they DON’T really acknowledge their friends,,,instead they look into space with a I’m-so-beautiful-and-intriguing-look on their face. Or you always see them with the night gown on, sitting on a luxurious vanity chair in front of the mirror putting on moisturizer looking really sensuous and caressing their face. LOL LOL LOL. The reason why this is soooo funny to me is because someone (other than myself) notices the narcissism in commercials. Or if the shot involves them outside at a park and there are kids, a hot dog cart, and a fun park atmosphere….why does the lady (main character in the commercial) always have to be holding a bunch of colorful helium filled baloons, laughing—by herself? What the hell is so damn funny? I was just about to go on the court and play basketball, but I’m not feeling very good today. I decided to read your blog before I go outside. I’m glad I did because you had me rollin’.

  25. God! You are beautiful.

  26. Your comments about doing the commercial are humorous as well as interesting! You’re so funny sometimes, Jane! You make me laugh! Thank you for letting people know about L’Oreal’s Environmental Award! I like knowing they don’t test on Animals! Your photos are lovely!

  27. you stay as beautiful as ever!
    hope to arrive in your age with that body/shape!
    Lot kisses from Brazil

  28. #11 – WOW. Gorgeous! Carrie definitely seems like the queen of the bon mot. I read her blog…only wish she twittered…because if ever there was a perfect medium for her bon mots, it’s twitter. πŸ™‚

  29. Hi Jane, friend of Matt’s here – love your blog, love your energy, love your enthusiasm for bringing positive change to the world. Check out this incredible skin-care line from Vancouver BC (made in Provence) – Bioethique –
    100% chemical free, Third Party Certified Organic (very pure), sustainable, ethical, from the manufacturing process to the pure botanical ingredients, right down to the packaging. xoxoxo Sam

  30. I am SO glad to hear that Loreal is no longer testing on animals. I must say i was a little concerned when I saw that you were doing a commercial for them. You mentioned the synthetic skin testing, although not in use yet, what are they using to test their products? Is it just this particular line of Loreal that is cruelty free or the whole company now?
    Sorry for all the questions….. very concerned about animal testing….


  31. hiya jane
    saw the new advert lastnite on channel 4 in the uk,
    i want to say you look amazing but couldnt help also noticing their appears to be a naked man in the top right hand corner of the advert right at the end? hes in the back ground and i was shocked when i saw it, is he naked or is it just the colour of his clothes???
    thanks from sapphier_storm =x=

    • Don’t know what yu are referring to. Sorry. What’s an advert?

      • hiya sorry advert in the uk means tv commercial.
        just at the end it looks like their is a naked person in the background of the age re perfect commercial.
        from sapphier_storm=x=

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